Symbian App Review: Ebook Reader Demoed on 808

| October 20, 2012 | 16 Replies

It’s been a while since we’ve covered any apps at all, let alone one for Symbian; but here’s one for all the book worms out there. Ebook reader (pro) by Artsoftic is a great reader that carries out all the functions any basic reader should have, and a bit more (but as you can see in the video my version of the app somehow ended up being in Russian so I wasn’t to sure about the options).


On a side note the search on the Nokia store REALLY sucks, searching by the developers name doesn’t work; and searching for “ebook reader” gives me a bunch of spam results and apps that have been resubmitted ten times. Absolute mess.



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  • qromo

    enough,as a symbian user,I dont want to see anything about symbian. Nokia ****** it already,let the symbian to die in peace..

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    • Razor

      WTH’s llaadd? @jay?

  • dss

    Thanks Ali! I read a lot of books on my 808, and I’ve been using Ionic for a while now.. works well, and its free.. you can give it a try.

    • dss

      Also, if you need to convert an e-book to epub, and organize your books in general, this is a great utility:

      • SLAYER

        I use ionic too. very smooth and absolutely free.

        been using Sigil to convert-to/edit epub files. I’ll give calibre a try, maybe it can automate the process.

  • jack

    ionic is perfect, except that it dors not have auto scroll option like the old mobi reader.

    • SLAYER

      ionic development seems to have stopped, unfortunately 🙁

    • dss

      auto scroll would be nice..

  • ndeep4318

    For english version you should remove “:\private\200617aa\data\ru\translation.qm” file

  • SS

    Well, can you you change the font size and will the text be wrapped within the screen?
    Essential funnction for people who wany bigger text fonts…especially on Nokia 700 and perhaps Nokia E6 if this app work on E6 4:3 screen.

  • belle beats lumia

    will there be a modded version of mobireader for pureview?

    i need it to reader some .prc dictionary files,

  • Kishaky Telly

    Let me ask is there a version for MeeGo N9? A link please?

    • Razor

      There’s quite a few, do some searching at all the main archives & sources of app info.
      There’s also a Amazon reader now too, Erudite IIRC (it was called Firestarter).

  • Carbontubby

    I’ve been using ZXReader for ages since S60v5. It’s powerful and customizable, works with non-DRM Epub, FB2 and TXT files, and it’s easy to set a black background to save power on AMOLED screens. The interface looks positively ancient but it works fine even on Belle FP1.

  • Hassan

    You are right Ali, Nokia Store search is pathetic. After searching for a while I found a good list of 10+ ebook reader apps for Symbian/Belle at this blog –

    • Nice find, thank you!