Nokia Announces Maps Rebranding to “Here”; Available Cross Platform/OS + 3D Mapping via EarthMine

| November 13, 2012 | 105 Replies

Ahhh Nostalgia…

In a somewhat puzzling move Nokia have officially announced that “Nokia Maps” will from now on be known as “Here”, no not “Nokia Here” just plain “Here”. Apparently this rebranding is to somehow help Nokia Maps  “Here” take on Google Maps which has for a long time dominated the US Market. Although I fail to see the need to remove the name Nokia from the mapping service I’m sure someone out there thought it was a good idea for some reason or the other. Along with the re-branding Stephen Elop also announced a new service of 3D Street Maps (like Google Street View) powered by the recent acquisition of earthmine, as well as some data gathering vehicles.

To help “Here” compete with Google maps Nokia plan to bring it to multiple platforms across the range in the form of true apps rather than in browser web apps, let’s see how this works out..


“We want to give everyone with any type of device the ability to use this, the best location platform in the industry,” Elop remarked, arguing that “openness is what sets Here apart” from any mapping service in the world.

Also worth noting is that the Nokia maps site can now be accessed by, which brings along with it some extended services such as the ability to book hotels in advance through the site. Also follow here on twitter here.

My first impression of “here” is that it’s pretty darn fast; which would of course be due to the fact that it’s all located in the cloud; so no need to communicate with Nokias servers for the data, and it seems Gizmodo agrees with me

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  • Shallow Ocean Shoal

    I don’t get some of you guys

    Nokia announces a slew of new products/features, cross platform app, cross platform API, and you guys crap on it because it doesn’t have the word “Nokia” in the name?!

    Here they are to beat Google at their own game, and to bring joy to disgruntled Apple customers. And you crap on Nokia for this? Did you stop to think that maybe the lowly sad Apple customer doesn’t want to feel like he is dissing Apple because he is using a Nokia product?

    What the heck is wrong with those of you poor, miserable bastards!

    • KeiZka

      They like their misery. It’s no secret. It’s been like this ever since feb 2011.

    • Noki

      I usually disagree with you, but to me the ” cross platform app, cross platform API” seamed like a pretty good idea plus it makes Nokia or part of Nokia less dependable of WP a little bit less all eggs in the same basket.

      In another time were nokia old 30% of the market it would be a bad idea as the mapping was a differentiatior but currently it would just kill the mapping investment.. The one that loses out of this is probably WP. That loses that differentiatior factor… But as evidently proven Nokia should care about what is best for NOKIA and not WP.

      • Shallow Ocean Shoal

        Hey, we’re all in this together!

  • Webby

    Anyone know if this is making use of Navteq True data?

    • Viipottaja

      AFAIK at least Nokie Lense does and thus I assume LiveSight does too.

      • Webby

        Thanks. The potential of Navteq True seems enormous.

  • stylinred

    “here” ??? seriously? that sounds stupid

  • abhay

    Lets see if I can now access nokia maps on firefox. For some reason nokia maps was working on firefox.

  • GordonH

    Nokia Maps coming to multiple OSs/platforms sounds great. The name change is weird, but if Nokia sincerely brings all it’s location services to the all platforms then it’s good PR and good business opportunity for Nokia.

  • l33tuc

    As long as the Nokia logo or at least the word “Nokia” appears on the apps/site/marketing then I don’t really see a problem.

    “HERE… I am local, HERE… I am connected, HERE… I am free. HERE. By Nokia”

    Works for me.

    Makes me wonder if a cross platform “NOW” app is coming…

    • Adriano

      No Nokia branding visible anywhere (the src on the ‘Here’ img and link shows Nokia on hover). Just checked, also, could not sign in. It seems that link does not work yet.

      • Muerte

        In the bottom corner there is Nokia copyright disclaimer, and also the “welcoming text” said Nokia quite clearly.

  • belle beats lumia 920

    bitplay nokia nokia nokia is a charity organisation now

  • atom

    The sad truth is is clearly worse than google maps in my city (USA). Hopefully that’s not the case elsewhere or on mobile platforms or something…

  • zlutor

    yesss, NO BRAND stamp is on it any more… 🙁

    Conteo, anyone? OMG…

  • Adriano

    Ali, just saw this on GSMArena

    Funny how they say new features because as far as I know they all existed since S60 days.
    “First is a feature called Collections, which lets you save locations to your Nokia account so you can quickly jump to them without having to search for them every time.” Isn’t this what favourites was? Plus you could sync them up by signing into your Nokia account on the phone and create categories. I’ve had my favourites synced across the 5800XPM, N8, N9 and 808.
    “Nokia has also added a maps editor, so users can now update street names and traffic information and the information will be added to the maps for others to see.” Actually spoke to Henri Mattila Head of Product Marketing for Middle East and Africa about this. Symbian let you add new places through Check in and report incorrect roads and places through guides (?). Sadly missing that on the N9 because I do tend to report quite a few wrong roads/POIs. The Maps on Lumia will let you do that as well (phew), but it’s not entirely new for Symbian users.
    Even the 3D view sort of existed before as well. I guess this whole ‘rebranding’ thing is more like Nokia ‘reinventing’ itself. Hope it’s for the best and Nokia doesn’t end up whoring itself out to others in the industry.

    • Adriano

      Now iPhone users will have the best mapping experience for free and Apple will do even better once they tell all their friends how great the new Maps app is on iOS. No Nokia branding, no recognition and thus my comment on Nokia whoring itself out… I would love to continue supporting Nokia, but you can’t be blind and support bad decisions either.

    • viktor von d.

      it is new features cause it’s cross platform now and all in the cloud.

  • migo

    Still hasn’t expanded transit directions. Bing Maps has them some places Nokia doesn’t, why don’t they combine their data?

    • viktor von d.

      yup. in my city bing maps has excellent sattelite view,and nokia maps is a mess, can’t zoom at street level. i don’t know if they share the sattelite data too but they should get their act together

  • learnnothing

    Oh, great. Another Ovi. Ugh.

  • Nokia4evr

    @jay, Ali…
    Off topic : Apple fan girl switching to lumia 920 for 10 days..

    • viktor von d.

      i can see it already: it’s nice but it doesn’t have a dropbox app,doesn’t sync my bookmarks, i miss instagram, no apps

  • Schneider

    I liked Nokia Maps. It tells the user what it is and who made it. :/

  • outdated os

    We will outsell Nokia Maps to everyone. – Conor Pierce

  • This joke makes my day 🙂

  • discordia

    Its just as well that the Nokia branding was removed because I don’t see anything about support for Nokia devices. Just Apple, Google and Microsoft.

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  • cache

    WTF this mean? Navteq True and earthmine are providing equivalent data, why Elop bought earthmine?

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  • Scelero

    Isn’t the rebranding just for As in only the webmaps?

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  • Pica pica

    Here?! This is even worse than the now dead failure called OVI. Nokia has really outdone itself in stupid branding…again. Totally idiotic behaviour from Elop.

    I predict that the name will change back to Nokia Maps not in too distant future. Unless Nokia ceases to exist before it.

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