Nokia 808 Pureview delayed & pulled from Amazon UK search results [UPDATED]

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Update: 11th July 2012 – Amazon have shipped the order, and last time I checked there had 9 left in stock, so if you want order quick.

Update: 10th July 2012 – Amazon’s page now shows the black one as available from 11th July, but price increased from £500 to £520. white one nowhere to be seen. my order says i will get it on 12th (at the £500 price as I already ordered) 😀

Hi all, it’s been a while since I have posted on here, and I am sorry to say it’s going to be a rant!

It appears that Amazon UK have been having issues getting stock of the UK version of the Nokia 808 pureview which was due to be in a week ago, which then turned to stock due in Thursday 5th July, and now they have pulled the phone from search results and if you have ordered one, I’m sure you got an e-mail from Amazon like I did, saying their supplier (aka Nokia) cannot get the phone to them (see copy of e-mail below).

E-mail from Amazon:



We regret to inform you that your order will take longer to fulfill than originally estimated. Our supplier has notified us that there is a delay obtaining stock for the following items you ordered on July 04 2012.


“Nokia 808 PureView Sim Free Mobile Phone – Black”


We are awaiting a revised estimate from our supplier, and will email you as soon as we receive this information.


If you would prefer to cancel the item, please visit Your Account on the link below:


……. (etc)


What this means is that they have essentially pulled the listing and if you did order or had a link to the page it has gone from a pre-order page to a “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.” page.

Nokia are really taking the p*** with this…what was Elop on about shorter time frame from announcement to launch, this really is not what he promised!!!

Nokia 808 Amazon UK page:


If anyone know more or you just want to comment, feel free to below…


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