Nokia USA confirms Lumia 900 to get 7.8 update in “coming weeks” (+ video of update running on device) Update: Marketing mixup, update referred to was Tango?

| June 21, 2012 | 28 Replies


Nokia USA have tweeted stating that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be receiving the WP 7.8 update in the coming weeks. All that I know is that this update will bring the new WP8 homescreen we saw earlier.


However, Nokia USA tweeted again saying the update will bring all the features that are not hardware specific. What else will be coming? Skype integration? FOTA? We will just have to wait and see.


For now, here is a video showing off the 7.8 homescreen on a Lumia 900.

Update: Nokia USA have retracted their statement, stating the update they mentioned was not 7.8, but Tango. Hold on, the 900 has Tango? Did they let news slip that they shouldn’t have? Or is the person behind the Twitter account just making mistakes and has no clue what their talking about?

Cheers for the tip guys!

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  • M

    Nokia’s definition of weeks is ?

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Some things apparently can’t be fixed.

    • Cod3rror

      Haha, now this guy knows Nokia.

      Nokia’s week = months waiting, then Nokia abandons the project.

  • viipottaja

    Not sure, have to see in person but the medium sized tiles seem a bit too big..

  • chris

    So when is 7.8 coming to 800/710?

    • mEamo

      yes, come to all windows phone in the market

  • George

    I am not too interested in the homescreen update. I want to see if they fix the Skype and Drive issues (lack of multi-tasking makes these pretty awful).

    If they do fix this, then I might just be willing to give them a break.

    • twig

      You multi task when you drive?

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  • viipottaja

    They already corrected the statement… These Nokia people should be denied access to their tweet accounts!

    • incognito

      Communication blunders? Classic Nokia!

      Btw. wasn’t the WiFi tethering already available?

    • incognito

      P.S. If nobody saw it the retraction:

      @wmpoweruser The update referred to contains Wi-Fi Sharing, Flip-to-silence…not the new start screen. The start screen launch is unknown.

  • d’fire

    whoohoo .. ….
    New WP 8 and confirms
    Lumia 900 “only to get WP 7.8” imagine Lumia 900 great news like this. iPhone 5 be Launched in September or october and no one care with Nokia Lumia WP8 now or never

  • Bryan Belzer

    I am hearing that this will be the background theme song in the commercials for the upcoming WP8 Lumia’s:

  • JGrove303

    releasing 7.8 well befor the new hardware with WP8 seems kinda stupid. Yes, bring Tang first, then around WP8 launch, release 7.8.

    Guys, guys. They already said we could get and install WP8 unofficially on 710, 800 & 900. So stop bitching about 7.8, you pricks. You may have use of either.

    • incognito

      No they haven’t, they were actually quite explicit that you will not be able to do that. It was a misinterpretation by some bloggers, no WP8 for the existing WP7 devices officially or unofficially.

  • doktorg

    why didn’t someone in the video hit the Phone or People Hub tile? We might have got a glimpse if Skype integration was there!!

  • dss

    What gets me the most, is that they knew perfectly well that the 900 won’t be getting wp8, but they didn’t say a word.. fking doushebags.

    • LOL! Why ruin the party by telling there’s dog piss in the beer? ^_^

  • lax

    Can somebody pls tell me if Wp8 or 7.8 is coming with bluetooth file transfer, Usb mass storage mode or Fm transmitter

  • dfsd

    the guy take the photo with a iPhone 4S…

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  • Janne

    No no guys, this is just Elop sabotaging WP7 Lumias. Can’t have those succeed now that WP8 is here.

    Because all Nokia PR mistaked must be attributed to malice – and no PR mistake ever happens to Elop’s darling products.

    • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

      He may well.. Nokia’s shares to go down and MS to buy patents (to safeguard the patents and cash for Nokia’s survival) from Nokia & license it back. MS gets what it always wanted.

      • Janne

        Yeeeees. That must be it.

        p.s. I agree if Nokia faces (and they may) a hostile takeover bid, Microsoft will be forced to act in some capacity. So anything goes in that scenario.

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