Nokia granted patent for haptic controlled steering wheel

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I should have found this patent application from Nokia before but it’s neither too late now. This may be related to the thigns going on between Microsoft, Ford and Nokia and Nokia Maps, it may be not.

Nokia was granted an patent application filed at United States patent & Trademark office(U.S.P.T.O).

This patent explains that on the steering wheel, there are some sensors to be fitted in and those sensors may also be on the other device too, most probably on your Lumia.The sensors could give you some combination of vibration feedback that will let you know about the action being performed on your device or car. The good thing is that we can control all the basic actions that your device does like media controls, G.P.S, Calls, etc through touch and vibration feedback. The sensors can be piezoelectric or it could be microphones also (which hints about the actions can be performed by voice). Well the piezoelectric sensors raise the doubt more here as the feedback can be touch based also(as it’s not clear what types of piezoelectric sensors are to be used).May be the feedback could be touch, vibration and voice all three together.

The list of awesome controls that can be performed on your device and car:
1.Select next song or channel.
2.Fast forward/backward.
3.Volume up/down.
5.Answer/end call.
6.Increase/decrease cooling/heating.
7.Activate navigation.
8.Turn on/off spoken feedback.
9.Switch on/off traffic announcements.
10.Show the current location through car/device’s GPS.

So all this brings our story to down here below:

Just made this post for the readers to provide a better explanation for the above post.

Source: USPTO



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