SMS update for some of the S^3 devices rolling out

| October 25, 2012 | 14 Replies

I don’t recognize this update for S^3 devices properly but still happy that Nokia is watching on their abandoned child till now as those above screenshots are proof of it.


Update is named as ‘SMS update‘.It seems to be a normal bug fix as it solves the problem in sending the SMS’s to multiple recipients which occured in latest feature pack of Belle.The size of the fix is 538kb and you can check on your phone by going to SW update in settings, it might restart the phone also, if needed.


Cheers akhil


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  • krishna6233

    wil my E52 get this update??

  • Adnan

    What is that theme the N8 is using?

    • I am interested too! It looks nice!

  • old symbian pal

    Its Belly Jean theme, great Android like theme, really great theme :), it’s also great because it uses original app icons, so you don’t have different style icons 🙂

    • krishna6233

      belly jean?? 😀

      • krisq

        Yes. It’s called Belly Jean.

  • Sujith

    I m getting a update as new social…

  • twinklestar

    I’m in India n I checked for update around 8pm, but there was no update for n8

  • Alet Suverhy

    538k for SMS update? In Symbian? C’mon that’s a bit much to much. Something else must be inside with. Any idea what it can be?

  • Timmo

    I got an OTA update (not SMS) today for my Nokia N8 which included ‘Music Player’ and ‘Social’. Anyway, I’m a bit peeved off because now when I try to play music ‘via radio’, it’s not working! Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know of a fix ? Thanks in advance!

  • Timmo

    Sorry please ignore/delete last comment it seems like I’ve got a corrupted sd card as playing through phone storage via radio appears to work fine. 🙂 For anyone interested, the new music player update seems quite good from first impressions – overall slightly slicker than the last version.

    • bhuvi

      what’s the new music player’s version you got

  • bhuvi

    what’s the new music player’s version

  • Hi,
    It looks very great and good,
    But some times it didn’t work what can I do?

    Please help me