A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Nokia N82

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Hello All,

In this day and age of superphones, HD screens, Quad and Dual-Core CPUs, millions of polygons per second GPUs, unibody construction, 5+inch screens and 41MP monster cameras and nearly a million apps across OSes, I almost wonder how did we make it in the “dark ages” of mobile technology a few years ago.

While browsing my external hard drive, I stumbled across some photos from yesteryear, 2006-2008 era (some older photos from Xpress music S40 1-2MP phones)  to be exact. The first few photos were of events and family, bringing the usual “oh, I remember that!” thought. As I browsed the photos, some of them caught my eye as being amazingly clear, I could see the texture on the baby stroller, I could make out numbers on a sign, I could see the snowflakes in the air and so on. My first thought was that the photos and videos must have been from some random compact camera that I had in those years but when I looked at the EXIF data, it turned out that they were from my N82!

I found screenshots (was that possible on other OSes at the time?)  that I had taken on the N82 waaaaayyyy back in 2008 and a big smile came on my face! I remembered why I loved Nokia in the first place, because they created a device that at the time was like no other device before it. A delicious soup of memorable experiences with LASTING photo quality that impresses to this day. I smiled as I watched videos of my children acting silly with the dog, looked at vacation photos that were long forgotten and sound recorded that is clearer than most new devices. I remembered places I used to shop, songs we used to sing and people I used to know. It was wonderful.

Top of the line baby!!!

I then thought that at that moment in time, it wasn’t about GHz, not even about MHz (332Mhz!), the amount of cores, screen resolution or even app stores. Technology was about what it could DO for you. I am so glad that I had a Nokia N82 as my stroll down memory lane is crisp and clear. I enjoyed the gaming, pictures, videos, sound, navigation and all else that made Nokia and the N82 Special. I would like to share a few pictures and videos of what made the N82 a special memory in my life.

First, an amazing video, not just because the size of the snowflakes but also the quality of the audio.

March 1, 2009. One of my fondest memories. We lived in the southern United States and snow was NOT common. This snowstorm was a gripping, late season monster. The N82 captured the event so well and I am glad that I had it.

Pictures via N82: A memory that leads to another memory.

A kitten we found in our garage and nursed back to health. Who knew feeding a kitten via a baby bottle would be so much WORK. Late night/early morning feeding shifts…your turn hun…

My first flight ever….breathe…just…breathe!

Early bokeh?

Early Panoman photo. Remember that app?

Don’t remember the baby’s name but the picture sure is clear and the colors accurate. Should have saved her name in the photo…

Best part about N82 era? CHEAP GAS!!!!! My goodness look at that price!

These are just a few pictures but I like to archive my pictures by date so one picture led to the next and that led to another memory and not once did I think “I wish I had a better camera!”. Memories, preserved. Done.

On to the fun: These are the actual screenshots that I saved years ago!

Quake III Arena…online multiplayer..enough said.

Garmin Mobile XT, amazing showpiece. “Look, I have GARMIN on my PHONE!!!”

Yeah, the Title belt..WWE..uh.. something…

Ovi Maps 3 month trial, arm and leg thereafter! Loved it!

Hooked On: Creatures Of The Deep! Fantastic, simply fantastic!

Now remember, this post is not, I repeat NOT about what phone is better, what technology/device sold the most, what market factors and popularity, if Nokia was on the right track, if Symbian sucks or not. The post is not even about if I should have had a different phone and definitely not a comparison of technology or what phone had the best games or ANY technical terms. This post is SIMPLY about a stroll down memory lane. About memories that I have with my favorite Nokia device.

My questions to all of our MNB readers: What Nokia device holds a special memory in your heart and mind? Do you have any extraordinary videos (like the snowball sized snowflakes) or pictures that just stand out (feel free to share pictures and videos) or that wouldn’t have been possible with a non Nokia device? Share your memories in the comment section below.

Thanks goes to Nokia for developing the N82 and all the other Nokia devices that we remember fondly.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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