Nokia strikes deal with KPN in the Netherlands

| November 7, 2012 | 10 Replies

‘Carrier relations are vital for the success of any phone’ a sentence we have heard or read many times in relation to Nokia. Some even said that Nokia burned its bridges a while ago when they made the switch to Windows Phone. There might be some truth to that matter, but with AT&T being an aggressive player on the US market for Nokia it might not seem that it is all doom and gloom.


Today Nokia announced that it has struck a deal with KPN, the largest carrier in the Netherlands, to provide their Sales and Marketing department with 900 Windows Phone 8 devices. Not only that, KPN has said their confidence in Windows Phone is growing each day and that they see it as the 3rd player they can offer to their customers and use as a differentiator to position themselves as a company.

KPN also underlines the corporate benefit that Windows Phone can potentially offer with its tight integration with other Microsoft products and services.

Eventhough the Netherlands is just a small market compared to for example the US, it is evident that carriers are seeing potential in Windows Phone and thus Nokia. Hopefully this will be the start of the road to the top again for Nokia.

Source: Nokia

On a side note, release the damn phones already in the Netherlands, Nokia. 😉


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  • KeiZka

    Hey, at least you can get it from Germany. It’s a serious pain in the ass to try and get anything shipped over Baltic Sea to Finland.

  • Honestly

    It’s correct that KPN is the largest Carrier in the Netherlands. It’s certainly not the most popular or the most loved (except with old people who are afraid to change).

    KPN has been doing really bad the last two years. Even worse most recently.
    They lost 300.000 customers in januari and continue to keep losing more each quarter. There is a few reasons for that.

    Firstly they significantly damaged their goodwill by using dpi (deep packet inspection). They were advocating to forbid whatsapp and skype (apps that use alternatives via mobile data) or to charge for using it. This led to a NATIONAL discussing in Parlement which then led to an INTERNATIONAL discussion about net neutrality.

    Secondly they were the first provider to up their prices of their contracts. Which after they did T-mobile and Vodafone followed (summer 2011).

    There was a research done Netherlands Competition Authority and it was found out that these carriers had made a Kartelagreement.

    They were all fined for millions. KPN was the initiative of this kartel and was fined the highest at 7,9 million.

    There have been a lot of excutive officers leaving the company for various reasons but mostly because the CEO is a dimwit.

    This carrier is the largest carrier and the only reason for that is that it was owned by the government (thats why old people still think its good). Since its turn to the private sector it has been coming down.

    It’s the WORST possible carrier in the netherlands (though it still has the best coverage). But in the scene of being hip, popular or even just keeping up with trends. They are completely old minded and moneycentered (See the whatsappfiasco).

    It’s also still the largest because KPN does mobile, houseline, tv and internet and has the largest piece from the corporate pie. Vodafone does only mobile and T-mobile does mobile, internet and tv since recently but has the worst coverage in the netherlands.

    Carriers in the Netherlands, when talking about mobile phones, have nowhere near the importance or the power that US carriers have and they never will have.

    So this deal with Nokia is just nothing. KPN is also the only carrier that had the lumia 800 and 900 in their top sellers list. Vodafone and T-mobile never even had it in their top five.

    This is just old minded companies trying to help each other out. Just trying to add some perspective to this.

    • GordonH

      Honestly great info. Thxs.

      • Honestly

        No problem.

        Losing 300.000 costumers might not seem like a lot but keep in mind the Netherlands is a small country with only 17 million people. So if you put that in perspective 300.000 is A LOT.

        • Anckmorph Unckler

          Honestly: Samsung recently was celebrating 30mln pieces of one model of mobiles sold whittin 150days. (I want to avoid claim of promoting non-Nokia mobiles, so exact model you can google yourself) And this is the background and perspective for such a statistics I think. Weather this is good or bad new it depends on perspective and POV. Or worldwide or local.

          • Honestly

            I don’t quite understand your point.

            The report you’re referring to is about the S3. What does this have to do with KPN and Nokia?

    • Harangue

      KPN has been making all the wrong moves lately, but that doesn’t deduce the fact that they are still the largest carrier and provide by far the best coverage. Not at the best prices though.

      They royally screwed people with the change in data fees, which in all honesty was inevitable when looking at the market in general. Unlimited data for €10 a months is unsustainable, but a major fault on their part.

      As a carrier they are doing fine, rates aren’t that high. But they are messing up with their new subscriptions and this retarded ‘toestel lease’ they launched a while ago. Luckily I’m still on a very old SIM-only plan.

      Just to put things in perspective; KPN does have pretty good ties with businesses along with Vodafone. All the others aren’t that big in the business sphere (logical with the bad coverage of for example T-Mobile that only got large because of iPhone exclusivity) that is what this is about, KPN pushing WP and W8 in the business area.

      Eventhough this is just a drop in the ocean on a global scale, it does still say something about carriers actually noticing Windows Phone and Nokia.

      • Honestly

        There are a few things wrong with you statement.

        First of all ‘by far the best coverage.’ Vodafone’s coverage is just as good. In some areas even better but that’s vice versa.

        Secondly ”it does still say something about carriers actually noticing Windows Phone and Nokia.”

        Actually it doesn’t. Again, look at the big picture. T-mobile, while providing the worst coverage ever it offers great contracts and subscriptions than KPN and is far more popular than KPN and has a wider audience.

        I don’t know if you’re Dutch or if you live in The Netherlands but we only have 3 carriers (and we call them providers btw). KPN – Vodafone – T-Mobile.

        We have some other that provide SIM only but these others are all owned by one of these 3. They are daughtercompany’s. Examples are (Hi (KPN), Hollandsnieuwe (Vodafone) and Ben (T-Mobile).

        Also ‘Unlimited data for €10 a months is unsustainable, but a major fault on their part.’ This is factually not true. It works in the US and you don’t even have FUP (Fair Use Policies which limited ”unlimited’ to 1GB data a month). So I don’t see why this would be true. They were making money nonetheless. They just wanted more.

        To really push WP8 it needs to be on all three carriers. Only KPN is just not gonna cut it when talking about the public (not only business). Vodafone and T-Mobile are far more attractive then KPN in this regard. KPN is trying aggressively to get new costumers but it’s not working out.

        When talking about business being on KPN is probably the best option. But business in not going to make WP big. It’s going to make WP a niche. A niche is not going to save Nokia. And keep in mind that WP is still suffering from damaged goodwill in relation to WM.

        It’s not only a drop in the ocean on a global scale, it’s also on national scale.

        WP has been doing poorly everywhere but also here in the Netherlands. Which was one of the SIX important markets for microsoft. Now we’re not even getting the Lumia 920 first and the reason is because lumia is doing really poor here.

        You can get a lumia 800 €299 and you will get a minimum of €50 cash back (so €250). This is independent of store or carrier! This is Nokia trying to get rid of these phones.

        Blackberry still has more traction than WP here. Although their days are numbered too.

        This thing with KPN should not be seen as a BIG win for MS or Nokia. It’s a win nonetheless but like I said. Perspective.

        • Harangue

          Providers, carriers of telco’s, noem ze zoals je wil 😉

          Anyway, you seem to have had some real problems with KPN as I read it. I’m not going into everything, but the unlimited data was infact unsustainable. In the US there examples where it seems like it does work, however they do still pay either a premmium price on minutes/messages or still have to pay for a subsidized phone.

          There are examples of people paying 200 dollars extra on a new contract and still pay 50 to 60 a month for 2 years. Those scenario’s didn’t happen here in NL back in the days of ‘unlimited’ data. Most 2 year contracts came with a free phone and that is unsustainable for a longer period of time. Especially when you forgot to improve your network.

          I do agree though that KPN (and all the others) should have seen the mobile internet coming and change their business model accordingly. All the plans (abbonementen) that are available now are way way overpriced just to compensate for the loss they made on sms and calls.

          WP certaintly isn’t ‘big’ in the Netherlands, you rarely ever see a single WP device apart from one lying in the shop. You still see more BB’s than WP’s as well, although a major factor of that is the hype that came with it when ‘pingen’ was so stupidly popular. WhatsApp quickly took that over but there are still some people stuck on contracts with their BB’s.

          BTW; I didn’t imply that this is big news for Nokia or will even change WP’s presence in the Netherlands. For all I care it changes nothing, but a little positive news is still positive. It would worse if they hadn’t struck a deal, that much is for sure. 🙂

        • Harangue

          ‘When talking about business being on KPN is probably the best option.’

          There you have it, in terms of getting WP into business hands this deal is good. That is what I implied, not that KPN is the best carrier, not that this will herald WP’s succes or anything other than just bringing this small positive piece of news to our readers.