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This is a follow up by Janne to yesterday’s post. This is a little more of a broader overview as opposed to just looking at two extremes, Finland (very small population) and China (huge population).
Yesterday we took a look at the growth of Lumia in Finland ( In a comment jiipee suggested that we also compare the progress to other countries.
The attached graph shows StatCounter percentages, that is basically market share percent amongst existing devices (measured in network usage), in several countries since Windows Phone 7.5 launch in September 2011.
USA, UK, Germany and China are obviously included, as is Europe as a whole. Finland is included as Nokia’s home and Iceland as the (my guess) second “best” market for Windows Phone at the moment.I was trying to include India and Russia, but was unable to get Windows Phone data for them via StatCounter. If anyone can tell me how, please do. So, I included France and Australia instead, just for fun.
Some notes that may/may not be reflected on the graph:
  • Note that out all these Finland and Iceland are small markets, with single-figure millions of people. Changes there are therefore faster to achieve than in other examples.
  • In Germany, France and United Kingdom, Lumia launched in November 2011.
  • In Finland, Lumia launched in February 2012. Same with Iceland and Australia. These show in the stats.
  • In U.S., Lumia 710 launched in January, Lumia 900 in April 2012. Latter was especially significant. marketing and operator-wise.
  • In China, Lumia launched in late March, with the ever-important Lumia 610 following in May.
  • In Finland (and many other places like Australia), Lumia 610 and 900 launched in late May 2012, which may show in June stats.
  • In Germany, does the decision by some operators to not carry Lumia 900 show in the June stats. Maybe.

You can check out more countries by following this link:

Cheers again, Janne!


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