PureView White Paper 2 Released- Lumia 920 Version

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In case you’re interested in the oh so complicated details of exactly how the 920 gets so much bang for it’s 8.7 Bucks check out the whitepaper that Nokia published on the matter, by Mr. Damian himself of course. The paper starts out by recapping on the original Pureview “pro” the 808, then explains how they carried on with the new revamped slimmer pureview-

This second development phase of PureView is therefore focused on exactly that – a
significant improvement in low light whilst also making it available to a wide range of

Once again Nokia and Damian reinforce that More is not always better when it comes to pixels, that is if you’re using them wrong (Cough cough titan 2 cough)

You may have seen that despite the super high resolution sensor of the Nokia 808
PureView, we’ve been going to great lengths to communicate that despite the staggering
number of pixels, it’s not about the NUMBER of pixels but HOW YOU USE THEM. This
message is just as relevant in the context of this 2nd
phase of PureView development.

As I mentioned before, Pureview has become a brand name (such as Retina for apple), it no longer means 41mp of Oversampling, but something much more versatile:

PureView  is a promise of versatile capture capability and leading edge innovation

Read on for how Nokia overcame crappy pictures without going to get such a huge sensor:

In the beginning of the project, we set ourselves a challenging target to create a product
with the best low light performance ever in a smartphone, even in natural light. Every
single part of the system was pushed for this goal: large aperture, new image sensor
technology, optical image stabilizer and new image processing algorithms. When the
technologies are combined, the improvements add up, and finally we have the results in
our hand


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