Nokia Drive for WP Review by Engadget; Deemed Best in Class

| August 1, 2012 | 33 Replies

Nokia Drive offline navigation review taking the Lumia 900 for an offthegrid spin

Here’s a nice change of pace; rather than reviewing the phone itself someone has finally given the awesome support apps a second glance, and I’m quite sure they’re happy they did. Engadget took the Lumia 900 on a Nation-wide trek and suffice to say the phone did not disappoint, with the wrap-up being:

I can confidently say that Nokia Drive is the best purely offline navigational tool on the market

Check out the review at the source link, it’s a very nice piece which details exactly why Nokia Drive is so awesome, just one piece of information you won’t find in the post, when you search for a place offline (eg: McDonalds) if available the app will also provide you with contact details of the location including phone number and address, pretty sweet if you want to reserve ahead,eh?

*Note: they acknowledge the fact that Nokia Drive’s features have been available on Symbain for a while now, but overall switching to a Symbian phone wasn’t worth the better navigation:

Nokia has been a player. At that time, it was the outfit’s Ovi Maps leading the pack, offering the only legitimate offline solution amongst a legion of ho-hum alternatives that required bits of data to keep you on track. But frankly, there wasn’t a Symbian device in Nokia’s stable that could show up my Nexus One in terms of overall utility, so begrudgingly, I pushed it aside

Check out the full review here:



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