MNB RG: Jolla established by Nokia’s bridge project

Earlier today we had a post covering some info about Jolla Mobile. There was a video interview with Jolla’s CEO which Muerte translates below.



  • – Jolla was established by Nokia’s bridge project (most likely IPR transfered as well)
  • – Fruitful co-operation in both ways (Jolla-Nokia)
  • – They are an independent company
  • – They are here to create something new in terms of user experience and technology. Something significant. They want to be the leaders, not followers.
  • – Devices coming this year (they will announce only things that they can deliver)
  • – Production in Asia (most likely, doesn’t reveal who are the partners) via ODM partners.
  • – Surprised by the massive global interest after saturday
  • – Thankful to Nokia
  • – They aim to be truly big in the next few years (as he sees that in ten years this industry is so different/it doesn’t exist in the way it is today, nobody can forecast the change)
  • – They are not trying to be “the new Nokia”

Janne said:

Jolla was established in Nokia’s Bridge program and the guys at Jolla are very thankful to Nokia for it. For those that don’t know, the Bridge program is a Nokia sponsored entrepreneurship program that aims to encouraging and helping people leaving Nokia to build a business for themselves. Nokia also has a long history of sponsoring entrepreneurship around products and projects that they themselves are not going to continue, apparently now MeeGo falling under this category as well.

This is surprisingly impressive social responsibility from Nokia and the management that thus far has been claimed to be on a killing spree of all things non-Microsoft. Apparently Nokia have now, through this program, actually sponsored the MeeGo spin-off at Jolla.

Kudos to both Nokia and Jolla for this impressive feat!

Cheers Janne for the tip and Muerte for the translation!



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  • Janne

    ”Haluan kiittää Nokiaa”

    Jolla on yksi yrityksistä, jotka on perustettu Nokian Bridge-ohjelman piirissä. Bridge-ohjelma on suunnattu nokialaisille, jotka ovat saaneet tai ovat vaarassa saada potkut.

    – Haluan ehdottomasti kiittää Nokiaa. Nokialla ja Jollalla on hyvä ja avoin suhde, Hurmola sanoo.

    – Jolla on perustettu Nokian oman Bridge-projektin hautomon piirissä. Me olemme silloin esittäneet strategiamme ja saaneet sille hyväksynnän Nokialta, hän jatkaa.

    Nokia on myös jakanut patenttejaan yhtiöstä lähteville, jotta he voisivat perustaa niiden varaan uutta liiketoimintaa.

    Jollalla on tällä hetkellä noin 50 työntekijää Tampereella ja Helsingissä. Hurmola uskoo, että vuoden lopussa yksityisten sijoittajien omistama Jolla työllistää yli sata ihmistä.

    • Janne

      “I would like to thank Nokia”

      Which is one of the companies which are based on Nokia’s Bridge Program within. Bridge Program is targeted at Nokia team, who have been or are at risk of getting fired.

      – I would definitely like to thank Nokia. Nokia and the dinghy is a good and open relationship, Hurmola says.

      – He who has set up Nokia’s own Bridge project within the incubator. We are then put forward our strategy, and it received approval from Nokia, he said.

      Nokia has also divided the patents of the company they leave so they could set up a new business on them.

      Dinghy currently has about 50 employees in Tampere and Helsinki. Hurmola believes that the end of the year by private investor-owned Jolla, employs more than one hundred people.

      Google Translate.

      • nn

        Nokia gifts MeeGo patents to Jolla startup [Update: Nokia denies]

        Looks like something got lost in translation. According to a statement given to SlashGear from Nokia’s Mark Durrant, the company has not given Jolla any patents. ”We’re proud of the support from our Bridge program to start-ups founded by former Nokia people,” Durrant told us, “but we have not gifted Nokia patents to any of them, including Jolla.”

        • Janne

          The article I linked also does not claim patents went to Jolla. I never thought any did, either. Jolla will use open-source stuff, what they got from Nokia was support to start the business and form their strategy as well as freedom to prepare it while still working at Nokia. Any patents on MeeGo are too close to Nokia’s core business to gift away.

          But I guess at some points during Nokia’s Bridge program or similar programs they have IPR has exchanged hands, as IT Viikko mentions – and Nokia does have a specific program for spinning off innovations it does not use, these have been widely publicized in Finland. It is probably separate from Nokia Bridge though.

          • nn

            It’s just a clarification. The patents could be only tangible benefit (although in the end few patents is pretty much worthless in defending you from patent trolling) and there seems to be much confusion about what the actual situation is. So now we know officially from Nokia they didn’t give them any patents at all.

  • Muerte

    Finnish operators already supporting Jolla, saying they will take their products for sale. They are also saying, that N9 was a great device with good sales, and people are missing something similar.

    • Janne

      Great, I hope Jolla delivers!

  • Epsoo

    I never said PV is a must have feature. I merely provided a decent alternative tech for photography aspect which happened to be utilized by 93% of mobile-phone owners world-wide:

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  • James

    Well, if you read the big thread a TMO some people in the know go on to explain that this is pretty standard.
    They haven’t “gone out of their way” to help Jolla & it’s employees, they’ve just stuck with their standard severance package system.
    Which is quite generous/socially responsible, not sure how it compares to similar players in the industry, but world/industry-wide it certainly is.
    Some are trying to claim a little too much from this methinks… 😉

    • Rustyknight17

      I’m inclined to agree , though JM is extending, if that’s the right term , Meego , a ( ex ?) Nokia OS , so I can Janne’s POV , although. I do agree that he’s reading a bit too much into it ..

  • Rustyknight17

    Beelzebozu , great points ! That does weaken Janne’s contentions .

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