Engadget’s Nokia 808 PureView ReView – OBLITERATES every other camera phone, revolution of stills and video for entire imaging industry

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Here is Engadget’s Nokia 808 PureView review. It’s more music to my ears when we see source after source after source telling it like it is with PureView. It’s not just fan sites, it’s not just Nokia friendly sites, it’s the major tech blogs acknowledging Nokia’s continued superiority in imaging. It is PHENOMENAL. It is FANTASTIC. It is a Jobsian superlative like no other in the camera department. The 808 knows what it is and is the damned best at it.

The 808 is also praised for the robust hardware. It’s a constant fear by many that if dropped, the surface will be worse for wear than the phone.

  • we can’t think of a phone that has a more solid-feeling plastic shell than this.
  • It feels so hardy that if we were to accidentally drop it, the pavement below us might come off worse.
  •  One pleasant surprise is the screen’s performance outdoors. The Lumia 900 offered a similarly stand-out experience,
  • Ignore the frustrating mess that is Belle. Take one picture with Nokia’s 808 PureView and all will be forgiven. We dare you
  • It’s difficult to relay exactly how thoroughly awesome this camera is and how stupendously phenomenal the resulting shots are.
  • This device instantly obliterates every other cameraphone, while simultaneously giving most dedicated point-and-shoots the proverbial finger.
  • So what do images taken with the 808 PureView look like? Detailed, vibrant, and noise-free
  • PureView represents a revolution in terms of stills and video performance — not just for cameraphones, but for the entire imaging industry.
What about the software? Symbian on Engadget, how will they respond? The old engadget team (now on TheVerge) was not too keen on it.
  • On the surface, navigation around home screens is generally responsive and slick, with a nice transitional animation between each screen
  • The app drawer is also responsive to your swipes, with a new list or icon view that bounces at the top and bottom of the respective views
  • Nokia Maps stands out yet again, as the Espoo cartographers prove they know exactly what we want from mapping software.
  •  Despite Symbian Belle’s new additions, this keyboard remains old and difficult to steer.
  • web browser on the 808 PureView is faster and more capable than any Symbian device that came before it.
  • Still, it trails the performance of other phones that are half the price. Page scrolls are a stuttering affair, and crashes are a regular occurrence. Throw in a media-rich site and you’ll have signed the browser’s death warrant
  •  obscurity-bound Meego-powered Nokia N9 handled browsing with more aplomb
  • we imagined this tech on almost every other mobile OS — the disappointing user experience of Symbian pervades everything you do with the phone, detracting from all that camera magic
  • Symbian is ready for retirement. It’s had its run, and while there’s still plenty of clever ways to augment what it can do, why go through the hassle?
  • On the camera side, however, it’s a marvel. The camera app launches swiftly from the lock screen, thanks to that single-core 1.3GHz processor, and capture follows about a second afterwards.
  • The Nokia 808 PureView is the best cameraphone out there, but you’ll have to be willing to forgo the simplicity, function and comfort of competing smartphones if you intend to own it.
  • In general, you might hear reviewers toss around clichés like “setting new benchmarks” and “peerless results,” but in this case, all these platitudes ring true. The 808’s low-noise shots, even in dim light, and its loss-less digital zoom features roar. Throw in the superb video and audio recording performance and you have have a clear cameraphone champion.

Source: engadget.

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