Video & Gallery: Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Running on Nokia 808.

| September 7, 2012 | 109 Replies

Earlier today the files for Nokia Belle FP2 (previously known as Donna) were prematurely released on NaviFirm, this usually means that the real deal is coming soon. Until then check out my hands on with FP2 and share your thoughts/questions below:

(Apologies in advance for not demoing the Browser on video, but I hardly ever use it so it never occurred to me to check it until later)



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  1. Shane says:

    Can I please get some feedback from anyone with relevant experience RE this post:


  2. pup ko says:

    Hello all,
    Is the “Nokia Evolve (all-black)”-theme gone?
    Or is it still there, but not as the default theme?
    Thanks for reading and posible answers.

  3. Luna says:

    Too bad, they implemented WP like keyboard. I find it much less functional.

  4. Gen says:

    Agreed. The new keyboard is terrible.

  5. Jordan82 says:

    After 2 days of utilization of Belle FP2, I can now give my opinion :

    - The phone is very reactive, fluid and ther’s new theme effects.
    - I love the new keyboard and prediction is really good, most of the time, it finds the right word before you end typing it.
    - Nex social app 1.6 runs faster than previous version but it’s still very slow for loading photos and sometimes there’s no possible action by typing on a notification. No support for pages. :-(

    For being perfect I only miss 4 things :

    - New emails integration on lock screen
    - Music player integration on lock screen (why not NOKIA, what do you think about???)
    - New emails in notification bar
    - Better Facebook app (tough you can use non NOKIA apps)

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