A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Nokia N82

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Hello All,

In this day and age of superphones, HD screens, Quad and Dual-Core CPUs, millions of polygons per second GPUs, unibody construction, 5+inch screens and 41MP monster cameras and nearly a million apps across OSes, I almost wonder how did we make it in the “dark ages” of mobile technology a few years ago.

While browsing my external hard drive, I stumbled across some photos from yesteryear, 2006-2008 era (some older photos from Xpress music S40 1-2MP phones)  to be exact. The first few photos were of events and family, bringing the usual “oh, I remember that!” thought. As I browsed the photos, some of them caught my eye as being amazingly clear, I could see the texture on the baby stroller, I could make out numbers on a sign, I could see the snowflakes in the air and so on. My first thought was that the photos and videos must have been from some random compact camera that I had in those years but when I looked at the EXIF data, it turned out that they were from my N82!

I found screenshots (was that possible on other OSes at the time?)  that I had taken on the N82 waaaaayyyy back in 2008 and a big smile came on my face! I remembered why I loved Nokia in the first place, because they created a device that at the time was like no other device before it. A delicious soup of memorable experiences with LASTING photo quality that impresses to this day. I smiled as I watched videos of my children acting silly with the dog, looked at vacation photos that were long forgotten and sound recorded that is clearer than most new devices. I remembered places I used to shop, songs we used to sing and people I used to know. It was wonderful.

Top of the line baby!!!

I then thought that at that moment in time, it wasn’t about GHz, not even about MHz (332Mhz!), the amount of cores, screen resolution or even app stores. Technology was about what it could DO for you. I am so glad that I had a Nokia N82 as my stroll down memory lane is crisp and clear. I enjoyed the gaming, pictures, videos, sound, navigation and all else that made Nokia and the N82 Special. I would like to share a few pictures and videos of what made the N82 a special memory in my life.

First, an amazing video, not just because the size of the snowflakes but also the quality of the audio.

March 1, 2009. One of my fondest memories. We lived in the southern United States and snow was NOT common. This snowstorm was a gripping, late season monster. The N82 captured the event so well and I am glad that I had it.

Pictures via N82: A memory that leads to another memory.

A kitten we found in our garage and nursed back to health. Who knew feeding a kitten via a baby bottle would be so much WORK. Late night/early morning feeding shifts…your turn hun…

My first flight ever….breathe…just…breathe!

Early bokeh?

Early Panoman photo. Remember that app?

Don’t remember the baby’s name but the picture sure is clear and the colors accurate. Should have saved her name in the photo…

Best part about N82 era? CHEAP GAS!!!!! My goodness look at that price!

These are just a few pictures but I like to archive my pictures by date so one picture led to the next and that led to another memory and not once did I think “I wish I had a better camera!”. Memories, preserved. Done.


On to the fun: These are the actual screenshots that I saved years ago!

Quake III Arena…online multiplayer..enough said.

Garmin Mobile XT, amazing showpiece. “Look, I have GARMIN on my PHONE!!!”

Yeah, the Title belt..WWE..uh.. something…

Ovi Maps 3 month trial, arm and leg thereafter! Loved it!

Hooked On: Creatures Of The Deep! Fantastic, simply fantastic!

Now remember, this post is not, I repeat NOT about what phone is better, what technology/device sold the most, what market factors and popularity, if Nokia was on the right track, if Symbian sucks or not. The post is not even about if I should have had a different phone and definitely not a comparison of technology or what phone had the best games or ANY technical terms. This post is SIMPLY about a stroll down memory lane. About memories that I have with my favorite Nokia device.

My questions to all of our MNB readers: What Nokia device holds a special memory in your heart and mind? Do you have any extraordinary videos (like the snowball sized snowflakes) or pictures that just stand out (feel free to share pictures and videos) or that wouldn’t have been possible with a non Nokia device? Share your memories in the comment section below.

Thanks goes to Nokia for developing the N82 and all the other Nokia devices that we remember fondly.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  • max

    my first symbian phone is 5700xpress music, just awesome phone with the more speaker volume. thats my favourite smartphone but in todays time i have a android after the nokia c6-01 which my second phone and third is android phone because we can get more games and features on that os.
    but i am using both c6-01 and galaxy ace. my favourite os is symbian.but fp2 is the last one update thats the not good for nokia fans just like me.
    we want more updates for symbian,we dont want to see the end of symbian……
    sorry for bad english

  • Stan

    My fav phone of all time too 🙂 A real smartphone!

  • Max

    Nokia 5530 Xpress Music white+blue (swapped it for a silver 701 this May). I remember people used to say how loud and good it sounds when I played music via its (stereo) speakers. I loved its camera even tho 3.2 MP wasn’t much back then, but that didn’t stop me. Definitely have some great memories tied to that phone :p

  • Cod3rror

    N82 was a great phone, I had a silver one. The camera was great, it was basically a candybar N95, and it even had some advantages over it, like xenon flash.

    However, it lacked built in geotagging, USB port could not charge it, it was just for data, and some other things, Nokia Maps isn’t free for it as I know.

    The last and the best keypad phone is Nokia N86 8MP. Combines all the best features of N82, N95, N85 and N96.

    • Deaconclgi

      The N86 combined everything except for the Xenon flash. The lack of xenon is ultimately why I didn’t buy te N86 and kept my N82 until the N8 arrived.

  • Cod3rror says:
    July 1, 2012 at 11:14 pm
    N82 was a great phone, I had a silver one. The camera was great, it was basically a candybar N95, and it even had some advantages over it, like xenon flash.

    However, it lacked built in geotagging, USB port could not charge it, it was just for data, and some other things, Nokia Maps isn’t free for it as I know.

    The last and the best keypad phone is Nokia N86 8MP. Combines all the best features of N82, N95, N85 and N96.

    May I please correct the wrong information you have posted. N82 has geotagging, you just have to enable it in the camera settings. It has GPS which locks very fast, unlike some smartphones from Google and Apple.

    N82 also has free Nokia Maps, just load maps from Maps Downloader.

    I know this since I recently used it in our vacation.

    • Cod3rror

      Sorry, you’re right, it must be the N95 8GB that does not have geotagging built in then.

      I don’t recall N82 having free maps TBH, as I recall Nokia started offering maps for free from Nokia N86 8MP, but I’ll take your word for it.

      • Deaconclgi

        I never got free maps for my N82 and I was pretty upset about it as there wasn’t a hardware reason that the maps/navigation couldn’t have been made free like with the other devices. As of 2010, when I last had my N82, when I would open Ovi Maps, I would get prompted for either a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

  • Va.i

    Yup, my favorite phone too, i gave it to my dad few years ago, and it still works fine, i just had to replace the battery. I even did a comparison with my N8 and in some cases it gave it a run for its money. I loved the fact that you could open the camera even with the keys locked by opening the lid. I owned a E71 after the N82, and i hesitated to buy the N86 because the lack of GPU. My first smartphone was the Nokia 6600 then N-Gage QD, and i still have them, i play sometimes Bomberman and PuyoPop multiplayer with my girlfriend in bed. Those were the days, sigh..

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  • amoshydra

    I miss the glory Symbian.

  • Waldo

    I wish they would bring back hooked on for symbian belle handsets, that game was great

    • Deaconclgi

      Yes I would like One as well. For all I care, the games could be exactly the same with added touchscreen controls and updated graphics.

      I would buy them again.

  • i d

    i don’t know why seemans was too scared by seeing androids and apples flying graph or success , if you look at the fact that symbian get real assasinated just after seamens anounced to close that project , that’s why app devlopers get distrected from symbian os because they don’t see any great future in os, result sortage of good apps thet the reason why apple and android geting profit they didn’t have any habit of insulting there os ( prove : 1. Nokia insulted there s40 by not giving minimizing in it.
    2. Nokia isulted there first linux based os by just kill meego
    3. The insult thati got and i am sure every s60 q3 and q4 customers and developers faced was about low hardware in the age of minimum dual core and quad cores i know the nokia phone can utilise more then need but market is crual they just compair your 680 Mhz or singal core 1.3 Ghz by the quad cores and 2 GB rams , dont kwon why they are thinking that they can gain more monney by sell phone with lower hardware by which nokia geting ruined by sam n apple because of rong diceision they should know all the stickyness of symbian would finish after adding good RAM and multi cores afterall symbian and meego hardware indipendent os and can utilize any great hardware for beating rivals to win tihis mobile war
    4. Official annoucement of killing there own baby s60 what a impression they created towareds customers psycology for what they gona compete whole market , symbian is developed upto carla but instead of finding way to fit the carla in low hardware and get buggy or sticky user interface for there customers they should give good hardware with real carla os or donna os)
    i think seamens should uderstand where the real profite is ?

  • disguy

    I’m still using this. My screen has loads of dead pixels though. I’m stuck with it since my n8 crapped out on me but I’m so glad I kept it as a backup because this thing is a champ.

    • Dan

      Mine had dead pixels too. One day I had 1, month later it was 5, etc. Tried replacing with eBay LCD…doh. LCD was a POS (low brightness) and ever since pulling it apart, could never get it right refitting the keyboard.

      The ONLY issue I had with the n82 was the crappy button in the middle of the D-pad. Every time I pressed UP or LEFT I would inadvertently hit the middle button which would launch some app i didn’t want while navigating the menu. I was tempted to rip the button off and replace it with something smaller but was not game in case I broke it.

      I have seen a video of the middle button being used as a thumb-trackball (like blackberry) on prototype. I noticed some weird connectors/ extra cable on the keypad membrane when pulling it apart so it seems this feature may have been pulled late in the design however the mega middle button remained.

  • N70 still leads… i have been on it for six years now till today… I love this phone not because i have no money to purchase a higher device but i have to appreciate.. Is a good device looking more sexy with the camera cover removed.. Although i dream and crave for later touchscreens 🙁

  • sehar

    its good nice phone,,,vodafone deals

  • steelicon

    One of the best – a legend in its time.

  • steelicon