MyDreamNokia #64: Nokia Lumia 707 WP8 concept with unconventional curves

| August 19, 2012 | 21 Replies

Here’s a very unconventional design from Edgar Mkrtchyan. It’s certainly no generic rectangle with curved corners.

here is my latest work, Nokia Lumia 707.
The idea of this secretion is once again your comment “pebble” (on my first concept), but this time with no straight lines! And on top of that I wanted to feminize this concept for women.
Characteristics are expected, nothing extraordinary for a mid-range;)
The only thing I still have not found a solution, it is the volume keys that are currently missing on the concept, because of the curves, I still do not know how …
In the meantime, my next concept has a qwerty keyboard and photos come with a short video to show the creation of the concept;

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  • kunwar

    i wish 710 had speakers on the top/bottom n not on the back

  • poiman

    Design is ugly, camera is not good enough, screen is not big enough.

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      you should know that this is a mid-range, so a 5-inch screen and a camera 41 mpix have nothing to do here 🙂

      • poiman


  • Mimi

    I can imagine that this device feels good in the hand, especially for those of us with smallish hands.

  • B.Srikanth.

    Very good design and concept.
    It is more curvy on top than bottom, so very comfortable to use.

  • Matteo DB


  • nabkawe

    Very inspiring indeed , The volume rocker could actually be a wheel (Just like sony ericsson’s P900)

    Actually if you bare with me and re produce the concept with only one side curved like that and you got a more useable product …
    By the way microsoft should think of this prototype for it’s XBOX phone (You know it’s going to happen just like Playstation phones and tablets.

    • Fz

      I’m not sure what the problem with volume keys is. I think they could fit in the “back slope” near where they usually are. A bit like X7 that also had curved back. In this case maybe a bit more flushed in order to keep the look.

      Reason why I’m replying to this comment is that I wouldn’t vote for asymmetrical design. They usually are more comfortable to one hand leaving both left and handed wondering if who actually has is better.

      Wheel is an ok solution too, but I’d like to suggest another one. Physical button that has capasitive strip in it. Clicking the button activates the strip. This would allow you to stroke the button in a very similar way that you would roll the wheel. Two points about this would be that 1. it might fit the looks better and 2. it could be used only with fingers, unlike a wheel that can be rolled by accident if it hits anything.

      Another thing that came to mind, this shape here reminds me about this icecream that was shaped similarry and its tv ads.

      • Grendell

        What you just described, sir would be also be awesome for a camera button. Sliding on the strip would allow you to change zoom or focus. A quick tap to lock and a button press to take the shot. Im all for capacitive buttons as they allow for seamless surfaces.

  • Sefriol

    Imo Nokia needs this kind of devices for the mid range. Unique design with looks. But the specs are quite beefy for 700-series phone. It looks more like 800 to me.

  • Marcelo

    Maybe one way to put the volumme rocker, could be a capacitive one like the Sony Vaio’s, so yo can put it next to the screen an just turn on when you touch it for more than a second
    PD: Sorry, Bad English D:

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      not bad idea to your side of the screen, I wanted to do the unlocking slider but on the opposite side

  • arts

    The design is certainly polarizing, just like i ima•ine the x5 was.

  • n-user

    How can ‘square os’ phone got non-square design? it’s a bit ironic… 😛

    I wish this phone made of some kind of rubber so when you get angry or wanted to hit someone you can twist the phone instead… lol

    But I like the design, you sure have lots of concept Edgar! 😉

    • Banderpop

      I think it would work well with a GUI similar to that of the original Xbox 360 ‘Blades’ dashboard, which I much preferred over their later efforts even though it lacked several features. Getting to where you wanted used to be very fast, especially compared to the Metro dashboard, and it’s easy to imagine it working with a touchscreen or motion sensing camera.

      Other GUIs it could work well with include Belle or Harmattan…

  • Tak

    Looks good, but in functionality hindering way. If those bumbs don’t have a meaning, it makes the pocket device too big.

  • giorgio

    Beautiful design. Just beautiful.

  • Martí

    The most amazing design I’ve ever seen. That would be a cracker!
    Nowadays designs are too conventional. X7 was very good (but awful hardware) and N9/Lumia a bit
    different. All the rest is just all the same.

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      nothing but the patent war between Apple and Samsung AA makes me laugh, then at least you risk not copy someone with this design;)

  • it my project.

    i want complain you.