Leaked! Nokia Lumia 910 on RDA

| July 7, 2012 | 35 Replies


A mysterious device named Nokia Lumia 910 popped in the list of Nokia remote device access(RDA), a tool which gives the info on the latest hardware to the developers.

Possibilities of what Nokia Lumia 910 can be:

  • Some of tech experts are saying Lumia 910 is a T-Mobile variant for the Lumia 900 and it will not be based on Windows phone 8, Windows phone 7 instead.As well in the past there were some rumours of T-Mobile getting their own flavour of Lumia 900.
  • My speculation on above possibility: Nokia has recently not changed the model number of their devices for T-Mobile, for example: T-Mobile Lumia 710, etc.So this might not be a T-Mobile’s variant of Lumia 900.
  • Previously in Feb 2012 there were certain rumors of the 12Mp variant of the Lumia 900 which came into state of play many times.So it could be a 12Mp variant of Lumia 900 for other countries.
  • It could be the leaked developer prototype device which was used at Microsoft summit.Or it could be just another WP8 device being tested under the new hardware.


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