Weekend Read: Chris Weber – More PureView for Nokia Lumia?

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise as it would be very much expected for Nokia to expand PureView into their higher end smartphone line that is Nokia Lumia.

We’ve seen so far the Nokia Lumia 920 with PureView V2 with its “untouchable” low light performance and visibly better video stabilisation.

But many are still crying out for PureView V1 like performance. Perhaps not necessarily having 41MP (although that would be a killer on the marketing front…if Nokia knew how to market anything).

When asked about that 41mp camera technology (PureView v1 oversampling, large sensor), PC Mag quotes Chris Weber in saying:

Our ambitions are to bring more and more of that technology to the Windows Phone platform.,2817,2411548,00.asp

I’d rather he says Lumia. Anyway, the 920/820 is said to be the first Nokia Windows Phones that Nokia have been able to add that Nokia Stamp or Secret Sauce/

“These are the first phones where we’ve been able to add the Nokia secret sauce.”,2817,2411548,00.asp

Nokia’s Five distinct areas for differentiation include:

Imaging, wireless charging, screen, location and music,2817,2411548,00.asp

I’m sure somebody missed out design. Or possibly not since HTCrap will insist that their wannabe lumia is purely their own design without hints from the original Lumia/N9.

Going back to imaging, MWC might be an opportune time to see PureView 1 or PureView V3 (combination of both larger sensor, a bit of oversampling perhaps and optical image stabilisation). It was said many times in the launch of the 808 that bringing this version of PureView to Lumia/WP would meant waiting an extra year. It’s almost a year on.

Size would obviously be a worry. What’s funny is that the same people complaining about the weight of the Nokia Lumia 920 over and over like it’s the most important factor and that all the innovations should be ignored over the plain boring copy that’s arbitrarily lighter – it’s only 2g heavier than the Note 2 to which there are ZERO complaints on the weight. I suppose 2g just takes people over the edge eh? I guess 2g is 2,000,000,000 nano grams and these tech reviewers have hands that sensitive.

Thickness is surely another issue. Slimmer might mean people can find it easier to get over the weight. Or at least tapering at the edges significantly enough to appear slimmer.

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