Press Release: PureView^2 – Nokia completes acquisition of developers, technologies and intellectual property for imaging from Scalado

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Today, Nokia published a press release that says the acquisition of Scalado is now complete. We first found out Nokia’s plans to acquire Scalado back in June. We’ve had several ace looking apps from Scalado on Nokia phones in the past, most recently the popular face time machine thing called ‘Rewind’ now found in Lumia phones called ‘Smart Group Shot’.

Below is the press release as well as a link to NokConv’s own article about Scalado for Nokia.

Nokia’s Samuli Hanninen, VP, software program management, was able to share some of the bigger picture around where we plan to take camera phones next.

“We think that imaging is about to go through another major revolution,” he told Conversations.

The staff joining from Scalado will form a new centre for imaging excellence in Lund, Sweden, alongside the clever folk based in Nokia’s Tampere and Espoo imaging teams who came up with PureView. The Lund team will focus on software to complement the existing hardware genius from the Finnish teams.

The expected results are perhaps best expressed as an equation:


PV + SC = PV^2

Though the latest and greatest camera phones might seem like they’re perfect, we really have only just begun.

Press Release:

Acquisition aims to bring outstanding imaging experiences to Nokia Lumia smartphones

Espoo, Finland and Lund, Sweden: Nokia announced today that it has completed the acquisition of all technologies and intellectual property from Scalado AB, originally announced on June 14, 2012. As part of the transaction, approximately 50 world-class imaging specialists transferred to Nokia.

“We believe that this acquisition will strengthen Nokia’s leading position in mobile imaging and provide us with a great opportunity to create even better imaging products and applications,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president, Smart Devices at Nokia. “We welcome the skilled and passionate professionals from Scalado to Nokia and are excited to have them work with the rest of our talented and dedicated imaging experts to bring world-class imaging solutions to our Nokia Lumia smartphones. The Nokia team is already responsible for many leading innovations in mobile imaging and, together with the experts from Scalado, we aim at astonishing the world with new, outstanding imaging experiences.”

Lund has now become a key site for Nokia’s imaging software for smartphones, in addition to Nokia’s existing locations in Espoo and Tampere, Finland.

“We’re excited to join Nokia at such an important time in its smartphone story,” said Sami Niemi, co-founder of Scalado and now head of Capture & Relive, Smart Devices at Nokia. “The technologies and competences we’ve developed should help move from taking photos to capturing memories and emotions.”

More information can be found on the Nokia Conversations blog.


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  • nyap

    can lumia PV outperform my 808 PV?

    wait for 2 years maybe :\


      if it takes 2 years, then nokia deserves to die,

      • jiipee

        and MS alongside it

  • stormtroller

    With Windows Phone as its boat, PV^2 aint going anywhere better than 808…

    • poiman

      You sir are wrong. In case you haven’t been in this planet for the past month, WP8 is compatible with hardware a lot more powerfull than the one present in any other Symbian device. So if Nokia wants to make PureView even better they will have to do it on WP8, not Symbian.

      • Luisito

        MMM… How is going the support of custom badass DSP processors on Windows Phone 8???

        I’m still guessing how will they implement PV Pro on Windows Phone, because the magic isn’t done into the GPU nor the CPU… its a little co-processot that eat data like no other (think in the two PS2 co-processor or the 7 PS3 SPE’s)

        • turdworldindian

          yeah, I keep scratching my head in disbelief. Here’s Elop’s brilliant plan:

          1. Have very low cash reserves.
          2. Kill all of your back up plans and future strategy. Fire the employees who worked on the back up plans.
          3. Fire the employees who worked on your erstwhile main plan(Symbian), because they were too slow in iterating.
          5. Don’t bring PV to Lumia, because it takes more time to do it.
          4. Hire a rank outside company to work on a tech that you invented. And hope that they can iterate faster than the guys who worked on it previously. For all you know, Scalado’s architecture andcodebase is radically different from WP.
          6. Profit???

          • Zipa

            Congrats, you are dead wrong on points 1, 2, 3, 5, and 4.

      • knowfirst

        u are right man, some dumbass people cant understand this..

    • Just Visiting

      @stormtroller…If you need to hang on to that thought, please do. But your bubble will be burst – Lumia PV, Scalado, + Photosynth (by Microsoft) + WP8 = Will be Amazing!

      The beauty of the WP UI, and the better UX in WP (in my opionion), along with all of the other imaging technology by Nokia/Microsoft is simply going to be a more desireable offering.

  • ggg

    nokia can succeed if they put pureview and swipe into lumia. i doubt nokia will do that

  • Pr@$h@nt

    Off Topic:

    Anyone know if there is any Internet Download Manager app & torrent client available for nokia belle. I know there is one available ‘symtorrent’ but it is not compatible with belle. Plz help.


    i keep saying it, pureview is a must have killer feature.
    pv on a nokia wp will destroy the competition,

    • lordstar

      With nokia pioneering with the “where” platform and pureview technology, lumia phones could really be competitive. Nokia should step it up come September.


        yes indeed, new products out maybe september/october,

        if nokia gives consumers the choice of a 41mp AND a 16-24mp wp8 devices,
        then that will be just magical 🙂
        huge sales guaranteed

  • twig


  • Matti

    Something new for Elop’s pyrocracy to burn. Good. They were starting to run out of things to set on flame.

  • Just Visiting

    Cograts to Nokia on this acquisition. When Nokia gave the Camera Lover Pack app to N8 users as a Christmas gift, I fired up the app…Ran into issues with it(I think others did as well), emailed Scalado, Scalado IMMEDIATELY responded! The rolled out the fix, and e-mailed me to make sure that everything worked properly once I updated.

    Their Customer Service is very responsive, similar to Nokia to Lumia customers responsive, so this new team will is certainly welcomed on the WP side of Nokia operations.

  • Dave²
  • Sean

    When the Lumia 800 is released it will destroy the competition.
    When the Lumia 900 is released it will destroy the competition.
    When WP8 is released….
    When PV technology comes to Windows Phone….
    I’m sure Google and Apple are positively shitting themselves right now.