“Play To” DLNA App for Lumia’s Already Available in Marketplace

| June 24, 2012 | 36 Replies

A second app that was promised in the WP Summit besides the “camera extensions” which were released yesterday was the Nokia Play to DLNA app; which allows you to share content from your phone onto any device that’s connected to your wireless network (Tv, Laptop, tablet etc..).

   The Play to app was also promised to come “in the following weeks” yet has made it to the store in under three days, so once again Kudos to Nokia for the fast action, if only the phones were deployed this fast :)

One Point I’d like to make that might sound a little silly is the name of the app, not that there’s anything wrong with “Play to” I just wish it was called “Nokia Play To”  that way it would be grouped Under the letter “N” along with Nokia Tv,Music, Reading, maps, Drive, Transport (you get the idea); acting as a simple reminder that Nokia offers SO many services to their users; like I said… Kind of silly.

To find the App you might have to “see all apps by Nokia corporation” as it currently sin’t showing up under the “nokia collection” of the marketplace; alternatively you could just scan the QR code below and save some time.





Thanks to everyone who tipped this off in the tip section and on the previous posts :)

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