HowTo: Fix Mail For Exchange with Hotmail/Live/Outlook for N9

| August 20, 2012 | 36 Replies

Something that every N9 user that uses MFE with a Live/Hotmail/Outlook account has been affected by, is that the N9 no longer syncs correctly. This was caused by Microsoft updating some protocols or something technical like that, and Nokia not rectifying the situation. Here are two really quick fixes that have not only worked for me every time, but other people I’ve helped.

First up, you’ll need to log into your email from the web (whether it is your phone or computer doesn’t matter). Once logged in, look at the address bar. There will be a six-character combination at the beginning, 3 letters, 3 numbers. For example, mine is snt002. The important part is the first three. Take note of that somewhere.

Now, on your device, go to Accounts>MFE Account>Conn. Settings>Server Address. Here, type your 3 letter code followed by It should look similar to this:

Once you’re done that, try synching your account again. If that doesn’t work, don’t panic.There is still one more thing to try. Download an app called memailsettings. Once installed, select easy tweak mode, select your account, enable “Force EAS protocol version” and type 2.5 in the text box below.

Try re-synching your MFE account, and it should synch.

I’ve done this each time I’ve enabled MFE for a Live ID and it works each time.

Comment below the results on your device, and if you have issues, hopefully myself, or others can help.



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