Meego Re-Incarnated as JollaMobile

| July 7, 2012 | 195 Replies

Quick post before I get back to my studies, earlier today my twitter feed was a buzz with “JollaMobile” who are apparently a gorup of Ex-Nokian and Meego fans who have gotten together with plans to re-incarnate Meego and build upon the current versions, hopefully bringing updates to the N9 & N950. Hopefully this isn’t another hoax like “Nokia Plan B” that everyone went crazy over last year and ended up being “A Bored engineer with his iPhone”.


Jolla continues Nokia’s excellent work on #MeeGo based smartphones together with the #N9 core professionals and#MeeGo community alumni

Side note- @JollaMobile already have more twitter followers than Tizen, the alter ego of Meego.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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  • jmlion

    lol there’s already a fanpage of “Jolla Mobile” on FB

  • Jesse

    I think this is great! Especially for N9 enthusiasts!

  • JD!

    @JollaMobile already have more twitter followers than Tizen, the alter ego of Meego.

    Nothing needs to be said more!!! This shows the future… But who cares in Nokia… Bah

    • jiipee

      Nokia knows about this avcording to Jolla

  • ggg

    just add swipe( steal or borrow), jolla,

    and then you are the winner.

  • i d

    nokia will crush jolla for sake of windows

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  • good

    Made some userbars to show off your support!