Video: #N9Hacks: GUI for Multiboot

| September 11, 2012 | 14 Replies

This is something I had been waiting for since the N9 got dual-booting abilities (and then multi-boot). It is still an early version, but the GUI is apparently easily customisable. We may see some amazing and polished dual/multi-boot solutions. I preferred having a boot image for NitDroid, let alone an actual GUI where you can actually select the mode/OS to boot in.


The N9’s hacking scene is shaping up nicely now. If only a CSSU could happen, I think it would be the hacker’s dream, almost as much as the N900.

The current implementation is set up for Harmattan, NitDroid and SSHD connection. Take a look at the video below.

To find out more, there is a thread on TMO you can check out. Just click to source link.

Source: TMO


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  • i got one from nitdroid forums, its got arrows and it highlights the chosen option, upper arrow with the droid and down arrow with MeeGo bots. once chosen the other option becomes black n white, very neat IMHO.

    • albo

      I guess, i allready got the same one, but i would like to have the third posibility boot option for mozzila os or nemo os!

  • anonymous

    The only problem of NITDroid, apart from the understandable lack of calling capability and such bugs, is that it nukes the battery more efficiently than the Tsar Bomba. The current dual-boot kernel keeps respawning 2 processes at 10-second intervals. And with the simple ‘sleep 10’ command it’s not that battery-effective. :-S

  • Saxon

    Thanks Michael for pointing these sort of things out, very much appreciated!

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  • fazilmmm

    kwel!! great one..
    i own n N900 , N8 and N9 black 16Gb, badly am looking for a white N9 64Gb any one knows from where i can get that unicorn??? or any1 ready to sell it..?? plz reply.. and what about the availability of N950??

    keep going..thanx for the post.

  • Thanks Michael for pointing these sort of things out, very much appreciated!

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  • Baraa

    Mr. Michael, I am so impressed with what your doing.
    I`ve been trying to run this platform on my nokia n9, however, unfortunately, it does not work with me. Could you please help me?

  • Baraa
  • If I were to give my kids an example of a properly written informational article, yours would be it. Your content is interesting and well-written.

  • Thanks Michael