Lumia 900 now in KSA stores ( + mini rant )

| September 1, 2012 | 41 Replies

Got tipped this the other day from Syed ( @spunkybloke ), about the Lumia 900 arriving in stores in KSA. I pushed the post back until I could get more information from him, and now we have it, as well as official confirmation, so I thought it was an appropriate time to post.

So as of Thursday, the Lumia 900 was officially available in Nokia Stores. It’s reportedly being priced at 2299 Saudi Riyals, which is approx. 614 USD. Not sure if that is a decent price for the device or not. Currently, the Lumia 900 is only released in Black and White. Below is an image of an in store display.

Here’s a quick peek at those pamphlets sitting behind the device.


Cheers Syed and anyone I may have missed in the tips section!

On to my rant:

I think this is plain stupid! First reason, WP7 lacks Arabic support, therefore a large demographic of the market is essentially locked out from the device (unless they speak English well enough). Second reason, it is 7 months after announcement. Some will argue better late than never though :p Third reason, WP8 devices are less than 5 days from an announcement, and they WILL have Arabic support. Fourth reason, still with regards to WP8, why pay a lot of money, for a device that has a successor in the very new future, plus, no upgrade path. (Sorry WP 7.8, you don’t quite count in my eyes).

*ends rant*

What do you guys think? Live in the KSA? We’d love to hear from you!



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