Lumia 920 Starring in At&t’s latest Commercial

| October 28, 2012 | 16 Replies


Just now as I was watching the Bears game on Fox this popped up during the commercial break. It’s the first ever commercial starring the Lumia 920 (in White, Cyan and Black); interestingly there is no actual mention of the device itself, just an ad for At&ts 4G network.

Either way the 920 is looking gorgeous as always, just wondering why they didn’t show off the yellow version, after all it is the most eye-catching color.



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  • viipottaja

    They have been using the black 900 too earlier instead of the cyan in these 4g ads… I guess they want the ad to be really focused on that.

    Anyway, great to see the 920 @appear!!

    • viipottaja

      Oh just watched the ad, saw the cyan in it too.

  • Svedu

    I must say its good that they are not using the yellow color. Remember that many americans have never seen this phone before, to put a yellow color might be a bit “too much”. Better that they first see this color and then they will make a visit to the store and find the yellow phone, and they might end up buying that.

    This is just my opinion, I was very sceptical to that yellow color when first seeing it. Now I could definately buy it, but it took some time getting used to that idea.

  • JGrove303

    Lol that’s right. I’d forgotten Ali was from Chicago.

    Cool to see them use the 920. Better if it was in my hot little hands! Makes me think they held off to release along side the 810 in T*Mobile and 822 on Verizon. That, or MS wants all WP8 to release in unison.

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  • Where is the Nokia logo form the phone?

    • Ujwal Soni



      • Seems to be a trend with At&t commercials, if it’s not about the phone they hide the logo, they did the same with the 900 here: (second :13)

        • Ujwal Soni

          God forbid they should market two products in one advert..specially a phone exclusive to them..what would the people think!

        • javid

          not just hiding the logo – but in the case of the Lumia 920 they have moved their own logo from the left to the right also…it will be on the left (dont like carrier logos on phones esp on the front, and esp since i will have to buy it from ATT even when i dont want a contract from them)

  • Husfus

    This is what happens when you have an exclusive deal. They could’ve starred iphone 5 or gs3 instead. All i want to say that nokia did the right job by making L920 at&t exc. Hope it will boost the hype. I smell at&t iphone5 users are being jelous 😀

    • Rinslowe

      😉 That they should be…

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  • JGrove303

    At least the Logo is on the phone at retail. A lot of people who owned “Droid” phones on Verizon believed they were manufactured by Verizon or at all “Droid”s were made by Motorola. T*Mobile has a habit of rebadging devices under their “My Touch” branding. Except for a couple Pantech cheapo phones and some of the , AT&T leaves well enough alone.

  • Vedhas Patkar

    Anyone noticed that the teams have W & P on their shirts and one player carries the 11 number tag. Could be a hint?

  • JGrove303


    Sure as shit not a coincidence