Video: Nokia Lumia 920 destroying Apple iPhone 4S video (image stabilisation / floating lens technology)

| September 10, 2012 | 50 Replies

We’ve already seen plenty of videos showing the Nokia Lumia 920 destroying the iPhone 4S (and SGSIII) in low light tests. These were, more importantly, LIVE tests done in front of the camera on the phone (and not by overly creative advertising companies). That’s one aspect of the floating lens.

Another of course is smoother video. Now iPhone’s digital image stabilisation is one of the better working ones on the market. It’s not perfect but it does a decent enough job. Have you seen the iPhone 4S/iPad keynote? (I’m not sure if that was also simulated, but the differences with/without DIS look quite good).

In the video below you can see this OIS (PureView 2) trumping DIS. This is captured by by .

Far from a scientific assessment but video captured on Nokia Lumia 920 vs Apple iPhone 4S. Optical image stabilisation is impressive based on personal ad-hoc this test. Note I am right handed and held iPhone 4S with that hand so Lumia 920 was further disadvantaged. Also Nokia Lumia 920 apparently does not have final software yet. I’m sure next iPhone will probably have some clever image stabilisation too but this is a interesting competitive advantage for Nokia on this new device.

I have a post tomorrow discussing image stabilisation, with samples on stabilised 808 videos. It’s one I’ve been meaning to do since I’ve had the N8 but you know uni and that makes things end up in the back burner.

Cheers Peter for the tip!

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  1. Matt says:

    I love how Nokias have wide lenses. I find the narrow field of view on the iPhone 4s more of an issue than the image stabilisation.

  2. Tech says:

    wow Lumia 920 FTW ;)
    i hope it’s also can beat the new iPhone 5

  3. Jesse says:

    IS looks amazing but the iphone seems to have better focus and exposure metering.

      • Jesse says:

        Mostly when they stop on the two people in the beginning. The people seem to be in focus on the iphone and exposed where on the Lumia they look blury and over exposed. Could just be the distance and focal point that was set though, doesn’t seem either has autofocus, or at least working very well :D

        • Jon says:

          You need to realize that the test is done by filming both screens with a external camera. Meaning that what you’re seeing isn’t the footage recorder with the mobile phones clipping, but the footage of the screens clipping. This is the reason neither footage is really sharp either.

  4. n8user says:

    new iphone will prob have the new 13mp sony sensor, I doubt it will have any physical innovations camera wise like the L920 but expect it to have top notch algorithms. If I’m honest dont expect it to be innovative apart from lighter, thinner, blah blah.

  5. pig_benis says:

    very impressive

  6. N9 River says:

    At the end of the day , the average consumer isn’t going to care about any of this, and will end up buying whatever phone their closest friends are using.
    it’s just a few people who follow tech blogs and keep up to date with phone news that will know about this.
    it is up to the direct contact between the consumer and the brand to show people and i am talking about the sales persons

    • migo says:

      Actually, image stabilisation, particularly for low light shots, is a big deal. When all the available smartphones do everything you want equally well, except for one thing where one phone does it way better, you pick that phone.

  7. M says:

    I didn’t really appreciate the OIS until this weekend I took a video with my N9 and how much my hand shook just standing in place. It also made me realize that the N9 can’t zoom in and out while recording. I could have swore you could at one point in time. I’m curious why since my N900, N8, and N95 could do this. I gonna check on my Lumia real quick.

    • dss says:

      The N8 “zooms” in a very different manner than the other two you mentioned. Most smartphones, in fact all but the N8 and the 808, zoom by “interpolation”, or (as far as I understand it) they kind of create pixels that don’t exist.. that is why you loose quality.

      I think they have to do that because they don’t use all the available pixels from the sensor (its hard to read out 10-12Mpix 30 times every second) so they use just part of the available pixels from the sensor.

      The N8 and the 808 use ALL of the available pixels from the sensor (this is crazy in the case of the 808..) and that is why they can do “lossless” zooming, or rather, cropping out from the full frame, in the case of the N8, 12Mpix.

      To do that, you need really powerful image processing chip and good software.. which for now, for unknown reasons, has been possible only on Symbian phones from Nokia.

      • Madratz says:

        Seems like you’ve forgotten about the N86. That was the first to get lossless zoom during video recording. Although I didn’t get that phone, prefering to stick with the slightly bigger form factor of the N95/8gb, N96 I was admiring the N86′s lossless video recording. And when Nokia announced that the N8 was getting the lossless zoom developments, I knew what I had to get..
        And then…….. THE 808.
        Yup.. you just can’t say no to the 808 if u’re interested in mobile imaging..

  8. Carbontubby says:

    The next iPhone could have a yellow home button instead of black and Apple would call it revolutionary. Most of the Internet would lap it up. Nokia has been doing hardware innovations for years but never receives the crazy amount of hype that Apple gets.

    • dss says:

      Apple’s PR department > Nokia’s engineering department

      The rest.. most consumers don’t give a fcuk so they buy whatever they tell them to.

      • n8user says:

        Totally agree!
        SJ once said ‘If you ask everyone what they want, by the time you get to make it they’ll want something else, just make it and tell them this is what you want’.

  9. KS says:

    Wow, OIS aside. The screen of Lumia 920 is amazing! Very clear and sharp and very little motion blur when panning compared to iPhone4s. PureMotion HD+ at work? I might be bias against iPhone4s tough :P

  10. John says:

    Too bad they hitched their future to MS. They make great hardware but should have adopted android. They need to sell millions just to be profitable. Windows 8 is not going to do it for them. Too bad I always had a Nokia phone.

  11. ricky says:

    had Nokia gone with android, it would’ve started making profits. There wouldn’t’ve been the need to terminate symbian. Just imagine android+nokia.

  12. DforNokia says:

    hooray ! Lumia 920 takes top position in GSMarena Daily hits with the review rating of 9.1 :)

  13. Per says:

    It’d hard to compare stabilization with such different focal lengths on the lenses since it’s much easier to stabilize a wide angle, would have loved to see the nokia zoomed in for a comparison.

  14. bwah1900 says:

    comparing a not yet released phone with a 1 year old one.

    nokia should move their lazy asses and release it already.

  15. nicholas says:

    there’s no way any one can beat apple. They’ve sold out to the devil and he is giving them future insights. think of it

  16. Tez says:

    The Lumia 920 appears to be technically superior to the iPhone 5, but it is not SO technically superior that many people will choose it over the iPhone 5 or other cheaper alternatives.

    Wish the 920 had the 808 pureview camera and then I suspect Nokia would take a serious chunk of sales away from Apple and Samsung, I for one would have made an early upgrade to it, but instead I will wait for my contract to expire and see what is available at that time.

    Windows 8 mobile and (808) pureview a long with Apple’s slightly lacklusture announcement with a great marketing campaign could have made a massive change to Nokia’s fortunes, the OIS is good, but IMO no where near enough to make any dent in the competition.

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