Leaked: Meltemi almost 1:1 with N9 UI; C7-like Hardware, without buttons on screen

| June 26, 2012 | 147 Replies

This is NOT the Meltemi device, but the description is similar.

We all wish Meltemi had seen the light of day, or at least leaked images and info right? Well last night I received the latter, from a reliable source of mine, about Meltemi, the other Linux-based OS killed by Nokia’s reshuffling. So here’s what I’ve been told.

  • Meltemi was less than 2 months from launching when it was killed.
  • The UI of Meltemi was almost 1:1 with MeeGo-Harmattan, which is what many of us expected
  • Hardware was like C7, without buttons under the screen
  • 15:9 aspect ratio
  • ~3.5″ display

Based on the schedule, I assume Meltemi would have been launched at Nokia World (which is in approx. 2 months). How would this have affected the current strategy though? We’ll never know now.
The UI is something that intrigues me, since Meltemi is linked to the whole “next billion” project, then we would see such a good looking and modern UI on low-end smartphones. This would have been huge, in pushing out the Android dominance in that range of devices, especially considering most run on very basic versions of Gingerbread.

On to the hardware side. The device was using a C7-like design, however, as expected with Swipe, those three buttons beneath the screen would be gone. The screen, apparently, was a 3.5″ with a 15:9 ratio (now a standard among several European countries, so quite possible). No further specs were given, so we have to keep dreaming that some more information will come to light.




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