Video: Nokia JBL PlayUp Speakers Demoed

| September 1, 2012 | 27 Replies

Clinton from unleashthephones got his hands on one of the newly announced Nokia PlayUp speakers at IFA, so check out the demo down below. The PlayUp is the successor to the PlayTo 360 except that the newer model is made in collaboration with JBL, the popular audio company. The PlayUp speakers are available in White, Black, Cyan and the all new Brilliant Yellow Color seen above.

*I didn’t even know Nokia were present at IFA, but I guess they released the PlayUp there to keep it from being lost amongst the rest of the amazing announcements that are coming on the 5th.

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  1. pureviewfan says:

    look like a dustbin

  2. Grendell says:

    I agree. Not as nice as the original. Hope it sounds better, pairs with its siblings and perhaps the original as well. It”d be great to be able scatter these around the house and have more than one pair hook up with each other.

  3. nabkawe says:

    I guess everybody should start putting their reviews using 808 … we need rich sounds people the sound on this review is horrible

  4. Rahms says:

    Is the media player for the 900 different from the 800 because my album covers never come up that big

    • jpod says:

      That’s normal because it’s Nokia N9 the presenter is demoing with. The last true Nokia phone body & soul.

      • andy says:

        no,nokia 808 pureview is the last true nokia.

        • John says:

          They’re BOTH the last true high-end Nokians, maybe not indefinitely, one can hope for the future, a TINY bit.
          But it’s extremely unlikely we’ll see top-end devices from them in the future, that use Nokia hw “&” OS…

          • Lee says:

            While I agree about the 808, I still kind of think of the N9 as the last true Nokia phone “body and soul” as jpod puts it, due to the fact aside from OS etc. they were still being(at least some were) Made in Finland.

            Sadly you won’t find a Finny 808 no matter how hard you search. Would still love one of course!

            • Nathan says:

              Made in Finland is grossly overrated, I’ve seen the same level of QC for Nokia handsets made in other countries/factories.
              The differences are minimal to non-existent…
              If you’re a nationalistic Finnish citizen, then I can understand why Finnish made might be important.

      • Rahms says:

        Oh ok, thanks

  5. kornofilo says:

    if it sounds better, i will get this new one, if not, i wil get the 360. i like the desing in bouth.

  6. alone says:

    L800 has nfc?

  7. Nathan says:

    Not bad.

  8. Zhi says:

    Isn’t it better for companies to just make accessories that can do NFC pairing? It will have wider compatibility because you don’t need a fixed port for docking the handset.

    • Nathan says:

      NFC doesn’t negate the need for fixed ports for docking, BT already does that (to some extent -depends), NFC just makes the BT pairing process more seamless.

  9. troll says:

    on that’s an N9!!!! why not L900 lol!

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