Weekend lol: Nokia Lumia X – twisty camera n-gage thing?

| August 4, 2012 | 45 Replies

This would be interesting if true though I am not at all convinced. We got an email from another John yesterday sharing information about a supposed new Lumia with a twisting camera section. I don’t know if the image above is simply meant to be a depiction as that’s a 5700. Twisty barrels would be nice, like the Nokia N90, pretty awesome for self pics.

A barrel design could allow for optical zoom (as the elements can span the width of the phone as opposed to the thickness of the device).

Apparently it might have gaming buttons.

Some images of the 5700 below:



Here’s the email that we got:

New Nokia Windows phone 8 to be launched in September.
I got it from my friend.
He worked at Nokia Design Studio (not mention name).
He talks about how the new equipment, both of LUMIA more interesting than Samsung, HTC and Huawei.
In addition, he said LUMIA X has a screen resolution HD Amoled Clear Black, Windows phone 8 OS, powered by Snapdragon S4,
8 millionpixel resolution camera carl zeiss lens, that can rotate the camera itself.
There are dedicated keys for playing games on the top & can be twisted to access music quickly.
He also tells of the N-GAGE is back again.
Data is designed to stay in the lab.
I was excited to try this. Not sure if it is true that much. 
If the information is incorrect. Apologize for any inconvenience that this.
Cheers John for the tip!
Ah yes, 3250 before it.

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  1. m says:

    looking thro’ the 5700 designs one can see how un-innovative the market has become today…the n9 was the last major beautiful phone…nokia is now just copying the n9 for the lumia and from interviews it looks like the same design is going to stay on…while beautiful it doesnt offer anything new to the market…previously we used to have 2-3 innovative designs from Nokia every year that regardless of sales volumes were appreciated for pushing the envelope…

    • Dave says:

      What about the Lumia 610? I think it’s a great looking phone, I picked it over the 710 for the looks (and the 800/900 over the price).

      • ashok pai says:

        nokia missed a trick there. they should not have made the 710 – instead make one that’s in between the two and merged them both – 610 is perfect in look, except screen is ordinary, low ram…whats the point ? nokia is “differentiating” again. had 610 been beefier, i’m sure it would have been a 3310 moment again.

  2. AliQudsi says:

    Saw this and honestly LOLed, can’t believe this design used to look good, am I the only person who finds it ugly now?

  3. Chris says:

    This would essentially be re-launching the 5700 which was no great hit itself, so why would they do this again?

    Gets me thinking that if this “leak” is legit, could be that Nokia’s trying to spur some wild rumours and interest before Nokia World.

    But yeah, I think this is just a “luls” indeed. :)

    • Anastasios says:

      I don’t believe this is real but I can totally see the point of releasing a new N-Gage-type phone now with all that Xbox live integration

  4. DreXter says:

    ..as said ” rotating dedicated keys/music keys on TOP (probably the camera is included there for rotation)” im imagining a multipurpose gaming/camera phone here.. it would fit the phone- providing that they will remove capacitive buttons at the bottom

  5. viktor von d. says:

    I don’t know if this is will be the form factor, but i welcome back the weird designs from nokia. the market is pretty stale now in terms of design. there isn’t much that you can do with the candybar shell and a touchscreen on top. this could allow them to put a big sensor in the phone while maintaining a slimmer profile. and being a different design it could make it a success.
    question is if this is the pureview phone, cause a smaller sensor could fit in a normal slim device. of course if the information is legit

  6. Ash says:

    Looks tacky and bulky but the idea is good. When phones try to out-sleek each other design-wise these days, this would be a step back from what they accomplished with N9.

  7. Sefriol says:

    I think that this kind of design will be possible when the whole front of the phone can be used as a screen. Image it as the bottom of the phone would have windows keys and when you turn them you could use them for something else (camera, physical gaming buttons like small d-pad and so on.) then rest of the front is just screen. The bottom part could be a little thicker and rest of the phone quite thin, since you dont have to put camera there.
    Put 5700 to rest and think how the phone would look with better design.

  8. junain says:

    great idea although super uurgly!looks like a fat lumia cut in half with a 5700 bottom attached to it.no thank u!

  9. Vikas Patidar says:

    hmmm… sleek and elegant OS on such a bulky design. I think wrong combination.

  10. Nabs says:

    l like old Nokia phone design. Even now, they still look fresh and modern. It is just more than a bar with buttons.

  11. NeNoRmAl says:

    I think It’s a render just to show what crazy things Nokia have done and to inspire the designers to think in that direction again.(If it’s really leaked from Nokia employe)

  12. Heron says:

    N-gage is an underrated device for sure.

    Considering that Nintendo has 3DS, Sony has PS Vita, its not fully outside the realm of possibility that MS might want Nokia to do its Xbox portable (X-gage?).

    • Heron says:

      Forgot to add that this device can be the Galaxy Note of the Nokia WP8 lineup. Considering that modern games probably need a lot of specs to run it, a good size for a big battery will be a good idea.

  13. Dave² says:

    I like the twist design(N93), it would fit in quite well with a PV camera being as how the farther you zoom, the ‘shakier’ it gets. It would help for some stabilization.
    Also, most of what you see in the market right now are slabs of plastic with touch screens. Not to say this is a bad thing, but it would be nice to see some out-of-the-box Nokia designs again.

  14. John says:

    like you already said; LOL :D

    So Nokia would make that thick phone? Yeahh, right :)

    Well, any news related to Nokia can make you “famous”. We just saw it couple of days ago when someone joked about Lenovo buying Nokia, it was all over the interwebs immediately..

  15. Izzi says:

    lol, I like how you watermarked the pic like its special, but then again you watermark every pic you get.
    This article is a joke, and its even more sad you put in effort to actually write a post about it SMH!

  16. Janne says:

    I’d really love to see Nokia do something like this again. :) I miss their crazy-streaks – that involved daring hardware designs and concepts, not simply crazy jumps off platforms.

    Having said that, to me the Lumia X picture looks like a rather well done Photoshop from the 5700. It is too thick to be a modern phone, the camera setup does not fit into what Nokia has said about PureView, nor does the screen look like Windows Phone dimensions. Halo 4 in there was also a bit rich, even if desireable. Finally, should Nokia really do something like this for camera’s sake again, it sure as heck would not be 8 Mpix.

    So, while I can’t say whether or not Nokia is planning something *like* this, I will call the Lumia X picture above a nice fake. I think the banana-shaped Lumia PureView we saw months ago might have been a real concept, though (although still just an internal concept).

    • Sefriol says:

      Was that picture “the leak”? I though it was for illustration purposes since it looked too much of 5700.

  17. n-user says:

    Imagine WP8 in an oldie 2.X” screen size! lol

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