N9Appdate: Facebook updated to V1.4

| August 29, 2012 | 41 Replies

This just popped up on my device, and from those on Twitter, it is popping up around the place.

No changelog was included with the update. From my own experience with the app in the past, and now, it seems to be a lot smoother, and less buggy.

If you’ve noticed anything else, let us know.

Update: dheeraj spotted a logout option now added to the settings of the app


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  1. @AndyHagon says:

    Interesting, wasn’t expecting any new updates to the N9 now that PR1.3 is out (and so are all the MeeGo Harmattan team… or are they?)

    Good news all the same! :D

  2. pjotstra says:

    Less buggy.. Was it buggy before? I thought N9 was smooth already..

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      N9 is, some apps aren’t. Just like WP

      • DKM says:

        Now need an update for Twitter as i am always getting the application not responding error.

        • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

          I recently reflashed, and twitter and facebook are slippery smooth, it is incredible. Can’t wait to see how smooth they are after my mods are done

        • Shaun says:

          I have the same problem and personally I suspect it’s not the app that is the problem, it’s the database that stores the info becoming fragmented or the index being lost.

          IIRC it’s an SQLite3 database.

          This is why a reflash cures it – it wipes the database and you’re starting off again with a clean DB.

          Could be wrong here though.

        • albo says:

          Yeah i’m tired of that request to sens the v1.2, then i reflashed from 005 to 001 the problem didn’t apear anymore, but then it didn’t take long and update to v1.3 was out…i reflashed several times sens we most had problems with loogins…and then by mistake i flashed fw.1.3 the 009 and it BSH…i can’t any other product code rather than 009 one…and i get that request everytime i start twiter even firefox sometime.

          • Shane says:

            I can’t understand anything you’re saying?

            • albo says:

              Because you have no clue of what N9 meego phone is, that’s why!

              • Shane says:

                Err no… I just couldn’t understand what you’re saying, if you paraphrase I may be able to help.
                It WASN’T a personal attack, not sure why you automatically assumed it was, tempted to retort with one but I’ll refrain, for now.
                Again, what were you asking, if you clarify I may be able to help.

  3. dheeraj says:

    logout option is added in settings…in fb

  4. ICEman says:

    Hey, this ain’t fair, I wanted a device with no support and updates, and now this? Nokia, what a shame!

    Lol, just joking. Nice to see that N9 is still supported ;)

    • Buzzinga says:

      You actually have a point :)

      it seems we are receiving even.more updates than one popular OS, the robotic Os that is

  5. et3rnal says:

    Nothin here yet! “Australia-unlocked” hope they update gtalk camera extension, its not working anymore :( “am I the only one?”

  6. Amey Nerkar says:

    I like the front cam placement on N9. The bottom placement makes it perfect for the person as the natural placement of eyes is to look down.

    I have used video calling on 5800 and now on 808 and both of them make the user eyes look different….err i dont have an english word for it.

  7. asdf says:

    Got the update. Seems to be quite a bit smoother. Also, the annoying bug of slowly (or not at all) loading comments is gone. A very nice surprise. Just wish that I could read walls of events, because I still receive notifications for them and even a preview of the text in question.

  8. kOBA says:

    poland. iv just updated.. app of course works in my language.. iam logged and after clicking “news” it cames with “error occured” the same appears when clicking other options in 9square menu at topright fo creen. (i have not signed to ‘timline’)

  9. Tiago Silva says:

    Still fails on the most basic requirement: to update the wall without resetting the page back to only the most recent updates. I’ll be reading 3 or 4 pages of “previous posts” (that need to be loaded) and I see “updating” on top and know that I’ll be booted out of the post I’m reading and will have to load 3 or 4 pages AGAIN to get back to it..

    • Shane says:

      Excellent thread under-way at TMO for about a week or so now…
      MaG’s working out how to integrate 3rd-party FB/Twitter clients into Harmattan in the same way that the stock clients are now.
      Once done we’ll be able to use FAR better 3rd-party FB & Twitter clients as though they’re the stock clients!

  10. Elop says:

    The uninstall button doesn’t work

  11. lmiked says:

    I honestly don’t notice any difference in this update… To me it feels exactly the same as before.
    they could add a xheck in feature to the facebook app. Since they’re still updating, they could make it more complete.

  12. NULL says:

    I’m much more interested in *uninstalling* the facebook-app. Previously this wasn’t feasible due to bugs and issues in the app config. Is this now fixed?

  13. albo says:

    Maybe is smother, but still few links you click it does not open or to open on browser by choice, youtube clips it should be playing on it’s ovn screen but still does not.

    • Shane says:

      Try fMobi or Sociality, far better.
      Sociality (fingers-crossed) will be far better than fMobi eventually.
      Just give Mohammed_AG some time…

  14. tired says:

    On a side note, I can’t wait for Michael’s howto on lagless N9 mods and tweaks. Looked superb on Youtube clip. Cheers to smokin’ em all..

  15. Grazy says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t just modifiy the web version which is basically the iphone version. The web one works well on the N9! you can even check in!

    • Shane says:

      Just use fMobi or Sociality, the latter especially is getting way better than even the web version, slowly but surely.

    • lmiked says:

      True, you can check in on the web version (that’s what I do when I need to), but it’s a little annoying having a dedicated social app that doesn’t do everythong the social network allows you. Becaise you’re using the app, and then you want to check in or mention a friend, and you can’t!! Gotta use the mobile web version or the PC. Well, it’s really no biggie but, still a little annoying, cause it is a dedicated app, it’s almost as annoying as the email client not being able to select/copy text IMO.


  16. eric says:

    my facebook is still the 1.3.2, i have not receive any notification about an upgrade here in dubai, i hope it’ll be available here soon..

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