Video: Ask the CEO: Stephen Elop at TechEd Amsterdam

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Stephen Elop answers some questions from TechEd Amsterdam:

  • Phones with QWERTY. People who experience touch prefer Nokia touch over QWERTY.
  • Why did Nokia leave Symbian? Conclusion of management team – not battle of devices but…dun dun dun, come on everyone…”War of ecosystemsssss” . Basically it’s a long term play.
  • How can WP/Nokia make it simpler to develop globalised apps
  • Customers who bought WP7 recently but can’t upgrade to WP8? (Wow, listen to how this question is answered. Not directly, but first talking about positives of WP8 and then going in to discuss WP7.8.  It’s a little lengthy but a good style to focus first on the positive. Note Elop says current lumia will get the new WP8 featureS including the start screen. Now previously all we’ve heard was that it’s only just going to be the start screen. Elop suggests there’ll be more. Actually he says current Lumia owners will get a pattern of updates to bring new features . But Elop then explains features we were waiting for from Tango. :/).
  • I find it interesting that Stephen Elop pronounces Nokia “Knowkia” (better than no keeeyaah) but calls Nokia Drive, Nokya Drive (as how I’d pronounce it)
  • Inevitability that software platform updates are a necessity to bring new range of experience and broad range of options. Full update is not possible due to the jump in hardware, Nokia is deeply commited to providing long term experience for everyone who buys a Nokia product.
  • 4/5 cars with in dash navigation uses Nokia maps. Wow, I didn’t know that.



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