Nokia and JBL bring JBL Playup, Nokia Play 360′s Brother

| August 29, 2012 | 26 Replies


I love the Nokia Play 360. Every time I use it, I am shocked how such a loud and rich sound comes out of something so small. I get the same surprise when I experience compact JBL speakers, often found on some Dell laptops (their only saving grace).

NokConv reports that Nokia has teamed up with JBL to bring PlayUp speakers for Nokia.

Like the Play 360, these are NFC capable. They seem to be just slightly larger than the Play360 and about 200g heavier, with a battery lasting 10h (vs 20 in P360).

Cheers Amanuel and ph_eagle for the tip!

I’d love to hear how it compares to the Play360.


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  1. Janne says:

    These with Nokia’s Chris Weber’s tweet suggests yellow may be coming to the WP8 Lumia range as well… (Like in those leaked photos we saw.)

    • viktor von d. says:

      did you guys see the samsung ativ s? loved the metal, like the back, big thumbs ups for the physical home button,large battery, sd slot and overall specs. but still it looks really uninspiring.
      i hope nokia will have a metal body for the line-up. i miss metal on phones

    • Svedu says:

      Its good that they have courage, but this yellow might be just a bit too much. I can of course only speak for myself, but would never buy a yellow phone.

  2. deep space bar says:

    WTF…..and why haven’t they done a world release on the original 360s…WTF is this guy wasting nokia’s money for

    • Viipottaja says:

      “The dimensions of the speaker are 118 x 118 x 128mm, and it weighs 760g.”

      Pretty nice heft to it. And yes, nice to see yellow join the color range. I might get some yellow accessories – a yellow phone might be a bit too much at least in the larger screened/large phones(have to see though) even though I love yellow as a color.

  3. DKM says:

    So these are the upcoming Lumia colors, where is Pink or Magenta color (Missing).

  4. qromodynmc says:


  5. jiipee says:

    Those look and for sure sound pretty decent. Too bad that they more or less missed the opportunity with the 360 and all of the other accessories. This time with better luck ;)

    • Jeff says:

      I think poor old Nokia just got p0wned, again….
      Elop’s one horse strategy meant they needed to absolutely annihilate WP competitors, that just got A LOT harder…
      They may have the lions-share of the WP market now, but with competition like this that aint going to be true for much longer.
      Nokia needs to bring something that very solidly trumps this, they have no more excuses, if it doesn’t they deserve to go under.

      • deep space bar says:

        nothing can be done anymore with WP except specs…..XD the the UI is fail cause it’s unified they can’t change it

    • Jeff says:

      my comment is awaiting moderation?

    • n8thegreat says:

      Screw Samsung!

  6. Amanuel says:

    It costs around 143 euros and has maximum output of 89db according to some news sites.

  7. Peter L says:


    I was actually in a consumer testing of Play 360 and I’m glad to see that they actually listened our feedback (no canvas because it gets dirty, volume buttons on the top etc.).

    Kick ass device!

  8. Jack says:

    €149 actually seems really reasonable for a JBL product (they’re usually a tad overpriced). Sony launched a similar product today but this seems far better, especially in terms of design. Should be a nice fit with my future Lumia WP8 with (god-willing) Pureview!

  9. Yemi says:

    The colors of these speakers make me think we will have the new WP8 Nokia phones in white, cyan, yellow and black initially

  10. jedibeeftrix says:

    presumably the NFC functionality will work fine with my N9?

    in fact, shouldn’t it work with any NFC enabled phone?

  11. Nokia Play 360 is more beautiful than this one, with the meshed designed Aluminum body.

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