Closer Look at Nokia Music/Mix-Radio #NokiaEntertainment

| August 5, 2012 | 6 Replies

Here for the third (and currently final) installment of the #NokiaEntertainment series, where we take a closer look at the entertainment based apps for Lumia devices, previously we covered Nokia TV as well as Nokia Reading; today we’ll be taking a peek at the grad daddy of all entertainment apps, Nokia Music. From the times of Symbian Nokia has always offered some sort of awesome music service, the most memorable of which could be the “Comes With Music” which gave some phones unlimited music downloads from the Ovi Music store, times have changed and although some phones are still sold with the Comes With Music the latest awesome music service comes in the form of Nokia Music for WP (Lumia Exclusive).


Nokia Music is a huge app which has more built in functions than most dedicated music players on other OSes, the store in Nokai Music is stocked with everything you could want, and best of all any track you download is DRM free, so feel free to sync it up to your iPod later. The cooler half of Nokia music lies in mix radio itself, the radio enables user customizable mixes (AKA: Playlists) that can be downloaded for offline playing, users can choose their Mix either by their favorite artists or from a list of pre-made mixes depending on their mood; best of all it’s all free (you don’t even need an account!).

*Note: previous credit from ovi Music should be available on your Nokia Music account. 😀


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  • jeroenhuismast

    shame they did not gave to the Meego first
    I bet it was a Symbian>Meego service before it became WP7

  • Andre Ch

    Hah, poets of the fall. How did you come across them?
    I heard them in max payne 2 the first time, and recently in alan wake.

    • Aliqudsi

      Saw some people I follow discussing what a crime it is that no-one knows them, Obviously I pretended I knew them all along 😀

  • Antti

    Great going nokia for having a music player that lacks track fast forward/rewind, a function that’s been part of most, if not all, music players since the dawn of time.

    This minor detail makes the otherwise great app unusable, which is just ridiculous…

  • Vikas Patidar

    Nokia Music 1 year free subscription DRM free 256kbps mp3 files and lot of goodness. This is the only reason I’m still using Nokia.

  • Mazze

    I’m wondering why Nokia doesn’t introduce a Spotify-like music streaming subscription service.