Leaked WP8 Image Shows Off 3rd party App set Live Wallpapers/Lock-Screens

| October 28, 2012 | 23 Replies

What you’re looking at above is the new Windows Phone 8 lockscreen (ignore the old Windows button); previously when the SDK was leaked we found the option to set custom 3rd party app notifications on the locks screen (bottom right corner is facebook in the image above). We’ve also heard rumors of a live Bing wallpaper, that could automatically change the phones wallpaper daily (similar to Bing Desktop- which is actually pretty cool). The image above leads us to believe that other applications, examples given are ESPN & USA today; would be able to change the wallpaper to give you related content at a glance. The usage of the lockscreen with ESPN to give you the current sport scores is an amazing idea, much more beautiful than sending you a notification about the score.


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  1. rstyle says:

    Live score wallpaper??….. damn! cant wait for this shit!

  2. Deep Space Bar says:

    Lmao battery problems on the rise

    • Dave says:

      Lmao doesn’t see how this has nothing to do with android live wallpapers.

    • nabkawe says:

      Why? You could just turn it off plus many advancement have been made to energy consumption in both software and hardware.

      • Quantom says:

        No, not really on the hardware side of things. Phones are just getting larger to accommodate proportionally larger batteries.

        • nabkawe says:

          actually my friend the batteries on the Lumia 920 are lithium-polymer which deplete a lot slower than usual batteries and have a longer life cycle , Plus even though screens are bigger they consume less now a days and there’s also the snapdragon CPU which also is batteries friendly
          So Hardware wise we’re solid , i’m actually more worried about the WP8 new kernel though.

          • shef says:

            I thought that the only difference between LiIo & LiPo batteries are the form of the battery. LiIo can be only like a brick.

    • viipottaja says:

      It’s not like its streaming content to the lock screen. Just a periodic/as needed update. So minimal impact on battery.

    • migo says:

      The screen won’t be active the whole time. It’ll be off, then you turn it on, look at the info, continue working or let the screen turn back off.

  3. Malik says:

    But what are the mobile where we can now see these wallparper/lockscrenn? New devices?

  4. Maybe says:

    HTC WP?
    Wonder if Microsoft using HTCs on their big WP8 day tomorrow


    My N900 did this 2 years ago!

  6. nokiaaaaaouh says:

    I want it on live tiles background and app or menus
    To make it isn’t boring
    That’s a new nokia phone ooops

  7. ms.nokia says:

    nice, i hope the live wallpapers have options to be updated every few hours or so.
    keeps my phone screen fresh and keeps me informed.

    • migo says:

      I can definitely see potential for apps that let you customise all the info. I wonder if it even extends to being able to interact with the lock screen.

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