Weekend Read: Chris Weber – More PureView for Nokia Lumia?

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise as it would be very much expected for Nokia to expand PureView into their higher end smartphone line that is Nokia Lumia.

We’ve seen so far the Nokia Lumia 920 with PureView V2 with its “untouchable” low light performance and visibly better video stabilisation.

But many are still crying out for PureView V1 like performance. Perhaps not necessarily having 41MP (although that would be a killer on the marketing front…if Nokia knew how to market anything).

When asked about that 41mp camera technology (PureView v1 oversampling, large sensor), PC Mag quotes Chris Weber in saying:

Our ambitions are to bring more and more of that technology to the Windows Phone platform.


I’d rather he says Lumia. Anyway, the 920/820 is said to be the first Nokia Windows Phones that Nokia have been able to add that Nokia Stamp or Secret Sauce/

“These are the first phones where we’ve been able to add the Nokia secret sauce.”


Nokia’s Five distinct areas for differentiation include:

Imaging, wireless charging, screen, location and music


I’m sure somebody missed out design. Or possibly not since HTCrap will insist that their wannabe lumia is purely their own design without hints from the original Lumia/N9.

Going back to imaging, MWC might be an opportune time to see PureView 1 or PureView V3 (combination of both larger sensor, a bit of oversampling perhaps and optical image stabilisation). It was said many times in the launch of the 808 that bringing this version of PureView to Lumia/WP would meant waiting an extra year. It’s almost a year on.

Size would obviously be a worry. What’s funny is that the same people complaining about the weight of the Nokia Lumia 920 over and over like it’s the most important factor and that all the innovations should be ignored over the plain boring copy that’s arbitrarily lighter – it’s only 2g heavier than the Note 2 to which there are ZERO complaints on the weight. I suppose 2g just takes people over the edge eh? I guess 2g is 2,000,000,000 nano grams and these tech reviewers have hands that sensitive.

Thickness is surely another issue. Slimmer might mean people can find it easier to get over the weight. Or at least tapering at the edges significantly enough to appear slimmer.

Cheers nn for the tip!


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  1. twig says:

    The mainstream media is afraid of Nokia right now and the excellent quality of the 920. This could really hurt apple and android sales.

    • arts says:

      I disagree. The nexus 4 seems to be a much more dangerous force than Nokia. At that price its pretty damn good.

      • suabesh says:

        lol ..
        so finally a processor that can run android smoothly ?

        All android manufacturers do is pump up the specs of the processor/ram. Absolutely of no consequence to the end user.

      • Paul Grenfell says:

        Nexus 4 at half the price of Lumia , will be a big hit..

        • twig says:

          Loaded with all the malware you could want, no nfc, no pureview quality, no pure motion quality, lg build lack of quality, no LTE. Sorry android trolls….I mean I’m really sorry.

          • OogaBooga says:

            Seriously, stop the trolling, not the same price range and this only, will make the Nexus 4 a big hit.

          • stylinred says:

            it has nfc

          • kondzio says:

            LTE? Look at Xperia™ ion LTE, Galaxy S II LTE. Do you like when your system manufacturer reads your mails, watches all your pictures – take Windows 8 and his brother WP8. I prefer android, symbian, or meego, but never WP. Why this forum is occupied by stupid Ms trolls, I hate it. This is Nokia blog nor fucking Ms blog.

        • correct says:

          No it won’t. It’s not carrier-subsidized, it’s only sold full price. Sales will disappoint, just watch. Then all the Android trolls will disappear as quickly as they appear.

      • Carbontubby says:

        The Nexus 4′s pricing seems to make it a loss leader… get it in consumers’ hands and make money from additional services. I find it strange that it will be Google that will make that money, from users of Google services, but LG doesn’t benefit much from this arrangement. The paltry 8GB storage on the cheapest version and the lack of MicroSD expansion seem to position the Nexus 4 as an entry-level device rather than a flagship.

        • Paul Grenfell says:

          Even the 16gb is almost half the price of the 920.

          • twig says:

            For a reason. A Nokia 103 is cheaper also, for a reason….

            • Tim says:

              Please, most of the hw compares very well, even better in some instances.
              The only areas it’s lacking are storage, LTE, & camera (which isn’t bad, it just wont be as good as the 920′s).
              And what are you talking about, it does have NFC….

        • arts says:

          I wonder how the industry would be from now on, every android OEM taking turns making nexus products? How can any OEM prosper in that environment? o.o

          The race to the bottom kills innovation. and profits. and competitors.

          • Carbontubby says:

            Yeah, it’s Google that makes money from Android. They don’t care if an OEM sells a $100 or $500 handset, they still make money from services and ad revenue… so a race to the bottom, like what the Nexus 4 seems to have started, will kill margins for the other Android OEMs and ultimately kill them off entirely.

            The smartphone industry will become a commodity market just like with the PC – Microsoft make most of the money while component makers and assemblers try to survive on razor-thin margins.

              • correct says:

                The death of Android is coming, just wait and see. Google and Samsung will not be able to handle the competitive forces of Apple, Microsoft, and Nokia putting huge pressure on Android.

                • correct says:

                  Oh, forgot to mention, the US government now is about to put a ton of pressure on Google and Samsung as well, and Google is facing pressures in the EU as well.

        • viipottaja says:

          Google may be subsidizing a part of that loss.

          • Harangue says:

            To me it shows Google doesn’t know where to go with Android. It has launched 3 products at near cost price, for what reason? Just to undercut competition and get those Android products in the hands of more people?

            Seems like a wrong strategy, that might work though. Google is trying to become the 90′s MS, but in today mobile market. Be the biggest via somewhat foulplay and use your marketleader position to demand certain stuff. Luckily Google is becoming increasingly under fire from certain agency because of a perceived monopoly position in bith search and mobile. These kind of price points for products sure don’t help their case.

            • tom says:

              “Google does not know where to go with Android”

              May be the reason they have 75% market share and WP has 2% and decreasing? May be M$ knows something with 2% market share and decreasing that Google does not, funny.

              • dss says:

                Microsoft know exactly what they are doing, their market share will go up rather quickly, but that doesn’t mean much for Nokia really.

          • tom says:

            No subsidy required, BOM is less than $200, same for Lumia or iPhone.

            • Viipottaja says:

              And you think BOM is all there is that goes to a retail price? :)

              • Tom says:

                It’s not all, but sales/marketing cost for Nexus line is minimal. It’s not advertised much and available from Google Play. Compared to Lumia line where billion dollar ad spend sells 300K handset.

                • Viipottaja says:

                  True, good point. Nonetheless, there is still LG over head/operating costs, R&D and design costs for the phone, shipping/distribution and wholesale costs, there will be some marketing etc. So I still think at least LG and likely Google too are heavily subsidizing the device (including in the form of just being willing to view the device either as a loss leader or a very thin margin device)

        • incognito says:

          Half a year ago, which is not an eternity in the tech world, Nokia’s own flagship, the Lumia 900, had 16GB of storage without the ability for expansion for double the price. Not to mention lower res, four times less RAM, no NFC, considerably worse CPU and GPU, etc. etc.

          Are you saying that the Lumia 900 was an entry-level device?

          Nexus 4 is a great deal, period. It is a flagship model with some omissions (mostly regarding storage) but then again no device is perfect. It ain’t a loss leader, either – its brother, Nexus 7, is also dirt cheap compared to the competition yet it creates healthy profits for ASUS. Instead of selling a few hundred thousands of them with heftier profit margin, they took the old chapter from Economy 101 – better sell two things for $1, than one thing for $2 – and sold millions at lower margins.

    • bob says:

      I don’t think so, there is no hullabaloo about 920, not many people are excited about 920 or windows phone 8. The news is old now.
      Even Windows 8 PC was meh.

      • Paul Grenfell says:

        “Windows 8 PC was meh.”
        I do not recommend installing it on desktop pc.. its awful.

        • Bassman says:

          I’ve recently installed Windows 8 on my PC and I have to say that I am enjoying it and would recommend it. It runs much smoother and I think the Metro UI makes a lot of sense, my opinion of course.

        • twig says:

          I’m loving Win8 on my all in one. Its like getting a two for the price of one. I’m off to to the Verge, time for some android and apple bashing. Monday see you guys on yahoo goof board, FTC pushing for action against Google, humps,humpa,humpa.

        • dss says:

          Windows 8 is great on a desktop.

          • tom says:

            It’s painful with mouse, good on a touch interface.

            • dss says:

              Not for me.. its very easy with a mouse/keyboard.

              • incognito says:

                Not if you have three high-res screens (2 @ 1920×1200, one at 2560×1600), then it’s plain horrible to use – you can’t even have three full-screen apps on three screens – the minute you start a full screen app on one of the screens, the rest of them return to the live-tile view. It’s a productivity nightmare.

                As a programmer, I often have one screen dedicated purely for debug / console stats, central for the actual programming, and the third one for running what I’m working on – at any given point in time I have at least 4 apps concurrently open and I need their output at all time in parallel – you can’t even hack around the W8 interface to do that. Suffice to say – I removed it instantly, thankfully I was smart to run it in a VM for testing purposes.

                Not to mention that Metro-that-shall-not-be-named UI is fugly as hell. Conclusion: I can’t use it productively, and I can’t look at it – therefore no W8 for me.

                • Dave says:

                  Funny, I’d have sworn W8 is much improved in multiple monitor support over W7:


                  Funny, the video there shows that if you fullscreen a metro app, the other 2 monitors would show the desktop. Funny, according to that video you can even show which of your monitors holds the metro environment and which 2 are desktop.

                  Also funny, you can run the desktop on all 3, and enjoy all the desktop improvements over W8.

                  Even funnier, you don’t have to use metro for anything, except launching apps if you don’t use shortcuts.

                  Funniest: you have this awesome dev equipment, and you’re using W7 instead of W8

                  • incognito says:

                    I tried W8 because of that article in the first place, and unless virtual environment makes it work wacky I haven’t had the experience they are ‘presenting’ there.

                    Yes, you can place ‘Start’ on any monitor you want, but you can’t have three desktop views while still being able to run apps in full-screen all the time – the minute you run a full metro app, or start desktop on the middle monitor, one of the monitors would automatically get the ‘Start’ view sending your maximized desktop app to the back. This can be alleviated by manually forcing each monitor into desktop mode and running your apps through hotkey proxies but the minute you want to start some app from the ‘Start’ screen, you’re back with the problem.

                    Granted, they might have fixed that in the meantime, but I never asked for the Start screen in the first place, and I have absolutely no use for it, so if they wanted to be sensible they could’ve just leave us with option NOT to use it at all, i.e. to run in desktop mode all the time, and I would be a happy camper. The way it is now, I see no reason to switch from my Fedora/W7 combo at all – I would not get anything important to me with the move (I really didn’t notice any performance improvements, of course running in VM might have obscured that) and perks with the fugly Metro-or-however-you-want-to-call-it UI are certainly not welcome in my book.

                    • dss says:

                      W8 has two modes, tablet mode (start) and desktop mode.. I really don’t see how else they can cover the wide range of devices that they actually do now with W8.

                      I can’t think of any other OS that can scale across so many devices.

                      I watched a lot of the videos here


                      And I have to say, they’ve built an impressive infrastructure and are doing a lot of good things overall. Windows 8 is just a part .. Windows Azure is their crown jewel.

                    • Noki says:

                      “but I never asked for the Start screen in the first place” ++++++1 what an annoying piece of C$%#”% I use my desktops for work the metro stuf is ok I guess for media consumption, but can you please get it out of my sight on my dual 2x2560x1400 screenestate.
                      that I interact with my mouse???

                    • Tom says:

                      The horizontal scrolling in start screen gives me headache. It’s good for touch interface but bad for keybard/mouse. Vertical scrolling is way better.

                    • Viipottaja says:

                      Noki, fortunately you can continue using Vista or Windows 7 for years and years to come, I would imagine.

        • Noki says:

          +++1 specialy if you use the desktop for work and deal with lots of apps in window mode…

          • dss says:

            It cover productivity and media consumption in the best way possible.. by letting you switch between the two on the go.

            • Noki says:

              or IMO being “mehhh” at one and the other. for the life of me I cant understand how come I have to see a full screen tilled screen to launch a stupid app… fitts law massive error

              • incognito says:

                Don’t forget pointless animations in-between… I can understand how such thing can be beneficial to tablets, but for the love of all things fluffy I can’t see the reasoning behind forcing it down my throat on a desktop.

                Well, the reasoning is, I guess, by exposure to it whether you like it or not, their other products might appeal more to you; but I’m not willing to have my productivity suffer just so they can market to me something that I consider exemplary fugly UI anyway.

                Win8 will be the next Vista, that’s what I’m almost certain of – it won’t receive as much slanting as Vista did because it’s quite stable and I haven’t experienced any crashes or endless annoying security popups, but many people who buy desktops / laptops will want to downgrade to Win7 (unless Microsoft comes to their senses and make the visual fugly-fest optional in Win8 desktop mode) just like they did with Vista to XP. The enterprise segment will, of course, totally ignore it. However, it will still have better results than Vista because it will be deployed on tablets where the interface might at least make some sense.

  2. ww says:

    do people want thin lumia phone with big bulge like 808 camera?

    Geeks dont care about it and apps, but mainstream care so much!

  3. Jiipee says:

    Does not really sound good: “.
    Imaging, wireless charging, screen, location and music”

    Imaging: here Nokia is very strong. They will be able to keep their edge also in the future. The question is, when will the competitors be on good enough level in different conditions
    Screen: screens and sensitivity features are bought, sunlight performance is Nokia
    wireless charging: standard
    location: mostly Nokia. Depends what features MS brings on the mapping app on top of Nokia data
    Music: the Nokia mix radio is good. Will it bring.competitive advance, when MS has integrated music store throughout the ecosystem. Does Sammy have Music store?

    • dss says:

      The thing with imaging… yes, they are very good, but something is off with the Lumia line. They have phones from 2-3 years ago that can take better photos than their latest pureview flagship.. it doesn’t make any sense. They are struggling with something, but I don’t know what it is.

      • Janne says:

        Truth be told, the same can be said about every “thin” high-end Nokia with the exception of N8 and 808. All other Symbian^3 devices and N9 were crap when it came to cameras.

        Of course the first-gen Lumia family cameras are crap too, but still – let’s not pretend Nokia has been doing well with thin cameras. They have not. They do well when they can put a large sensor and large optics in there, like in earliner Nseries and in N8 and 808. All the thin phones from Nokia have had crap cameras.

        Credit where credit is due, hue-issues aside Apple has been upping the thin-camera ante quite a bit. Nokia hasn’t been able to do the same miniaturization. Nokia’s specialy does seem to require size.

        That said, Nokia’s revolutionary thin in the Lumia 920 of course is the OIS. It is a real benefit.

        • Janne says:

          Typos galore:

          like in earliner Nseries => earlier
          Nokia’s specialy => Nokia’s speciality
          Nokia’s revolutionary thin => thing

          • Noki says:

            Janne congrats on kimi win ;)

          • dss says:

            Janne.. its really simple mate :)

            Small sensor = thin phone = poor image quality

            Big sensor + xenon = hump = good image quality in various conditions

            small sensor with OIS system = good low light = average performance everywhere else

            The most you can get out of a 1/3″ (1.4 micron pixels) sensor is shown by Apple in their iPhone 5 .. they are getting the absolute maximum out of the hardware, but its still short of the N8s and 808s flexibility.

            Also, cameras should be looked at as a “package”, not just a single thing.. like quality for example. The camera is: image quality, video quality, low light, flash, video stabilization, zooming, and last but not least, sound recording.

            If you look at the overall package, the 808 is in a different category altogether.

            • stylinred says:

              theres the new 5 and 8mpx sensor from some company i cant recall who that is supposedly a fraction of the size of regular cameraphone sensors and better performing its on theverge or engadget

              so maybe we’ll see some headway in slim phones with good cams

              • dss says:

                Sure, future tech might overcome the current tech limitations, but until then .. bigger sensor = better quality .. generally.

            • Dave says:


              THE 808 USES 1.4 MICRON PIXELS

              • dss says:

                Yes, it uses 1.4 micron pixels to make bigger pixels, that is why you get performance that is way over the usual you get from that size.


                38 MP (1.4 Microns) / 8 MP (3.17 Microns) / 5 Megapixels (4.01 Microns) / 3 MP (4.30 Microns)

                Read the white paper: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?s7rlaa88o263oz2

                It will help you.

                • Dave says:

                  I know exactly what the whitepapers say; but you are always quick to dismiss the L920 based on 1.4 microns alone, while the 808 gets to use its magic even though it has the same 1.4 microns.

                  And of course the iPhone’s 1.4 micron pixels (doesn’t the i5 actually use smaller ones?) are more magical than the L920 ones since the best we can expect (just repeating what you said many times) is iPhone performance, as if that is the benchmark.

                  The L920 has a more modern (incl BSI) sensor than the 808, so 1.4 microns isn’t even always 1.4 microns.

                  (I am not arguing the 808 is magic stuff)

                  • dss says:

                    The 808 is an odd case … it overperforms, you are not supposed to be getting that kind of image quality out of 1.4 micron pixels. In fact, there is really nothing we can compare it to.. not even a dedicated camera. The camera size vs. performance ratio is just crazy.

                    And yes, it uses 1.4 micron pixels, but at the users command, it can produce bigger pixels.. as one reviewer called them: “distilled”.

                    So let’s just leave it out of the question, it doesn’t qualify as a “normal” image taking device.

                    The real 920 competitor is the iPhone 5.. it seems to extract the maximum out of the available hardware.

  4. Paul Grenfell says:

    You can do sw upgrades to Lumia cameras, but you cant just add a 41mp sensor.. Thats what enables pureview to excel.

    • Bassman says:

      Are you suggesting that Nokia would never be able to incorporate a 41mp sensor into a Lumia or are you referring to the current camera’s being limited to sw upgrades only? (which they of course would be)

      I was under the impression that there was no reason why a 41mp sensor could not be used in the future in WP.

  5. Mads says:

    I dont have a problem with the weight of the new phones, but its a problem that they dont have a high end phone targeted at women, a lumia 920 is too bulky for a woman imo, and if you want the best phone you need the bulky one, but a womans fingers wont be able to reach all the screen with just one hand

    • Bassman says:

      Why is a 920 ‘too bulky’ for a women? I’ve seen plenty of women with SGIII’s and the like, I’m sure the 920 would be fine.

      • Carbontubby says:

        Most women, and some men, have handbags :) That means you can stuff a Galaxy Note in there without worrying about pockets.

        I don’t think the 920 and other phones with screens above 4″ can be easily operated with one hand, unless you’ve got huge hands. It’s hard to hit the capacitive buttons with your thumb without hitting the rest of the screen with your palm. Numbers and buttons in the center of the screen should be easier to manage though.

      • Jay Montano says:

        Sadly very true. Many women around Manchester/Preston area either with SGSIII or Note/NoteII. Makes for a good mirror. Not pocket friendly but none of them (even iPhone users) put it in their pockets. It goes in the handbag (which is like a tardis).

    • Paul Grenfell says:

      i dont know where you are from, but where i am, Women generally
      have longer slender fingers than men..

      • Banderpop says:

        You’re somewhere where men on average have shorter fingers than women, really? Just how many people live in this settlement?

    • James Scott says:

      Is the inability to operate a smartphone with one just one hand a deal breaker for most people? I have rarely ever tried to do it.

  6. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    Windows Phone is a great platform and I would say Nokia made the correct platform decision, having said that kudos to management for charting out the key Nokia differentiators
    1. Industrial design and color
    2. Indestructible build quality
    3. Imaging
    4. Innovative hardware features Screen ,USB OTG, CBD, NFC, etc etc
    5. Location based services
    6. Nokia Music

    This features are not new to Nokia they have been Nokia’s DNA and sauce for popularity

    • Jiipee says:

      those would all be applicaple to Android as well. And they could still sell mappimh data for MS as they did before.

      • viipottaja says:

        But mapping and location (note: not just map raw data) would not be integrated to WP8 and W8 to the degree it already is.

        • GordonH says:

          And you know this because Elop said so?

          • Viipottaja says:

            No, mostly because of what I can see happening. As you may know, mapping/location is a lot more than just the raw data of coordinates etc. As you may also know, MS invested a lot into their Bing mapping technology, which they are now gradually replacing with Nokia’s location platform.

            • Noki says:

              how far will you defend elop?

              • Viipottaja says:

                Read for fuck sakes, I said nothing about Elop, did I? You are free to of course hate Elop as much as you want.

                So you too think that it would have been better from the mapping/location business point of view to have gone with Android and be the only one using Nokia maps in Android, rather than have Nokia mapping become the default mapping/location provided for both W8 and WP8? :D

              • Viipottaja says:

                Read for f*** sakes, I said nothing about Elop, did I? You are free to of course hate Elop as much as you want. :D

                So you too think that it would have been better from the mapping/location business point of view to have gone with Android and be the only one using Nokia maps in Android, rather than have Nokia mapping become the default mapping/location provided for both W8 and WP8?

                • Noki says:

                  Yes I do, because WP DOES NOT SELL. and mapping is mostly important in phones not in computers. so w8 partly using Nokia maps is meaningless profit wise..

                  • Viipottaja says:

                    Right, people never look for directions on their PCs, laptops or tablets. And they never want to know where a particular store they just ordered from for pick, for example, is located. Or want to see where their friends are or have been. Or want to view pics that have been geotagged. Etc. etc.

                    Keep digging.

            • nn says:

              The problem is that it seems all the non Nokia W8/WP8 devices will actually only get the raw data from Nokia, and MS will keep the ecosystem build on it for themselves. The only change, because Nokia was licensing maps to MS before Elop switch, is that they are allowed to have own map app and maps ecosystem on their own phones.

            • Tom says:

              Someone said Bing maps! has anyone heard that one before. Per my knowledge most people care about google maps except for the fanboys.

              • Viipottaja says:

                And how is that relevant to what I said? :D

                So it would be _better_ for Nokia to have gone with Android and only use their mapping on their phones, than have it become the default mapping and location solution for Windows 8 (with its pretty much inevitable user base of hundreds of millions in year one) and WP8? Ok, I get it now. :D

              • Dave says:

                “Per my knowledge”

                That seems to be your overall problem, yes.

      • dss says:

        Android on a Nokia.. that would be a sad day.

  7. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    oh one more point some one said there’s no excitement around 920 well then u stay in some isolated place

  8. swain says:

    No complaint about the weight. But for comparison’s sake, Note 2 is a massive device with 5.5″ screen, quad core, 2 GB RAM and still weighs 2 gm lesser than Lumia 920 :)

    • zymo says:


      And it has a massive battery (3100mAh). So comparing a smartphone like the 920 with a phablet like the Note doesn’t make sense. It’s like complaining that the 10″ Ipad weights more than the Nexus 7.

      • Carbontubby says:

        The Note 2 is almost entirely plastic. It’s light but doesn’t feel anywhere near as strong and durable as a Lumia 900, let alone the 920. I appreciate Samsung’s prowess in the computing hardware side of things but their build quality sucks.

        • Harangue says:

          That is essentially the major difference between the Lumia’s and for instance Samsung devices. The build quality is noticably different. An SGS2 feel a lot more plasticky and ‘cheap’ compared to my 800. Yes, the GS2 is lighter and makes better use of its size (small bezels, thickness) thanmy 800 or 900, but the Galazy doesn’t feel solid.

          Eventhough it doesn’t feel solid, it isn’t that bad that it feels like it is going to break though, but the Lumia’s feel more durable and more expensive for some reason.

          • Madratz says:

            You can talk about Nokia’s ‘superior’ build quality all day if you like. But based on my experience with my ex-N9, I have reason to dispute that. Yes, I’ve dropped my N9 on hard flooring a couple of times and the curved Gorilla glass and the polycarbonate body did hold up quite well. My issue was with the usb flip door. No, it did not break off like my mate’s N9 (another story). But a piece of the polycarbonate body simply chipped off between the flip door and the 3.5mm jack when while opening the usb door my fingernail came into contact with. Polycarbonte or cheese…?? How the hell it simply chipped off is beyond me. Bringing it to Nokia Care for warranty claim, I was told that I will have to pay to replace the polycarbonate body. ‘Cosmetic damage not covered by warranty’ Man, was I disgusted.

            • Harangue says:

              Whenever I think about build quality I think about dropping a phone and it remains functional without having to tape/glue/tiewrap it back together.

              Ofcourse, chipping a piece of the unibody sucks and shouldn’t happen, but did it affect the phone from a usage point of view?

              There are phones which fry there internals overtime because of faulty chargers or internal power management. Phones where the touchscreen stops working or where HW buttons fall off or stop to function all together. Those are example of poor build quality to me.

              Also remember an old Samsung flipphone I had years back. Had it for 2 years, luckily I just renewed my contract but when I used it as a back up for a while the screen just stopped working, it was completely dead.

              • AreOut says:

                its not just dropping, its also that feeling you have when you hold the phone…compared to my N8 other phones feel like holding fake plastic gun vs real one

    • dss says:

      Ok.. the thing with the weight its just silly. A lot of people complaining about it, but they have no reference whatsoever. Show me another modern smart phone with OIS that weights less then the 920.. oh, that’s right.. such thing doesn’t exist.

      Same with the 808.. “bla bla its heavy, bla bla it has a hump” ya it has a hump, show me another 41 megapixel modern smartphone that is lighter and it doesn’t have a hump.. oh, thats right.. such thing doesn’t exist.


    • OogaBooga says:

      Yeah it was just an easy troll from the writter, next time do a vs between size of a Lumia 920 and Nexus 7 ?

  9. zymo says:

    PureView Phase 1 and Phase 2 in one device?! Heck, I would be among the first who would buy that Lumia, although I’m not a big fan of WP. The 920 is a nice device, but I don’t see my self paying 600€ for it. But a Lumia 808 would be another Story. Right now the Nexus 4 is more tempting (especially considering its price of only 349€) and I will definitely give it a try till Nokia comes up with a 808 successor.

  10. EL says:

    HTCrap…. hahaha I have owned 5-6 Nokias and not a single HTC, this sort of entitled view still makes me want to root for the 8x. Since when does Nokia has claims to colored polycarbonate designs?

    Next to the 8x, the 820 is completely outclassed and the 920 seems like a niche device. The 820 looks like a bar of fat soap with its round edges, and the WVGA screen relegates it to sub-midrange out the the gate.

    The 920 looks like a fat ass the way the 808 did (the 920 is slimmer but the game has moved on with the Razr M, iPhone5 and even the Nexus 4).

    If Nokia designed the 820 by shrinking the 920 to as small as it possibly can, get rid of the camera that made it bulky and keep the 920 resolution, i.e. making it a 920 lite without OIS, it would beat any thing HTC can produce hands down. Instead Nokia tried to get cute with the el cheapo cut-corner design and suddenly HTC found a niche that it wouldn’t ordinarily have. Serves them just right in my honest opinion.

    I have been trying to talk myself into buying a Windows 8 phone and my very honest opinion is the 8x is tied with the 920 in my scale because it’s slimmer profile with HD resolution is every bit as compelling as the OIS and sensitive touch screen on the 920. The main advantage is the 32GB memory and I still don’t know if that is enough.

    Or may be just a Nexus 4 for $349 and forget about both.

    • Harangue says:

      The 820 just looks way too cheap, although I’m not concerned about the WVGA resolution the rest of it just looks too cheap. Primarily the back with that butt ugly camera strip. Not the signature strip that is on all higher end Lumia’s (even the 810 and 822 have it) but a fugly strip that really lets it down.

      A 920 mini edition would have had me sold. Just shrink down the 900 a bit more, a standard camera, heck even a smaller battery I wouldn’t mind, ditch the wireless charging and sell it for €499 and that would be an instant buy.

      • EL says:

        You sir and I are on exact same wavelength about this.

        Problem for Nokia is a the 8x is very nearly a 920 mini, making it is very good offer for customers indeed.

        • lordstar says:

          I’m actually quite leaning towards the 8x cause of it being more compact and gorgeous looking. If only Nokia thought of releasing a 920 mini for those who do mind the size of the phone. N9 lumia 800 size is just perfect for me

        • dss says:

          The 8x would appeal to a lot of people.. the Lankku design is almost guarantees that.

    • EE says:

      I absolutely agree with you and this is exactly what is pissing me off. This is just what I thought right after the launch of L920.

      The weight is not so much of an issue, but the size is. The phone looks good, but many consumers want smaller phone than one with a huge 4.5″ screen. That’s exactly the one and only reason I’m not getting this phone.

      L820 design indeed looks quite cheap. L920 size of L820 would be a killer, regardless of whether it had OIS or not.

  11. Sonny says:

    Lumia 1000

    41mp Camera with Oversampling,OIS with Image stabilization + 2mp front cam with 1080p support
    1080p video recording, maybe a higher resolution if its needed like 2k!
    Nokia Stereo Rich Recording
    Xenon + Pulse LED Flash
    4.8″ 720p display seeing WP8 does not support higher resolutions
    Upgraded PureMotion HD+ display
    64Gb storage + micro sd support + skydrive
    Bluetooth 4.0 High speed
    Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor with Adreno 320 Gpu
    2GB Ram
    Wireless Charging
    Li-Ion 2800 mAh battery

    If they need to be more mainstream meaning making a lighter smartphone, go with something like a 28mp camera and drop the Wireless Charging!

    A phone like this next year at MWC would silence all the haters out there!

    • GordonH says:

      WP8 is not ready to handle the 41mp Pureview Tech yet. The rest seems possible but remember we have other manufactures putting on a show too.
      Not many haters of WP8.
      Haters here are mainly because a great EU tech company has been brought to it’s knees for pushing a half baked WP7.

      • dss says:

        That European company is on its way of becoming just another OEM for a US based one … nothing surprising really. Good thing navteq is there…

      • Sonny says:

        That is exactly why Nokia needs to go all out and lead in almost every field! look at the rumored HTC Butterfly, bloody 1080p 5″ display with a ppi of 440! I know that is useless but you the comsumers think more is better! So Nokia needs to go quad core heck even more cores now that WP8 supports up to 64 cores! Nokia needs to go more RAM, more storage, and way more mAh Batteries!

        With that they need to keep Innovating!

        • dss says:

          like I said on day one of the “Microsoft Deal” to go against the Asian cartel on pure specs is … well, not very smart.. not at all.

          They have imaging, but by the time they figure out how to apply it on Win NT the difference between them and the competition would diminish.

          They have Maps, google is working hard on theirs as well.. in fact, here in the US their indexing is better than Nokia’s.

          They have design, but that is easily copied by the cartel, shown by the HTC 8X Lankku design.

          They have… their brand Name and people who like them as a company, but most of those people liked the European Nokia, not the new US version of it.

          So.. ya, they have a lot of work to do, whatever that might be.

          • Sonny says:

            I agree with all of what you saying except brand name. Why? look at the tech blogs, all of them are frequently writing stuff like:

            -This is Nokia’s last chance with all their eggs now in one basket!
            -Nokia and their Burning platform!
            -Nokia is burning through their cash reserves like crazy!
            -Nokia’s share prices hitting rock bottom.
            -Nokia killing Symbian,Qt and even MeeGo(N9) before it was even born
            -Shutting down factory after factory to reserve money to get through the transition period.
            -Nokia cutting thousands of jobs

            Over the last year most of the time people spoke negatively about Nokia even when they released the most innovative camera phone on the planet they kept on saying the 808 is running a dead platform( and we all know whose fault that was) giving no chance of being a success.

            You can say what you will about WP,Lumia,Symbian,MeeGo or whatever, but Mr Elop is definitely destroying Nokia’s Name!

            • dss says:

              Well the brand still has some value … that is why we are here right ? We like Nokia :) But ya.. overall its taking a beating.

              I really thought that the US tech blogs would let it go once they were done moaning about Symbian, but I forgot that most of them are apple fans and hate on Microsoft for reasons they don’t even know.. so now they are moaning about WP and Nokia is taking it.. again.

              But to be fair, the us tech blogs have never before been so kind to Nokia.. now they are at least giving them average scores hah

              The perception of MS will change soon tho, their new products are solid.

              • Sonny says:

                I hope they will because I for one don’t want to switch to any Android OEM or Apple. So Nokia is my one and only Smartphone maker!

                Lets hope Nokia can make it whether its with WP or even if they make some MeeGo/Maemo, Symbian or even Jolla phones in the future

  12. Tetlee says:

    Playing down the weight issue against the fact the Note2 is only 2 grams heavier, you have to think this, the Note isn’t really a pocketable phone(more a hybrid phone/tablet), where as the Lumia is(or should be).

    I’m actually surprised at the amount of people(such as folk here) that defend the weight of the 920, when the 808 got far more flak for ITS weight, and even that was a whole 16 grams lighter than the 920. Never really heard anyone defending the weight of that phone(I personally find it fine, but I certainly wouldn’t want anything heavier, it’s about my top limit).

    • Tetlee says:

      Just realized the 920 is actually 2 grams heavier than the Note2, not the other way around.

    • dss says:

      It was really convenient to go after the 808′s weight because it was supposed to be “niche” device .. it was running Symbian you see, and that is a BIG no no.

      But since the 920 is running on WP its all good.

      Now, lets be fair.. they are both heavy, and there is a good reason for it on both devices.

      • Carbontubby says:

        If you can’t carry a 185g phone, you need to work out :)

        I can’t help thinking that most of the American tech blogs are filled with stick-thin geek guys who can’t lift worth a damn. Some things are heavy because stuff inside is heavy – Pureview sensor, OIS electronics, the upgraded screen, etc.

        Yours truly carried around behemoths like the E61 and E90 for a while so anyone complaining about the 920′s weight? Come on :)

        • dss says:

          Like I said earlier.. people that are complaining about the weight have to reference, there are no other phones with OIS or a 41Mpix sensors out there, so I don’t understand where they are coming from.

          Sure.. a cheaply made samsung with a off the shelf 1/3″ sensor would be lighter (and it wouldn’t have a hump) than a premium built phone with a 41Mpix module…

          So “the blogs” should try to think a little.

          That being said, I’ve been using an 808 for a while, and I will take it over anything else on the market.. hump and all. hah

        • Tetlee says:

          My point was the fact that the Lumia 920 seems to get widely defended with it’s 185g weight, yet the majority of folk largely criticized the 808 due to it’s weight of 169g. Kind of odd, especially as the 808 had an obvious reason for it’s weight with that massive sensor.

          Just find it a little ironic.

        • Dave says:

          The skinny jeans cut off their circulation, also the reason for the big heads.

      • AreOut says:

        yupp there is a reason, however I’d rather have huge sensor than OIS…you know OIS on DSLRs increases their weight for 2-3%, but on phones increases weight 20-30% at least :) Those springs probably aren’t light(and a whole mechanism)…

    • Sonny says:

      Exactly what I’m thinking as well! As soon as the device has Windows Phone on it all mistakes of the phone will be defended by people here!

      But when it was Symbian (808) all the people defending it’s size was either Trolls or we needed to move on!

      I remember one specific person on here keep (I think he knows who he is) on saying, just because of the weight and bulge on the 808 it will be a niche device because no one would want to carry such a device on them.

      Well what about the 920?

      I mean Come on! no phone needs to be the same size of a bloody phablet! that’s just plain stupid Nokia!

  13. dss says:

    Kimi Raikkonen just won the Abu Dhabi GP.. Nokia should get him to do some ads, great guy :)

    • Banderpop says:

      Raikkonen is just like Nokia. He knows that he is just about the best at what he does, but is quite content to not shout about it. Just like how Nokia couldn’t be bothered to advertise the best phones they’ve made (N9, 808)

      • dss says:

        Hah.. the pit crew were trying to give him advice during the race, he told them to leave him alone haha :) Good stuff.

        But ya.. the n9 and the 808 didn’t get proper care from the company.

        I think we should accept defeat, the US controls the market now.. there is no question about that, too bad Nokia had to play the role it did in that play.

        • Carbontubby says:

          There’s Jolla and well, Jolla :) They’re the only ones left who can create an alternate ecosystem based on open source software. I really hope they commit to a fully open source ecosystem instead of leaving the good bits as proprietary IP, like what Nokia did with the N9′s UI.

          Open source on the device, open source services like cloud sync for data across multiple providers, direct access to system internals for developers… goddammit here’s my money! :)

  14. Law says:

    I would love to see a lumia 950 with pure view v1 zooming with at least 20mp at mwc 2013

  15. tom says:

    “Imaging, wireless charging, screen, location and music”

    Are they crazy? Wireless charging and innovation? Palm pre had it 3 years back, Nexus 4 has it too. Location is best with Google, except Nokia has offline map. Good luck with challenging Android with that kind of (non)innovation. M$ does not let you innovate anything in WP.

    • dss says:

      WP is innovative by default actually. Android is based on something we’ve been doing for years..in fact, Microsoft and Nokia were doing way before android in the late 90s.. there is nothing innovative about android.

      WP on the other hand, is at least trying to evolve the interface in some way, same goes for harmattan/N9 ..

      For the rest, I agree.. those are not differentiating factors.

      • bob says:

        But they also the market evolve and that’s how they learned, so according to you no company before Microsoft is innovative, anyhow 51% of the smartphone users find ur innovative UI ugly and childish.

      • Tom says:

        Innovation for the sake of it is useless, it need to solve some real world problems. It does so for 2% but not for rest 98% after 2 years in the market.

        • Viipottaja says:

          Trust me, even the 2% of people have their problems and they are very real world. Heck, even the famous 1% must have their problems. Romney could probably elaborate on those. :P

      • OogaBooga says:

        WP is innotative on interface yeah, but tell harmatan is innovative of contrary of Android is just no sense.
        When you are looking at 2.3 => 4.0 => 4.1/4.2 Android, the last version is really a jewel to use.
        You should youtube some 4.1/4.2 video and see by yourself.

  16. Tom says:

    Wasn’t Chris Weber the head of North America marketing. So he was the one responsible for 300K sales in Q3. Great credibility he brings to his job.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Well, if he was responsible for Q3, I guess also the one to thank for the fact that Nokia will for the first time in years (if ever) have smartphones with all 3 major carriers in the US? :)

      • Tom says:

        He was responsible for both Q2 and Q3, either as head of US sales or head of sales globally. It’s amazing how he got promoted for that kind of performance. But he is a Elop sidekick, so go figure.

        • Viipottaja says:

          So, you do give him credit for the fact that Nokia will for the first time in years (if ever) have smartphones with all 3 major carriers in the US?

  17. captcomps says:

    Having now handled the 920 I have made my decision – it is too bulky and heavy and this can’t be assuaged by any superiority the camera module is meant to have (in fact many reviews have critisised the 920′s daytime camera performance). As a Lumia 800 user I am extremely dissappointed after waiting months for this phone to be available. An article like this gives me some hope that a top end but less bulky device – like the Pureview 808 – will come as the next WP8 release for Nokia. This is what I am waiting for and won’t be upgrading to Nokia unless this happens. Now that WP as a platform is familiar to me I now have less reticence to move to another handset provider, as HTC’s and Samsung’s WP8 phone look excellent. This is the risk that Nokia is running by ignoring what comsumers actually want. It’s no coincidence that the iP5 got gotten [only slightly] bigger but lighter – and this is the emerging market trend which should not be ignored.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Just one clarification: are you saying 808 is less bulky than the 920?

      Good luck with whatever you go with and hopefully Nokia will soon launch a device that meets your needs better! :)

  18. Doug says:

    All I care about is that they bring a damn xenon flash along with a great camera to the next Lumia. HDMI, big screen, and a memory card slot would be great too.

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