What if: Qt hope still at Nokia with Linux based Smarterphone?

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I was surprised to hear about Meltemi being axed so soon after hearing some conflicting information about Qt and Linux at Nokia. One thing that was never really made clear is what was happening to the Linux based Smarterphone OS that Nokia purchased. Let’s say I had a feeling that Nokia would still be doing something with it, and that there is still some Linux fun to be had at Nokia.

A few days ago, Prasenjit mailed with some info to say that there’s still hope for Qt as folks are indeed working on Smarterphone. This is nothing concrete of course and could be little more than what ifs and wishful thinking. But nothing yet has been said about Smarterphone being canned, right?

I do not know what meltemi is… but I have some interesting information to share. First Nokia is still working on a Linux based OS; smarter phone people working on it…

Ulm project has been canned. What I know is Ulm was again a competing fork to what nokia has been doing as usual nokia mistakes.

But now development has been solely concentrated on that effort, we will see Qt effort soon in July Nokia announcements or at Nokia world.

Also, nokia MSFT deal is exclusive on windows phone and nokia can use internal options but not android that’s part of strategy.


Will provide more information to you soon.

There has been zero news on the smarterphone front. Their blog page has been static since October 2011. But you can at least see that it’s public, it exists and it looks really good, especially given as they reckon they can target $25 market. Prasenjit says he can share some more information later.

Cheers Prasenjit Singh Bist for the tip!


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