Rumours: WP8 with native screenshot capability?

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First and foremost, this is just a rumour.

Secondly, WP7 currently does take screenshots but only with dev-unlocked devices. For the general consumer, like me I guess, it’s just not possible. Not even with apps. Now every platform can now take screenshots in a much easier fashion. Whilst Symbian might not have it built in, it does have a few apps that will allow for that function.

It’s not technically a mainstream feature, but it’s just nice to have that option. I used to use it mainly for app reviews but I can see how it could also be useful for taking a screenshot of maps or a message. I’m occasionally seeing folks posting phone screenshots on my facebook feed (either of the weather where they’re on holiday or some screwed up messages etc).

Why was it never in the original WP? No idea. Perhaps part of WP’s ‘ways to suck’ list. Perhaps they never had the imagination that users (general consumers) would find screenshots useful, overlooking it as merely a developer thing.

WP Dang reckons that WP8 will have this finally in a Windows Button + Camera Button combo.

Is that a good button combination? In the comments, the poor translation seems to suggest this might appear in WP7.8 too.

As well as taking a full screenshot, for tablets (and thus PC) I’d like a screenshot function like my mac, where I specify WHAT PORTION of the screen I want to snap. No cropping needed, just ready made images. (I did find it annoying at first that my mac did not have a print screen button, requiring a 3 button combo, but in long run, selecting a portion and instantly turning it into an image file has been most useful)

Source: WPDang

Via: WPCentral

Cheers Prashant for the tip.

BTW, like the last post about BT file sharing and USB Mass transfer, there is no need to whinge yet again about this being a catch up or be all sarcastic that this is new and revolutionary. We know they’re slow with this ‘feature’ and are just as frustrated as you about it.


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