Video: Nokia Lumia 920 avec Windows Phone 8 – Présentation complète

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I don’t know if this video is new. It’s a Nokia Lumia 920 WP8 presentation by Nokia France.


The yellow (as garish as it is to some) looks wonderfully vibrant to me. It makes the lumia look like it’s glowing. I was just trying to order a 920 from Phones4U but at the last minute, it turns out they don’t have solid information from Nokia as to when they could get the yellow one out so could only offer black and white. I asked our readers on Facebook and Yellow still seems to be a more popular choice given the two. Black is great and all, but Yellow is an immediate grand entrance. You’re not going to misplace this phone in a crowd with ease. It also kinda makes the phone look smaller (like it’s just the black glass portion). It was also our readers pick here too.


Jaune ou Noir?


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  • stylinred

    didn’t the verge or someone call the highly sensitive screen a “gimmick” and that they couldn’t even control the screen with larger gloves on?

    I wonder how large those gloves are considering the ones used in this video that didn’t have a problem activating the screen

    • Irishmarius

      hmm would be interesting to see what site said that.

      cause judging from the video the 920 is the first smart phone that works with serial killer grade gloves :).

      • stylinred

        yeah i just looked it was The Verge, “It won’t work with thick, winter gloves, but touches through thinner material register on the device — it’s a bit of a gimmick, but it’s one that works as advertised.”

        • Viipottaja

          perhaps they had the feature turned off and did not realise it… lols

          • stylinred

            that’s actually quite possible lol

    • chfyfx

      they can go f**k themselves…

      • JGrove303

        The Verge…of becoming a fighter jet made of hardons. What a bag-o’-dicks they are.