Symbian in Maintenance mode? Or crossed wires?

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There’s some report of Symbian being put into ‘maintenance mode’ as found on the Nokia Developer site, discussing Nokia Drive. There is no such official information from Nokia regarding Symbian’s status other than continued support up until 2016. Lucian from Nokia says that the original message below refers only to the developer platform intended to dismiss a bug report that did not belong in that section as it would not end up in the developer offering.

No one is really expecting a lot to change in Symbian now that Nokia is focused on S40 and WP, but fans still want to know they’ll get the support Nokia promised.

Developer_Nokia 2012-10-11 09:07:52 EEST

Dear developer,

Thank you for your improvement ideas, thus Symbian is in maintenance mode and
no new features will be implement without extremely good reason ( business
case). We have written down your ideas for future development if there is a
chance that new features will be released.

Kind Regards
Nokia Developer support


Marg971 asked

“Do you mean that Nokia will not produce another version for Symbian OS?”

This is followed up by Lucian Tomuța from Nokia who attempts to give context:

ltomuta 2012-10-16 10:23:56 EEST
Hi Marg971

We do not comment here on Nokia’s product roadmap. Please follow Nokia’s press
releases for obtaining such information.

The above message refers to Symbian as a developer platform (that’s what Nokia
Developer works with) and dismisses a bug report, or rather feature request,
which does not belong here and has no chance of ever being implemented as part
of the developer offering. Nokia Drive is an application, it is not part of the
developer platform and as such not in the scope of this bug reporting channel.

We are still welcoming bug reports which are affecting the developer platform
(NOT product related bug reports) and we will do our best to fix them, if at
all possible withing the current platform context.

Best regards,

Update (Ali): The Develepor tema posted a second reply clarifying the messages above, stating that the matinence mode is for earlier symbian releases (probably the first gen of symbian devices, the same ones that recieved Belle refresh). Regrading the 808:

We do have new feature development for Pureview 808  product

3Developer_Nokia 2012-10-16 15:49:28 EEST
Dear Developer,

I would like to make short correction to our previous comments just to avoid
potential misunderstandings. When we were talking about maintenance mode we
were actually referring to our earlier Symbian releases. We do have new feature
development for Pureview 808 product and we periodically evaluate what updates
are needed to attract the end users. Your comments will we re-evaluated in
these cross-check points.

Best Regards
Nokia Developer Support


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Cheers rishabh for the tip!


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