MyDreamNokia #59: Nokia Surface Phone WP8 Concept

| August 5, 2012 | 19 Replies

Another intriguing design by Jonas-Daehnert. This wasn’t meant to be a MDN Sunday, but whilst we’re talking about it, let’s get it over with.

It’s blocky rectangles again, yet it works with the rectangles and squares of the homescreen.


It somehow reminds me a little of that blocky little WP8 Nokia shown at the WP8 launch, no?

Based on the last very rectangular design in number 56, you guys liked the look but thought it might be uncomfortable to hold what with all those sharp corners. This does at least look to have slightly curved corners.

Jonas said:

This (last pic) is the final concept of the ‘Surface Phone’. The whole concept is inspired by the Surface Tablet.

I hope Microsoft is planning a Surface Phone. Later this year I will definetely buy the Surface-Pro!

Modeled completely in 3D. Rendered in Cycles.

Well about the specs: I don’t really care about the specs. Maybe there is working a Quadcore in it – 2GB of Ram – 32-64Gb Storage – Display 1280×768 – 16MPx, FullHD Camera and so on…


Cheers Jules and Adir for the tip!


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  • DKM

    So many blocks and slabs designs, just hope Nokia will break the design concept in the market somehow.

    I like this slab too 😉

  • Dave²

    Not a big fan of the brick/slab design myself but this is a neat render.
    I’m curious to see some bendable concept devices.
    The bendable phone at Nokia world caught some attention, as well as the nano coating demo at CES.

  • Fazilmmm

    Where is the NOKIA logo..? Like the design , if it comes with all in one latest upgrade of technoz ll buy.., else this slab ll be a fail..

    • SLAYER

      this is like the google phones

  • Allan

    Is it meant to be a Nokia concept? He is saying that he hopes Microsoft will release a Surface phone… which btw makes a lot more sense to me since it is their brand not Nokias.

  • Spitfire

    This looks more like an Iphone.
    There is totally no originality in this concept.

    • Iop

      Wrong. It looks like the Surface Tablet. EXACTLY like the Surface Tablet. And this was his intention… Compare it to the iPhone an the Surface…

  • Nute Firshgrow

    Copycut of iPhone ideas and removed Nokia logo or any trace of Nokia design IMHO. I even don’t want to evaluate it.

    • Iop

      You never see the Surface Tablet? …
      Sry, you failed

  • swain

    The design looks more like a developer device than a retail unit. If Nokia makes a device of this dimension, I am afraid they will again paste the same 8 mp camera, that really sucks, as found in 800 or 900. Expecting something better from Nokia this time. Hope they won’t disappoint(like they mostly do) this time. Whatever they make, the first bunch of WP8 devices will be the last stand for Nokia.


    looks nice but better with rounded corners and edges…. and a pv camera.

  • jesse

    Looks awesome!

  • trd

    really like this one alot, tho it has iphonish look

  • Galaxy SIII


  • Patata

    Jay, you should fix the title “Microsoft Surface Phone WP8” seems to be more correct 😉

  • Keith too

    A Surface phone would be a disaster for Nokia and would make Microsoft look like a ruthles bastard and be very bad for Windows Phone so this is the worst concept phone I’ve seen yet.

  • JGrove303

    His Pure View WP8 looked better. Had substance, you knew it was packin’ optic heat from its bulge. Better for gaming in landscape too.

  • mr lima

    The best concept, please Nokia look this

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