Possible price and date for Nokia Lumia 920 release?

| September 7, 2012 | 64 Replies

Rumours have it that the Nokia Lumia 920 may be available from Mid October. Nokia haven’t said anything regarding price or dates, though at the Nokia event, we did hear a slip of seeing more WP features ‘in a couple of months time’ – thus setting a November scale.


Perhaps Nokia are trying to get it out earlier.

The expected price is said to be 600EUR/758USD/476GBP. The Nokia Lumia 820 would then follow two weeks later, priced at 450EUR.

Edit: Michael: From what I know, WP8 won’t be launched until late October (iirc, Oct 29), and I strongly doubt MS will let anyone release a WP8 phone before they officially launch their OS. My guess is, it will either be announced at WP8 release as “now shipping, or shipping next week”, so nothing earlier than November is my guess. MS had Nokia locked down, that those who had hands-on were monitored by staff so they didn’t venture past Home Screen or demoed apps. I don’t expect they will let Nokia push devices out before the OS.

Source: via WMPU

Cheers viipottaja for the tip!


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  • Ruben

    Having an N9, this is the device i want next! Lumia 920 is just awesome. Breakthough device!

    • Maybe

      Isn’t Jolla gonna make something as well?
      Don’t you want to wait for it?
      Must be interesting

      • Muerte

        In Finnish news today – Jolla is considering to start the production in Salo, Finland, in Nokia’s factory premises.

        • krustylicious

          so around £31/36 on contract 🙁 ouch! No thanks and given i can get the sgs s3 around £26 i know where the money is..

          • twig

            Compare your dark pictures, missing hd+, Nokia apps,your video unwatchable because of your jealous tremors.

          • Ilko Georgiev

            Mate the Samsung Galaxy S3 is nothing compared to the nokia lumia 920 nothing similer, better desing, 10 times better camera with awsome picture and i had a compare between the Samsung GS3 and nokia lumia 920 and to be honest nokia won it has the best camera on the market and with so many effects on camera and the menu WP7 thats just the phone which makes you complete

        • Shaun

          That is excellent news if they manage it.

        • zlutor

          If they make it their phones will be sold like hot cakes in Finnland…

        • Grendell

          What if? – Nokia does well on WP. Jolla does well and develops its ecosystem. WP contract expires. Nokia re-absorbs Jolla and great software and hardware once again unite at Nokia. Singing in the streets and the heavens open up.

          Still, I’m giving the Lumia 920 serious thought. Decent UX? check. Good camera? check. Built in video call? check. At least I finally drop my iphone and N8 to other members of the family. The N9 though, stays with me.

      • poiman

        Really? Do you think Jolla can bring a camera like PureView, a screen PureMotionHD+ with more PPI than any other phone and ultra sensitivity, Apps like Nokia Maps, Drive, Transport, City Lens, Music, etc… All those things took years of development, not even Apple or Samsung can have them all, how would such a small company like Jolla have them?

        • noki

          Heeee you know the most of those hardware elements are not actually made/designed/R&D by NOKIA.

          The software, I wounder how 99% of nokias competitors manage to survive without those elements??

          • Jon

            Most? The ultra-sensitive capacitive sensor is created by Synaptics. The rest might be manufactured elsewhere, but from what I can tell, Nokia created them.

            • noki

              the screen? I’m positive its not Nokia doing it.
              The “yet to be really proved stabilized camera” Just like the proven real Pure View Nokia were had an undisclosed partner. I bet the same here, as this is not new technology and plenty other have more experience in it, as the fake Nokia video proves.

              • Rob

                The point you’re choosing to ignore is that Nokia is pioneering this kind of tech in a mobile device – any of the so-called ‘fake’ footage (which was more for showing OIS than the 920…the 100% guaranteed 920 video footage I’ve seen speaks for itself – AMAZING!

          • Harangue

            True, but that goes for every manufacturer apart from Samsung perhaps.

            What does matter is that Nokia can probably get a better deal on parts than an unproven party like Jolla. After all, Nokia can potentially sell more than Jolla can. Eventhough Nokia hasn’t really proven that lately though, the point still remains.

            If Jolla needs to pay 10% per part more than Nokia needs to that would increase the cost of the phone dramatically. Coupled with the here mentioned manufacturing in Salo (higher wages etc.) a Jolla device is set to command a premium price. Porbably a lot higher than what the competition is asking. In other words in needs to be an exceptional device to justify the presumed higher price.

            • noki

              Well given how much nokia is actually sealing this days in the upper smartphone area, I recon the volume discount you are talking about is not great for Nokia as well.

              Plus what Nokia as been spending in advertising for the Lumia series far far far outpaces all of those volume small (in the case of nokia) discounts…

        • Maybe

          Did I ask you to buy it?
          All I said is “it must be interesting”
          why do you feel so threaten?

    • flava

      We’re on the same train bro :cheers:
      I’ll keep my N9 though, heck this is a legendary meego device worth to keep B-)

    • McJobs

      dark WP GUI needs AMOLED display for perfect black, IPS LCD is mistake

      • Dave

        There are no RGB Amoled displays in 4.5″ at 1280×768. They’d have to go pentile (puke) or lower resolution, and then you’d be complaining about that.

        The leaking blacks will be blocked by the polarization layers and colors will pop just fine. I am a big amoled fan but from what I’ve seen in the latest android flagships, there’s not much to complain about in a modern IPS LCD, especially if Nokia claims it is even brighter than the 900 display.

        • n8thegreat

          AMOLED kills battery life when displaying white or light colors, the colors are un-naturally oversaturated, and the quality of the screen degrades over time, a natural property of AMOLED. I should know, I have an N8 with its RGB AMOLED. Oh, and AMOLED displays have problems in sunlight.

          I don’t want to be stuck with all these limitations AMOLED has, just because the screen “looks cool”. The IPS LCD in the 920 is also brighter than any AMOLED out right now. I’m glad Nokia went with IPS LCD for the 920.

          • noki

            ” The IPS LCD in the 920 is also brighter than any AMOLED out right now.” this I question very very much. just by the way lcd’s work. Unlike Amoled were each pixel is self illuminated lcd’s require a back light thst means that if you push the brightness to much the black becomes greey really fast

            • migo

              That’s what the CBD polarising layer is for. I’ve got the Lumia 710, with a CBD LCD display, the blacks are blacker than on my girlfriend’s Dell Venue Pro with AMOLED.

              • Shane

                No, it’s not actually, nice of you to misrepresent facts like that.

                • Erg

                  Do you bang his girlfriend? How would you know?

                  • Shane

                    WTF are YOU talking about, I know because what he claimed to be factual, ISN’T.
                    But as you can only counter with insults*, I wouldn’t expect you to have a clue.

                    *& a necro-posted one too

    • Ashish Bajpai

      Yes, amazing color and shape. Good Processor. But one thing I want to check like your N9 have. Internet calling (without third party tool) using SIP.
      Please confirm if this phone have, because other version of Nokia Lumia does not support this awesome feature.
      Why Nokia want to loose its market. Lots of people like Nokia (including me) is that Only Nokia have SIP and great map navigation, not even iPhone have.
      Please Nokia Team do something for me too.

    • gohar

      have also n9 n m also luking frwrd to 920

  • Joris Bos

    Can’t wait for 920! I’d like RED one. Brilliant stuff.

  • Keith too

    I missed out on the 900 because of not being able to get an unbranded, unlocked LTE version so I sure hope it is not going to be so difficult to get a 920. I’ll pay any reasnably inflated price, just get the unbranded, unlocked phones out there becasue I’m sure my idiot carrier (Bell) will not be carrying it.

  • Just found out from Vodafone today that my next upgrade date is November.


  • noki

    Most Tech sites are pointing WP8 for early November…. (beta testing any one?)
    the WP8 SDK is not out yet

    • Muerte

      It has nothing to do with the release date 🙂 And, please notice, that the SDK is available already for the most important partners.

      • noki

        The SDK is the most important piece for all developers, if they plan on releasing it in 2 months then it should have been out for some time now…

        Developers need to test if their apps have no trouble at all dealing with the higher resolutions screens in the wp8…(some not completely trivial standard apps might have scalability issues)..

        • Harangue

          Same as with the original iPad. Premium Apple partners got access to a rudimental rig with a screen they could test stuff on. But only got access when an Apple representative was present. At least that is the story that goes around.

          • noki

            what has the SDK have to do with prototype devices???…

      • Shaun

        And from reports, the SDK is only available to the ‘most important partners’ because it’s nowhere near stable enough to give to normal developers who won’t get an SDK before the very end of October.

        Even Peter Bright, arstechnica’s resident Windows cheerleader is pessimistic.

        • arts

          On twitter he pretty pissed .

  • Donie

    600 EUR is a good price for the 920. For that price I will buy it.
    My N8 (which I want to replace because Symbian is out-dated since a while) was more expensive even 1 year after the launch.
    I want to show the phone to all haters to let them wonder and thinking about their iOS and Android from the first minute. And I think I will be able to surprise them with the 920.

    I also think that the new Lumias will sell well.
    Why? Lumia 800 and 900 were not sell really good. Ok. But why?
    Nokia announced that there will be no update to WP8. This was a reason why I was not buying a Lumia, yet. And I think many people just wait for the WP8 devices, which are really good in my opinion. Not a revolution, but they play in an upper league. No reason to blame the nokias hardware wise.
    So, I think the new Lumias will sell well.

    So, give me a date, give me a price and give me an order button! 😉

    • Anthony

      you bought a N8 for over 600€ ?? wow

      • Donie

        You made me looking for the invoice now. You’re right. I bought it for 450€.
        I now have to rethink what I wrote about the price of the 920.

    • Ashish Bajpai

      I know Symbian is outdated now. But no phone have inbuilt SIP other than Nokia Symbian.

      • migo

        That’s true, but they ripped it out for a while. Now Android has it.

  • Martí

    If the prices are those, I think they are quite good.
    Not breaker price but good enough for that quality devices.

  • salvasprock92

    Too much!
    450€ for the 920
    300 for the 820

    • Vedhas Patkar

      I’m thinking 325 for the 820 and 400 for the 920. Direct competition to the S2/Optimus 4X in India

    • migo

      I agree, 475 was a good price for the 900. 600 is too high. They need to sell more volume, and worry less about margins for the time being.

  • Shane

    It better not be later than start of Nov, else Nokia may have missed their chance to get any meaningful momentum.
    Especially if the next batch of top-end Androids, iP5, & others are moderately competitive.

  • bwah1900

    600Euros for a Lumia???
    And who would exactly buy that?

    • zafy

      It is the best phone on the market, and it is new, and it is nokia. So the price is good. sgs3 is almost 6 months old, has the similar price, with just 16GB and no LTE! I am not crazy to buy old technology phone like sgs3.

  • Bob1

    I also have to say that €600 for the 920 is ridiculous. Call me when it under €480.

  • Grazy

    Ive never particularly liked iphones! but Apple must being getting worried! They are so many good looking Phones with new designs coming out! The iPhone looks so dated and boring now! everything from the OS to the design and colour! really boring!

    I think I’m warming to WP but happy enough with my N9 for now! may swap my housing soon too which will make it like new again!

  • JD!

    Nokia is dead with these prices!

  • KF

    450EUR for a device with an 2010 screen, average camera (considering it’ll be the same as 800 and 900), small battery and 8GB storage (ok you can put a 32GB microSD but so are the sub50USD ashas)?? good luck selling this. also the 920 should be about 550EUR

  • nn

    MS had Nokia locked down, that those who had hands-on were monitored by staff so they didn’t venture past Home Screen or demoed apps. I don’t expect they will let Nokia push devices out before the OS.

    Special partnership!

  • jake20
  • APrasad

    Hey Guys.. Any idea on when Australia will be receiving these devices???

    • noki

      not this year, but don’t worry not many will should be out in the mid of November.

      • APrasad

        That’s sad.. I believe that if Nokia wants to overcome the lack of sales.. it can be done only by launching the devices to all the countries simultaneously..
        That is the one of the things they should learn from Apple.
        The second is just good marketing..
        or else Apple is just a useless company.

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    Ridiculous pricing……….!

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  • Can’t wait for 920! I’d like RED one. Brilliant stuff
    I really respect your content Good
    Thank you

  • Edd

    I bought an xperia s – thinking it would be fantasitc I was wrong – 4 handset changes and I decided it was enought. Got a 4s and think the camera is fantastic BUT not as good as my N8. Sold the N8, Selling the 4s and hopeing I have enought to get the Nokia 920..

    I have followed their developments and technology, and honestsly they know how to make a handset that lasts. Pure innovation not something that was borrowed then sold as their own.

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