MNB RG: July sees great Finland Lumia growth in StatCounter

| July 28, 2012 | 34 Replies

This is Janne’s latest heads up, following the progress of Lumia in Finland with statcounter. Just to repeat again, statcounter is an estimate of market share through browser usage on a particular OS of all current handsets in use not just those sold in a particular time frame.

As we’ve been wondering what the Windows Phone 8 effect will be on Lumia’s trajectory after the late June announcement, at least in Finnish StatCounter stats July, with a few days left still, may be turning out to be the biggest growth month for Lumia ever – now matching in monthly averages even the February Lumia launch month (2.17%. growth in July so far vs. 2.18%. growth in February) and still on the rise. It would seem that the launch of Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 in late May have ignited some summer-lasting fires and WP8 Osbourne effect isn’t there yet (?).

The monthly average for installed (mobile Internet use) base for Windows Phone (aka Lumia in the case of Finland), to the extent StatCounter can be used to guess such figures, now sits at 11.52%, while the daily averages hover at 13% – almost 15% and have exceeded Symbian on multiple days. The gains seem to come mostly from Symbian and secondarily from iOS. Android has seen some losses after Lumia’s launch, but seems to have rebounded to a somewhat of a flat line.

Trend of growth is not as large as Finland in other places but it’s still nice to see. Growth wise, from June to July, UK at, France at 29.8%, 17.6% UK, 18.6% USA, 27.3% Germany, Italy 66.0%, 12.5% China. Looking at the change of % growth of the past 6 month, WP is on a positive trend. Slow but steady.

For Nokia, it is not even 1 year yet with Lumia, and given the current challenges of the platform and the difficulties externally through super strong competition this looks to be a moderately decent performance.

It’ll be very tense until the Nokia Lumia with WP8 arrive.

Cheers Janne for the tip.



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