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Yes, I am talking about WP8’s SDK which got leaked today.People from the blogs, developers and other enthusiasts are not hesitating in getting their hands on the leaked version of WP8’s SDK.As the time is passing, people all around the world are exploring new features from SDK and revealing them at the same time too.

I am covering top 3 features which got leaked till now, to become a possibility in near future WP8 devices:

1.Peer to Peer bluetooth sharing, yeah it actually will allow the file sharing b/w the Bluetooth enabled mobiles.Not only this developers will also be able to access the Bluetooth core to connect the phone to the other bluetooth devices such as fitness devices like pacemakers, trackers, etc.

It might open a whole new range of accessories like keyboard dock, music docks, etc
I don’t actually believe this much from WMPoweruser as they are claiming that Bluetooth in non NFC WP8 devices will become a substitute to communicate with NFC device(I don’t think Bluetooth v4 is also able to do this).

2.CNS(centralized notification system): Microsoft summit 2012, the day when WP8 got officially announced.Microsoft reported there will be CNS in Windows phone 8 platform to raise the presence and integrate the 3rd party applications in more user friendly manner.  Edit (Ali): The image below is only a render of a “wish feature” unfortunately as of now the only notification center on WP would be the small tiles arranged into a information hub.

The 3rd party applications will also have ability to customize the phone’s lock screen too or if you want the notifications of the single application on your device’s lock screen that too is also set to become a reality sooner.

3.Extended Camera functionality: Will bring the support for better optics utilization, bring some new amount of camera filters, other camera features such as high speed ISO, burst mode, etc.

A new feature that will be present inside WP8 is camera lens, not the real optics.It’s a camera profile app feature by which we can create by adding your own personal features using the integrated camera filters, shooting modes, etc into a single profile and hence defined as lens.

Other consumer features which are also coming: Music can be added to media library, extended voice integration, new start screen, new version of Internet Explorer, more freedom to 3rd party apps, better maps integration with Nokia maps, Nokia drive, new improved UI, new multitasking, etc.




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