Join in: Live Q&A With Lumia 820 Product Manager (Update: No longer Public)

| September 26, 2012 | 27 Replies

UPDATE: Due to a change in the format of the Q&A session it will no longer be available on the link below (nor will it be view-able to the general public); only some “panelists” will be able to ask the questions. However we will still be participating in the session so as before leave your questions below and we’ll make sure they get to the product managers.

Have you got any nagging questions about the Lumia 920s younger brother, the equally beautiful Lumia 820? The folks over from Nokia Connects have set up a live Q&A session with the product managers of the Lumia 820 which will be open to public viewers to pose their own questions.


The Q&A session will be in the form of a text-based livestream; taking place on Friday Sept. 28th 9:00 AM BST (British Summer Time: +1 GMT), you can join the Q&A session on Friday using the link below


However since the number of questions will probably be too much to cover in a single session “Only the best questions from viewers will be picked out by the moderators and shared with the project managers.”; so if you have a question on your mind you’d like answered about the Lumia 820 share it below and we’ll be sure to personally deliver it to the Product managers directly.

(And of course we’ll be sure to give you a wrap up of the Q&A session and share all the juicy details with you)



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  • Peter L

    Why the 480×800 resolution?

    • Even I can answer that, to save costs going to high.
      And TBH I think 480*800 is enough on a 4.3“ screen. Maybe I’m wrong but the 900 didn’t seem pixelated to me.

      • viktor von d.

        you are right, but the hd resolution would have made it the king of the middle range and even a direct competitor of the htc 8x. the specs would have been identical, but the 820 has removable battery with changeble backplates, and super sensitive screen and wireless charging. i don’t imagine that a hd screen would have made the device more expensive. maybe 20 bucks more added to the price

  • The lumia 820 drops the fabula design language of the 800 – why do you do that for the 800 series?

    The lumia 800 was announced as a high end, flaship even, device with the 710 in the mid-tier. The 900 was effectively a size upgrade to the 800. However, based on specs (screen res, camera & FFC, NFC/Wireless charging “optional”, 8GB built in), and the loss of the Fabula design lanbguage, the 820 feel more like a successor to the 710 than the 800/ What was the motivating factor regarding these choices, and will we see a Lumia 710 successor come in below this one?

    Windows Phnone is striving to be a glance and go operating system. Will the AMOLED screen be taken full advantage of by providing a hugely glancable feature – sleep screen clock and notifications?

    Why no pentaband HSPA?

    Also would love to ask about why we can’t have a high end device now that’s close to 4″ screen size rather than 4.5″ plus, but i suppose that’s not really a question about the 820.

    • viktor von d.

      the 4 inch devices will come in q1 2013 with the same specs as the htc 8s – 4 inch screen,micr0 sd + 4/8 gb internal storage, 5 mp camera, dual core 1 ghz processor and 512 mb ram. i don’t remember if it was unibody or removable battery. and it’s not exactly flagship,but it will run smooth the codenames were glory and flame.check the verge

  • Andrew_b

    1. When will the Lumia 820 be available to buy from a shop in the UK sim-free?

    2. What will the retail price be in GBP including local taxes?

    The two most asked questions which they are guaranteed not to answer, sigh.

  • JGrove303

    Will a wireless charging battery cover be included in carrier retail packaging?

    Which carriers are confirmed to be offering the 820 and what will the price pount be at?

    Will 64GB micro SD cards be compatible with the 820 and Windows Phone 8?

    Please tell us more about the optics, sensor and application involved with the camera.

    Other than expandable memory, the Krait SoC and option of wireless charging, what othet improvements can we expect from the 820 over the 900?

  • Anonym

    Do the 820 have Corning Gorilla Glass 2? Haven’t all S^3 devices featured that (the first gen)? It would be very strange if the 820 didn’t have it.

  • My question;
    I thought I read that Windows Phone 8 supports a resolution of 1280*720. Would Nokia ever consider putting a screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio on a Lumia?

  • Pedro

    Is the camera on the 820 the same as in the 900? Or, is it better?

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Assuming money is no object and I don’t care about size, are there any reasons why would I want this phone over the 920?

    • fireice2

      interchangeable back covers. 🙂

      • shallow ocean shoal

        I would be pretty happy to see interchangeable cases making more of a comeback!!

  • oakpacific

    Want some information about the camera as well.

  • rishabh

    why no gorilla glass for 820, when even asha 311 also has gorilla glass

    • lordstar

      Exactly, even the htc 8s which is the most affordable windows 8 handset has gg.

    • Vedhas Patkar

      I am assuming it has one otherwise it’s impossible to use it with forks/keys/etc.

      • lordstar

        They demo the forks and keys touchability with the 920 screen not the 820 if I’m not mistaken..

        • Vedhas Patkar

          You aren’t wrong, but even the 820 has Super Sensitive Screen.

  • Christos

    If I have a Gmail account with a thousand contacts and each of the contacts have multiple “informations” and phone numbers like, 4 mobiles, 2 general phones, 2 home phones, 2 business mobiles, 2 fax, 6 e-mails and 2 notes, I want to ask you that. What’s the Nokia phone that I can synchronize that mail, to have always my contacts (and calendar I think) synchronized all the time, in order not to transfer my contacts from one to another and to have always a back up! Androids can do that for sure! I think Symbians also, but I’m not sure. Can N9 do this?? Can Lumias? I think that Lumia can’t! They told me when I called Nokia calling center that Lumia has only two “seats” for mobiles in each contact and N9 3, but I don’t trust them because they had told me wrong informations before about sth else. They have not been adviced such good. I want to know espesially for N9, Lumia or another…


  • Christopher

    Why don’t we have a native SIP/VOIP application for both
    the 920 and 820 like in the previous E series.
    This is a big minus.
    Any valid explanation?

  • Cani Lamentoqua

    My question is: How to run MeeGo on this? I want to use MeeGo as beter solution, so I need new hardware in a time. I hope to use Nokia as a mobile in future.

    I hope changes will not be a kind of preventive censorship and question will be asked and answer will bespoken.

  • Cani Lamentoqua

    How can I buy this as a hardware without preinstalled Windows? I want to install with new hardware the MeeGo from the beginning. How can I do it? And of course not to pay for not preinstalled Windows?

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  • Cani Lamentoqua

    Let me ask this question: Has the mythical “transition period” from the “burning platform” ended already? If it hasn’t then when it will be ended? Just asking only, I hope this is not prohibited.

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