Leaked: Meltemi almost 1:1 with N9 UI; C7-like Hardware, without buttons on screen

| June 26, 2012 | 147 Replies

This is NOT the Meltemi device, but the description is similar.

We all wish Meltemi had seen the light of day, or at least leaked images and info right? Well last night I received the latter, from a reliable source of mine, about Meltemi, the other Linux-based OS killed by Nokia’s reshuffling. So here’s what I’ve been told.

  • Meltemi was less than 2 months from launching when it was killed.
  • The UI of Meltemi was almost 1:1 with MeeGo-Harmattan, which is what many of us expected
  • Hardware was like C7, without buttons under the screen
  • 15:9 aspect ratio
  • ~3.5″ display

Based on the schedule, I assume Meltemi would have been launched at Nokia World (which is in approx. 2 months). How would this have affected the current strategy though? We’ll never know now.
The UI is something that intrigues me, since Meltemi is linked to the whole “next billion” project, then we would see such a good looking and modern UI on low-end smartphones. This would have been huge, in pushing out the Android dominance in that range of devices, especially considering most run on very basic versions of Gingerbread.

On to the hardware side. The device was using a C7-like design, however, as expected with Swipe, those three buttons beneath the screen would be gone. The screen, apparently, was a 3.5″ with a 15:9 ratio (now a standard among several European countries, so quite possible). No further specs were given, so we have to keep dreaming that some more information will come to light.




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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • DKM

    I cant wait the MS and NOkia deal to end, correct me is it 2013 the end year. Hope it is 2013 by the time Nokia can get back on her feet.

    I dont see it getting scrapped but isolated for the moment but it will see its days and hope nokia will not extend the bleady contract with MS again.

    • DKM
      • Jim Fufupotry

        Exactly, such a moron. F…k y moron. I want this meltemi phone for me and my people. HOW LONG THE HELL I WULL HAVE TO WAIT FOR CHEAPER N9? You are not nuts there you are out of mind.
        (……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….) – ther e were some vulgar enough words of true which finally I have decided to selfcensore.

    • Vikas Patidar

      the biggest moron of the tech world (aka Elop) will extend it before the end.

    • nn

      The deal is for 5 years, so it ends in 2016.

      • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

        But I read that there is an option for Nokia to terminate the deal after 2 years if the performances aren’t satisfactory..

        • nn

          That would be very interesting indeed, but I can’t find any information about this. Do you have source for it?

        • krustylicious

          The deal was to run for 4 years when nokia finally killed symbian in 2016.

          Each year a $250million “platform support” was/is given.

          its a poor poor deal. If nokia does have performance clauses in (which they should). it needs to exercised within the next quarter.

          I’m not sure why ulm and smarter phone was done, two os’s for the same market segment – WHY!

          Nokia needs two os’s but with basic app compatibility and Dalvik VM app compatible on the higher end models.

          The air concept was interesting as it merged two ui schools of thought and gave the best of both worlds, and the notification area looked actually one of the best in the industry.

          • dr_zorg

            “I’m not sure why ulm and smarter phone was done, two os’s for the same market segment – WHY!”

            Put your thinking cap on. Both were psospective competitors in the market, with a lot of potential. Now when Nokia goes under, both go with it. No need to purchase anything on microsoft money. Nokia is like the Auschwitz prisoner that is forced to dig graves for his prison mates, before being shot himself and buried next to them.

    • goosepig

      Microsoft deal or not – the way Elop has butchered Nokia means that the Nokia as we knew it, has ceased to exist.

      Even if they were to ditch MSFT now (impossible), I wouldn’t hold my breath for a revival on past OS’es/intentions.

      • noki

        yeap elop made sure there is no going back…. in a way WP pathetic sales help nokia to corner itself here….
        Everyone is saying Nokia wont live pass 2012.

  • zlutor

    “Meltemi was less than 2 months from launching when it was killed” – if it is true, I’m speechless…

    No real cost saving will be realized withing two moths.
    The N( story repeated – but now there is no contract with Intel enforcing that the device must be released.


    • noki

      AFIK nokia is bleeding money so fast that went into despair mode.

  • EveConnected

    As much as I love those conspiracy theories, they are just that. Conspiracy theories.
    If Meltemi was ready to ‘launch’ in two months, what could easily be delayed, it does not mean that they would ship a Meltemi device before the end of this year. Especially globally.
    Look how long it took for Nokia to deliver the Lumia 900, they announced it in January and started shipping in April. Germany got it last week!!!
    These are the time spans we are talking about at Nokia! And nobody can tell me that Elop delayed the 900 on purpose like they say about the N9 and 808.
    So lets assume they could deliver on their promise an launch in September and then push as hard as they pushed the Lumia, the devices would arrive barely this year.
    So much about Meltemi being somewhere near being ready.

    How mature would Meltemi be? Another version 1.0? How long would it take to get really mature? Another year? Hurray…

    What would Meltemi deliver (Q1/2013) that Asha Touch can’t deliver now?

    What price point should Meltemi take? Now we have a 311 @ 100€ and a 610 @ 200€.

    Who would develop for it? We could get Dropian and fmobi, but beyond that? Asha Touch offers 40 EA games…

    To conclude: Meltemi was the last chance for old Nokia. As always, old Nokia blew it. We hoped for a Meltemi device last Nokia World and they could have launched it this year.
    While S40 proves to be flexible and can deliver NOW, Meltemi would have been a late 1.0.
    There is no room between Asha and WP for a midrange OS.

    I don’t fear for the Next Billion strategy, I fear for future disruptions.

    • Maybe

      Even he can killed a product on the launching day and it’s not impossible to kill it two months before the launch. He got the power, he can do anything as long as WP survives that matter most for him.

      • Gäst

        N950 anyone?

    • Nrde

      “Who would develop for it? We could get Dropian and fmobi, but beyond that? Asha Touch offers 40 EA games…”

      2 letters: Qt

      • noki

        Or worse bada? similar market range biguer, way biguer than wp. Who would develop for it? at least the same people that developed for the DECLARED DEAD N9. that still got more than a reasonable amount of good apps…

    • Error

      What I’ve heard pricepoint for Meltemi was supposed to be around 200-150 euros.

      • Zipa

        It would have needed to be max. 50 % of that for it to have any chance. I can get a Galaxy Y for less than 100 euros, no way could this (Meltemi) compete with the cheap Androids if it was sold for twice their price. No wonder they binned it.

  • Vikas Patidar

    There is no room between Asha and WP for a midrange OS.

    I am still wondering people need a low cast smarter-phone which can do a basic multitasking for at-least web browsing, downloading, messaging, calling and music. But sadly Nokia is too arrogant. Don’t you think atleast a phone with 128 MB RAM and 1 GHz processor can do that stuff.

  • skyfall

    now posting it 26th time….Ecosystem without apps/games is nothing and Android is now “usable” at low end also so game over for any dead/new/future os

    • RVM

      apps/games are overrated. Most users don’t need myriad of apps, if they have basics covered well.

    • Pratyay

      i read “usable” as unstable.

    • Gäst

      I read that an normal non tech user doesn’t use many apps if any at all.
      And a tech user uses about 8-10 apps.
      I you use more apps than that then you are the the odd one.
      To bad i can’t find the link.

      • Beelzebozo

        True. Most don’t even use the internet on their phones. People buy smartphones and then only use them as….phones. Most people would be better served with just a basic phone and then use the internet (and whatever software they possibly might need) with a computer. They would get more reliable phone with battery lasting many days, and much better internet and software experience.

        But it’s all marketing. They have sell people things they don’t need. It’s all about creating a need. Make them believe that they do need one and that they can’t live without one. All this apps and ecosystems crap is just that, trying to create a need for something that people don’t really need.

    • noki

      so bada outsells wp because????

      • Hary

        because it has been around longer than WP, is on cheaper phones and used mostly by Samsung fanatics.

        • Guest

          Yes bada is 6 months older then WP7, but i don’t think it’s the reson.
          And i don’t believe the bada users to be Samsung fanatics.

  • Silthice

    No wonder Nokia Suite now add N9 into compatibility. It was meant for Meltemi devices as N9 compatibility is the early preparation for Meltemi. Now, Nokia Link seems useless?

    • zlutor

      Yes, that was a surprise for me, too – better later than never…

      • Jim Fufupotry

        I think this is rather massive claims of not working soft by customers. There are no logical reson Suite not to work with the N9 bloved by customers.

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  • Pratyay

    Elop= Husband

    Symbian Os:
    step-son to elop. but mom likes him very much. so step dad can’t banish him or stop paying his school fees but gives an ultimatum date of stopping all support by 2016.
    newborn step son to elop. mom doesn’t like him that much. so he goes to orphanage.
    Unborn step child of elop. killed before birth?
    only child of this couple. husband ready to kill somebody(os) to keep him alive.
    step son of husband. but elop supports him bcoz he is no harm for his son.
    neighbour’s boys . elop envies them.

    • Jim Fufupotry

      All they need social care officer visit with assiting police officers, and finally the jugde decission to stop violence in the family (any harrasement or molestation???)

  • peter

    3,5″?? ridiculous!

    • lordstar

      just the right screensize for me.

  • Of course, Elop believes the low-end smartphones should be Windows Phone.

    Meltemi is Linux-based. What did you expect? Weber, Elop… you name it. That’s why it got axed.

  • John

    Two months from launch? hahahahah! Michael, if you had any real facts to hand you would know that is utter rubbish. It would have been lucky to launch 12 months from now. I don’t know who fed you this information, but they’re leading you up the garden path.
    If only tech bloggers actually checked their facts, like real journalists do.
    (and how the hell would Nokia find the resources to build up yet ANOTHER ecosystem anyway?! Elop’s real mistake was letting it go on as long as it did.)

    • Zipa


    • dr_zorg

      And your trusty source is? Until you can back your claim of 12 months you are nothing but a troll.

      • John

        My trusty source is the truth. And it’s no coincidence that there’s another commenter here claiming to be a Nokia employee also saying the timeframe in this article is grossly inaccurate. That’s because it is.
        People who believe everything a tech blog says article are more stupid than the bloggers who write this rubbish.

        I stand by my original point. Elop’s major mistake in regards to Meltemi is not that he cancelled it, it is that he let it go on this long.

  • Its amazing man ………….Anyone Go and plz say to Elop what he is doing ? He losing its beautiful ecosystem beacause microsoft said elop dont publish meltemi otherwise no one buy windows phone …..Hey Elop please hear user and then ourselves …Its not war of linux and microsoft…Each and everyone should give best of it others……………

  • DreXter


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  • lalaland

    i am really dissapointed to what is nokia doing, and why is nokia not listening… WP is a good OS but they shouldn’t put everything they got into WP ecosystem! i hope they could somehow merge what they got! the symbian,meego, and qt!! it will be the very best OS that will be ever made (if ever) after seeing the nokia air concept,the first thing comes to my mind is that, this is it! this could make nokia back on top again, with the OS that look elegant as MeeGo and awesome as symbian and on top of that QT… this is the real innovation!

    i feel sorry to the meltemi team! i mean nokia didnt give N9 a proper advertisement it deserve, but a lot of people fell inlove with it. since meltemi is a lower end version of meego aka meego lite i said again that this will rule the feature phone and lower end of the market! the solution is not the new S40, the solution is that a new ecosystem that people will enjoy! even i like the a la swipe UI of the new s40 but still its not the REAL solution…

    so what will happen to the acquisition of smarterphone if they wont use it? and i’ve heard before that the smarterphone team is working along with the new s40 team thats why the new look of s40 looks fresh.. but i still prefer that meego lite/meltemi on a feature phone touch screen than s40! linux is really a powerful ecosystem!

    blame elop of being a MS executive and a dog!!

  • hosny santos

    hi, i buy in 2012 a n8 and a 701 they are very goods, and i am an JOE comsumer, so bada is saling because is no complicate for common costumers, nokia must have an p. B in case WP fail and dont sales or nokia will die ,and meltemi is the way, swippe, wifi, usb and go, and games, dnla, photos, they have the best tecnology, why dont use that, and use 2 or 3 OS ,maibe CBA and flop are crazy, and whithout heath mental for high stress an desesperate crises inlast 2 or 3 years

  • viipottaja

    Michael, was your source DSMobile by any chance? 🙂

    Interesting how this seems to contradict the tweets from Meltemi team members saying “it was coming together” and “major hurdles have been overcome”… Those do not sound like “two months to launch” kind of statements to me, sorry.

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