Videos: Nokia Asha 311 Unboxing & Full Review

| August 5, 2012 | 45 Replies

Here we have for you two videos by Dr Tech0logy (no, I didn’t misspell technology) featuring the Asha 311. I recently saw that this is available in Australia and I am considering getting it, solely for the fact it has inherited (in a way) Swipe. Anyway, enough from me, here are the videos:


Unboxing and Quick Look

Full Review

I really like that Nokia are bringing some of the higher end stuff to the Asha range. I also like having the badges on icons, like on iOS.

If you have the Asha 311, or any of the full touch Asha devices, let us know your experiences below.

Cheers Glenn for the tip!


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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • Jody / buzzonme

    She did repeatedly said that youtube aint available on 311….it has quite an effect on supposed buyers as seen in the comment section. And it should be corrected. πŸ™‚

  • Iva Biggun

    Hi Michael,where abouts in our great land are they selling them and how much?

  • Mac

    I seriously wonder whats the next step for s40? They have brought swipe to the platform. Streamlined and reworked the UI thus making it morw user friendly. Whats left to make it compete more at the lower end. Looks great and price point is good. The sad truth is that droids are not very far off from that price point and tempting for many buyers to invest on those rather than these.

    Bringing in multitasking and some added features may help but i dont think it may be enough. There has to be something else to stifle the decline in this bread and butter category for Nokia or else it will die very quickly. Nokias brand name may be the only thing driving some sales here for now coupled with low price point and some good looking phones. Other than that others are breathing down Nokias neck.

    • twig

      Sounds like HTC and Rim are having their problems. HTC bad One sales and Rim wanting to license out the BlackBerry name. Doesn’t sound like the 10 is coming to market, other than through the N9

      • migo

        No, BB10 will come to market, and it’ll show up on at least 2 RIM phones, as well as the PlayBook. RIM’s considering all their options, that doesn’t mean the current one is definitely going to fail. If that were the case they would have cancelled all the upcoming BlackBerry Jams.

  • Anastasios

    hi from Greece. The problem with Nokia phones (All Nokia phones, no matter if they run Symbian or Windows) is that they are comparatively expensive. for the same amount of money one buys a crapdroid with better specs. I know, I know Nokia phones are of very high quality and are built to last but still. They really need to market their phones more aggressively

    • migo

      They need to figure out how to market their phones properly. Look at what they do really well and contrast that against the competition.

  • lordstar

    Impressive, ui is really smooth. Hope Nokia could add a newsfeed homescreen ala n9.

  • Shaz

    Hey guys I have the same handset, just bought it, and this reviewer is right youtube video does not play. Some people are saying it can play youtube. But my handset keeps saying NO RESPONSE when loading videos. Can someone help me how to correct this?

    • Jody / buzzonme

      Nokia Asha 311 browser, youtube and keyboard., Blogpost:,

      took this from youtube. It may hwlp you since i dont have a 311

    • Pr@$h@nt

      Have u created the streaming settings for video streaming?

      If not , then follow

      settings>config. set.>personal config. set.>add new>streaming

      and leave all options undisturbed and them go back. Long press on ‘my streaming’ and then ‘activate’ .

      It shud work now.

      • George

        hey are you sure asha can play streaming videos.

  • kakura

    Nokia Asha 311 browser youtube and keyboard

    • sinple

      so, does it play youtube? video shows it plays while review says it doesnt

      • Vikas Patidar

        This phone supports for Video Streaming. Hence YouTube is no exception here. Just you need correct internet configuration settings from your operator.

  • Pegasus

    Is no app 4 the Youtube feature?

  • I’m using 306 now. I think asha touch feature phones should all use capacitive touch screen, Clear Black LCD (color depth up to 24 bit) and 1GHz CPU with any low end GPU.

    • Jody / buzzonme

      and may i ask about your experience using your phone? How will you from 1-10?

      • 305 – 5 marks
        306 – 6 marks
        display feels grey and dark under strong light.
        processor too weak to run smoothly (30fps+)
        almost every competitor use capacitive touch screen. Idon’t think it is much more expensive than resistive ones.
        I prefer Wifi than dual-SIM

        311 – 9 marks
        CBD capacitive touch screen and Gorilla glass.
        UI much smoother than 305/306 and other 1ghz ashas

        • migo

          305 and 306 are the same phone, just one has dual sim and the other doesn’t. Giving them a different score makes no sense.

          • lordstar

            305 doesn’t have wifi

    • Viipottaja

      They would if those components were cheaper. Does not get more simple than that.

  • manu

    the 305 and 306 dont have much competitors.but for this one?? lets see how many will opt for this phone over the likes of optimus L3,htc explorer, galaxy fit etc.

    • Vikas Patidar

      I think very few. Because the name Android becomes viral among young peoples and simply they don’t care about the brands. Sooner or later Nokia will realize and do something otherwise they wont be able to sell a phone which cost more then 4500 INR.

  • Galaxy SIII

    No one will buying this lackluster!Worst mobile phone ever compared to my Galaxy SIII.Don’t u agree flop nokia fanboys?

    • Viipottaja


    • JH

      Of course the SGSIII is a more advanced phone, but it costs around FIVE TIMES MORE.

    • buy GS3, and win gold medal in London Olympic

  • Razor

    @Galaxy SIII

    It doesn’t matter what you think, you “jackass”. You clearly don’t have enough brain to figure out this is a dumbphone and not a smartphone. You clearly are trolling and you think having that fragile high-end Samsung Galaxy S III makes you smarter and cooler from the rest of us nokia fans. Here’s a good idea, you can take your fragile ugly looking galaxy s III and turn them sideways and shine it up real nice and put it up all into your candy asses. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vikas Patidar

    Reviewer is noob. I think he/ she must configure internet settings from the “Configuration Settings” option in the setting menu. You can explicitly add those setting in personal configuration option.

    From the developer specifications Nokia 311 support for Video Streaming.

    If youtube is not working try with other video sites. 1/3 of world(China) is still alive without youtube.

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  • Galaxy SIII

    Aww so sweet!Don’t be so pressed honey bunny sweety,go buy Galaxy SIII,and i doubt you will like it more than your fugly laggy Nokilol phone,muach bye….

  • Galaxy SIII

    Aww so sweet!Don’t be so pressed honey bunny sweety,go buy Galaxy SIII,and i doubt you will like it more than your fugly laggy Nokilol phone,muach bye….

    • viipottaja

      Why do you doubt he would like it more? πŸ˜€

      • Galaxy SIII

        Ohh,sweety,that’s a great question,you are so smart muach
        well android has so much great application,flawless HD game,and so many of them are free to download and easy to install.Not like the crap symbiflop phone and windows flophone,got it?

        • manu

          if you are still alive on sept 6th then we will show you.sit back and relax till then

  • Galaxy SIII

    Of course i am still alive!You nokia fanboys just the end of nokia and the end of symbiyan in 2014,bye nokia and ur pressed fanboys i will always hate u -_-

    • arts

      you are funny. please come back more often. πŸ™‚

      • Galaxy SIII

        Of course i will comeback more often just to inform u any news about goddessdroid,just wait and sit down nokia fanboys,muach!!!

        • arts

          i see. plese do. write as much long artiles on this matter.

  • kakura

    Long standby time
    Functional enough
    Prices are generally
    Very adequate

  • terry

    cool reviews on asha 311.

  • soin

    hi!can you add the text of the video into your post?…

  • Lee

    Sucks~my network provider kept charging my data cost on my account, once a signal around “3.5G” auto rolling on the upper right screen, eventhough IM not doing any activities which need the data transferred like reading mails, browsing webs etc. My money burn unconsciously that I have to switch it off. But I realized that would deactivate all related GPRS services nor even send/receive any MMS by this smartphone.
    I wont buy this cell what if I aint losing my old NOKIA mobile. I think smartphone is not “SMART” enough compare to old mobile phones. I have no idea what’s wrong w/ this phone, when I start using it, not settings was changed against default.