Forbes: Nokia Maps Drives Circles Around Apple and Google

| September 21, 2012 | 26 Replies

When Apple introduced to the world their own mapping solution, it might have got people at Nokia and Google a little worried. And so they should be, as you should never underestimate the competition.

Apple’s maps featured the 3D technology behind Nokia Maps 3D. It certainly seemed as if Apple was on a good start. But after users have had a chance to use Apple’s maps, the overwhelming response is disappointment. Apple’s maps is becoming a joke on the internet. They’ve sported many angry tweets from users, as well as inspiring tumbler pages such as this:

Apple’s move away from Google signified the importance of location based services for the future of smartphones (and also that Apple, and now also Amazon are trying to ditch google ASAP). Also quite interestingly, it showed ignorance towards Nokia’s amazing offerings (as many were only aware of Google). Nokia is consolidating their image into one recognizable Nokia Location services (as opposed to a more faceless NAVTEQ).

Long winded introductions aside, Forbes have an article from contributer, Bob Egan about Nokia Drive with Nokia’s maps driving circles around Apple and Google’s offerings.

Now Nokia is standing on rooftops, calling out to anyone who will listen, that they are the best in location and mapping on phones. Not a rushed afterthought (I’m looking at you Apple). And certainly not a loss leader for an advertising scheme (I’m looking at you Google). And frankly while Google does “ok” most of the time, Nokia deserves its bragging rights because it makes you feel local, wherever you are…

…Whether you are a consumer who wants to occasionally to use your phone to accurately map your drive, or a road warrior with little sense of direction (like me) Nokia is the top of the line and will keep you on time and at ease.

Nokia Drive is an excellent application. Easy to use, very quick to find you, very reliable in directing you where to go. I’ve had so many personal experiences where Nokia Drive has come to save the day, either just me or a group of friends/colleagues who have got lost or got let down by supposedly a dedicated sat nav or no signal.

Hopefully Nokia will continue striving for improvement. Apple’s inadequate maps may be giving Nokia some breathing space but it’s no time to rest. Nokia Drive still needs to improve POI search.

Also worth noting is a post from earlier today comparing precisely Nokia and the competition’s offerings.



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