MNB RG: Lumia overtakes Symbian in Finland (StatCounter)?

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This news was reported some time ago now, but I wasn’t ready to publish it as some sections of statcounter was still saying Symbian was still slightly ahead (e.g. month view vs week view vs day view). We’ve explained before and as Janne mentions below:

1) Finland – small population

2) Statcounter is all the phones, not current sales

3) Statcounter data is pretty much browser usage

It would not be such a difficult task, more something expected given that Symbian is on a decline with only the 808 as the new handset. What matters more is that Lumia is growing and that there is continued momentum.

Anyway, onto Janne’s article.

It is again time for the pointless, useless, but fun StatCounter watch! 🙂 Finland is a small market and this means nothing, but here goes:

Lumia (basically the only Windows Phone selling anything in Finland) has been sporadically overtaking Symbian in the daily and weekly measurements for some time now, but recently it passed Symbian in the montly averages as well. Lumia is now sitting at 12.62% and Symbian in 12.43%. Growth of almost one percentage point since July. The raise so far in August has not been as steep as in July, which saw the biggest raise for Lumia ever. We can actually see in the graph how the third month after new models (new Lumias were released in February and then in very late in May, practically meaning June, in Finland) is again the worst, the same happened in back in April.

I think looking very closely at weeklies and dailies the StatCounter, we can see a real slowdown of Lumia growth happening in August though, after the exceptionally strong growth in July. Is this the first sign of the new-devices-around-the-corner slowdown we all expect but haven’t witnessed yet, or just the market evening out the July miracle jump? I think it is possible it is the former and that we won’t see significant growth until WP8 devices are released, meaning that Lumia might coast around 12% until then. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, in the Europe stats, Windows Phone is up from 1.7% (in July) to 1.85%. In the U.S. Windows Phone is up from 1.21% to 1.24%. And in China up from 0.64% to 0.88%.

In related news, in Antarctica Symbian is down from 100% (in July) to 0%. There were no other contenders.


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