Leaked?: Yellow Nokia Lumia w/ WP8 – Think Lumia 900 with curved screen

| August 7, 2012 | 61 Replies


Thanks to a tip from my friend Norman, WPDang have apparently gotten photos from Weibo (essentially Chinese Twitter) of what looks like a Nokia Lumia 800/900 hybrid. By that, I mean, it has the size of the Lumia 900, but with the curved screen of the 800. What a minute, we have heard this before!

As usual, we need to take this with pinches of salt, but honestly, having the pictures, along with hearing the info from a trusted source a while back, I am excited. One of the things that I’ve found annoying with the Lumia 900 is the bezel. This will change things, not only for me, but a lot of other users.

Here is the best image to wet your appetite. Of course, we only see the homescreen. It may only be running WP 7.8, therefore be a device that will never be released to market. Still, we can dream right?



Cheers Norman for the tip!

Source: WPDang via WMPowerUser


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