Video: Nitdroid sees N9 running Jelly Bean before most Androids

| August 20, 2012 | 42 Replies

Honestly, I’m not surprised. The Nitdroid Project managed to get ICS on to our N9s before lots of Android devices were updated or even released with that update, and now, it has happened again. Although no official release has been made, there is a video showing the N9 running the latest iteration of Android, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. According to CJ over at Unleash the Phones, the N9 is running it while only roughly 10% of Android devices have it. Incredible!


Enough from me, here’s the video:

I haven’t had Nitdroid on my N9 for a while, due to memory restrictions, but this video shows it to be rather smooth, and from what I’ve seen on the forum, it has an extensive feature list now.

Source: via Unleash The Phones


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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • N9 Fanatic

    Jack of all trades, Phone of all OSes

  • deep space bar

    that’s embarrassing XD …..this is where Nokia would and should be/have making it’s money from

  • veigald

    My only question is Why? Why defile your N9 with the laggy memory leak that’s android?

    • deep space bar

      better than that shitty WP

    • manu

      i dont know why some idiots are repeatedly saying this jelly bean is super fast works consistently at 60fps.

      • deep space bar

        it;s not lagging at all :/

        • twig

          Its moving kind of slow compared to my 900. My question is how safe is all this for the N9 in terms of android malware, Trojans and all sorts of android evil stuff? It won’t turn my nice looking N9 into that ugly plastic looking Sammie 3 will it? I need glasses to read a dim blue Sammie HD screen.

          • h3csc

            Trust me mate, as a fellow Nokia fan I would still say all those crap about Malware in Android is pretty minor. It will only happen on those hipster or idiot that basically install every single app from the Play Store on their device. Basically to all the 99% of users out there this would hardly be an issue at all. From an usability stand point Android truly triumphed over s60v5 and WP7.5 at this moment (Never really use MeeGo or Belle before. Anna though, is equally bad as s60v5 to me). I have tried all of them and come back to Android at the end. There are many little features that defined iOS and Android did not exist in WP7.5. But this would be because WP itself is fairly new. I am pretty sure in a few years time they would become much more comprehensive.

            As for the hardware, although I am a Nexus S (Samsung built) user I cannot deny how bad the build quality is over some other Nokia phone such as the Lumia 800. Mine is a S-LCD screen after all which I prefer so much over the blue-ish Samsung AMOLED screen. Not to mention I can’t stand those oversaturated color.

          • deep space bar

            um……it’s the camera it’s being recorded on :/

  • qromodynmc

    running better than some android phones :p

    • Waqas Ahmad Khan

      You need your eye checked by eye specialist. Take a visit to Psychologist too. 😛

      • Shane

        He’s right, it’s not fair off some of the worst ones.
        Still PLENTY of room for improvement of course.

        • Shane

          fair = far

  • The Henchman

    And yet, no camera, cant make calls, microphone doesnt work, cant send SMS, when phone depletes battery it goes to this effin sleep mode that you need to tweak again to make it work. Yes this video is amazing, but people who is not using the N9 that is amazed by this needs to know. That “PORT” is far from perfect. I’ve had the ICS port and it fcking sucks. It just shows that my phone can handle it but whoever made it is just bragging. I just run ICS to try apps and tell my friends but its useles

    • Shane

      And it’s status with every major release spelt-out very clearly, so how you could be surprised about issue/limitations, well, no idea what that’s about.
      Alexey isn’t doing it to “brag” as you put it, & what he’s been able to achieve thus far, is pretty damn impressive given the limited resources he’s working with.

    • Micophone and sending SMS on my N9 works.. And the people that are working on the project are doing the best they can to make it work better.. And it does make calls, it’s just that there’s no microphone support for making calls..

      And before bitching about it and saying it sucks.. Why don’t you show us your skills and try to make the project better.

    • sdfg

      This is not done to be useful but to show how powerful this device is.

  • cobain692

    Only 10% (way to spread rumor???) there are tons of devices running JB via ports from XDA developers

    I am running ics on my N9, i am proud that it can run both meego and google os. But i cannot make a phone call with ics running on N9 So what fun is that?

    My GS2 runs JB and it can make phone calls, and i bet my 50cents that N9 running JB will not make a phone call in a long long long time from now 🙂

    • Shane

      “and i bet my 50cents that N9 running JB will not make a phone call in a long long long time from now”

      And you base that assertion on what exactly?

      • cobain692

        lack of support from Nokia pro’s to get oFono working…they are busy hunting jobs and don’t give a rats arse about ics on N9. They have done a good job for harmattan and they would be happy with that!

        • Shane

          Since when did Nokia’s pros have anything to do with NITdoird in the 1st place.
          The vast majority of work is done be anyone BUT “Nokia’s pros”.

          • cobain692

            your now talking out of your mind.. have you read the thanks section

            • Shane

              Yeah carsten & jukka, that’s hardly the bulk of the legwork for the project, still too early to say how things will shake-up going forward.

        • cobain692

          OTOH, i don’t think you can expect much from N9 running a single core processor. ICS needs two legs(at least) to walk properly and N9 has got only one.

          So keep your N9 close and Harmattan even closer 😉

          • Shane

            I think a whole lot of Android phone owners (me inc) would beg to differ on that one.

            • cobain692

              well you seem to be an “exceptional” case…

              • Shane

                Not really.

          • ricky

            nexus s runs jb, A8+SGX540. Neo L With some OEM UI runs ics.

            • Shane


              +1 Exactly & many others.

  • allawi

    yes, you are correct, the phone is nice but the make calls and camera are important to do. I hope the next alpha 5 will be the perfect one. I have the alpha4 and it’s nice for gaming and apps but we need more. Thank you

  • mee-gone

    Android is the future for all the phones, WP maybe nokia’s present but its future will be android, a nokia nexus device will be great.

    • DesR85

      Don’t know how that option will be any better when they have to deal with Samsung, a heavyweight in that ecosystem. As far as I can tell, only Samsung is benefiting from Android while the others like LG, Sony, Motorola and other smaller OEMs are either making losses or just breaking even. Even HTC, which is doing decently, have seen their profits steadily dropping in recent months.

  • JGrove

    When he said 10%, surely he was speaking in terms of officially released JB on OEMs. Even 10% is a generous estimate, as I believe the last census put the mark at about 6.7%, ICS at around 20%, GB around 60%.

  • Gasbond

    Guys, the n9 is really one of the best devices in the history of mobile phones;)

    Elop and all his lumias – just eat shit!

  • albo

    I em using the jeallybeam on my n9 for more than a month now, and works great, but camera and call function is still problem, otherwise sms and gprs works fine and i’m jealous on wifi seem to work better on android, dhe browsing on internet is better hope they will fix the calling and camera issue.

  • JGrove

    I can understand why writing drivers for Nokia hardware would be a bitch for on OS that does not native’y support it.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    It’s so sad. If Symbian hadn’t sucked a nut for so long, nobody would have even bothered to create Android to begin with, thinking the attempt to create a new phone os would be futile…

  • deanomalino

    Putting the phone to better use now. ;D

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  • hk

    this guy is giniouse , how did you notice it , fansatic

    • Shane

      Errr, what… >.>

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