WP7.8 update for current Lumias coming shortly?

| September 3, 2012 | 28 Replies

Not much to go on. Mr Trevaskus might be hinting at this, or he might not.

2 hours ago, Dave tweeted:


Don’t forget, in all the excitement of this week, we’re updating and improving the existing #Lumia devices all the time.

Followed by:

All will be revealed, my people, all will be revealed!! #Lumia

We could take this as an indication that perhaps the WP7.8 update (which brings some improvements including the new WP8 homescreen) will be launched this week for current Lumias. It was expected to appear after WP8 devices were launched. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.


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  • DKM

    Hope Nokia bring in extra features on top of the Microsoft ones to the older devices like bluetooth file transfer etc etc…

    • suabesh

      Highly improbable given the kernel change in WP8.

  • Bosh

    There is so much expectation from this, look at the amount of comments in Nokia related posts in sitest like The Verge or Engadget.

    Nokia better not disappoint this time, the tech websites are giving a lot of importance to Nokia, they better take advantage of it.

  • Just Visiting

    I think he is probably referring to the FULL WP8 ‘reveal’ (or at least I hope that is what he is referring to).

    Nokia has been updating their apps recently (Nokia City Lens is now out of Beta), and they just released the ESPN Fastasy Football app, so existing updates are definitely in effect 🙂

  • I’ve recently cone back to Windows Phone, previously having an unlocked Lumia 800 which always received updates really quickly, I’ve now got a carrier locked 710. Any idea if updates take longer to arrive to these?
    I remember having a carrier locked 5800 which took ages to get updates.
    Also I.know there is a hack where you disconnect your phone at a crucial moment, would that help?

    • viipottaja

      As far as 7.5 and 7.8 go , probably yes.

      However, MS will apparently have a system for wp8 where users can update on their own even if the carrier has not yet approved the version.

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  • viipottaja

    Releasing 7.8 soon would indeed make some sense if it is true that wp8 will only be in shops early November.

  • JGrove303

    They better not take that long. Apple will release the iPhone5 before that, and a lit of would-be WP8 converters will be too impatient.

    • Mark

      Nope. I’m bored with Apple. If I go anywhere else it’ll be Android based on the use of my Nexus 7.

      WP8 – and that yellow 920 – are hot favourites for my next phone.

      • John

        Yeah, but that’s you, you dont represent the masses at all, you’ve been a hardcore FB for ages now.

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  • Wow Jay. Do you have a “Wild Speculation” category to file this article under? How do you get “WP7.8 coming soon to current Lumias” from “We’re updating and improving existing Lumia devices all the time”? Times are really rough for the few remaining Nokia bloggers huh?

    • Hey Blaxx,

      Surprised you got to this story. You still follow nokia things?

      Please re-read for the “?” question mark as well as the first line noting this may NOT be the case.

      There were tons of big news happening in the last few days. This was posted merely because I’m curious and I always like to think about Nokia related things. Regardless of what you’re trying to insinuate, no it’s not that. Frankly, given your previous similar comments in the past, I don’t care. We write because we enjoy anything Nokia related and Dave has been hinting at stuff all week (and was right about things he was hinting about this time last year).

      • incognito

        According to the Betteridge’s Law of Headlines:

        Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no’

        The reason why journalists use that style of headline is that they know the story is probably bollocks, and don’t actually have the sources and facts to back it up, but still want to run it.

        So… 😉

        • i always put a question mark when I have doubts. Even when it’s 99% true and readers are asking why I’m questioning something. If I doubt something, I’ll be honest about it. Of course I’ll still run it. I’m not a journalist. I’m just a student with a part time blog that likes to write about everything Nokia related…especially speculations so… 😉

      • Anything to keep the lights on

        • What are you talking about? Let me have your address so I can send you some sugar for that bitter taste in your mouth.

    • Mark

      Since MS have already stated that 7.8 will come to exisiting models it’s not a huge leap to make.

      But haters gonna hate I suppose.

  • migo

    Still hoping that the leaks suggesting WP7.8 will only get IE9 and IE10 is WP8 only is mistaken. I’ll take a better rendering engine in the browser over a revamped home screen any day.

  • monkster

    Jay Jay JAY!!plz please please pwetty please with with a 41mp pureview ontop..could u kindly ban trolls from posting.for goodness sake the negativity and trolling is contagious up in here and it annoys me.I dont know if some people just randomly wake up and think “hey i know what il do today!il go and troll on a nokia blog.”think you should leave all the civilized people to post something meaningful.

  • Janne

    While I think that’s reading a wee bit too much into the tweets 😉 I certainly hope this comes true.

  • Masood

    The good times are coming back to nokia .I just hope microsoft & nokia release a phone called the Xphone.Only then normal public will look away from the Iphone.Lumia is a nice name but for a normal person he wont know what it is only when you tell them.The Iphone is the best name for a mobile phone device.I know sum pple that thinks the iphone 3 is better than the samsung s3 lol. Apple have done a amazing job in brain washing ppl………….Still alot of work to do nokia,name a phone the Xphone then you will see how that sells!

  • Muerte

    Guys, look at this photo:

    I think it is taken near the place where Nokia and Microsoft are holding their event tomorrow.

    • duncan

      I took that photo over a year ago, nothing to do with Nokia or Microsoft, it was for a burlesque theatre show.

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