Ben The PC Guy Shows Up the Iphone 5 With a Lumia 920

| November 19, 2012 | 35 Replies

Ben the PC Guy, who we’ve all seen demo off the Windows Phone range in the famous/infamous smoked by Windows Phone competition seems to have a second trick up his sleeve. This time he interrupts a couple dinner to show how much better the Lumia 920’s camera is than the iphone 5 (and does just that).


Although Honestly I can’t help feel that this is a bit staged, but who cares; as long as people get to see how awesome the Lumia 920 is. Now please shorten this clip a bit and turn it into a tv advert. Pretty please.

Michael: I like how he said it was the “best camerphone ever made. Period”. Clearly he has never seen the Nokia 808 PV :p If only Nokia merged the two technologies in a Fabula design (admittedly it will be thick, or several years until its thin enough).


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  • Harangue

    It is staged, here is another one;

    All in all, pretty nice. And what about that ‘real’ Windows Phone? Guess that lacks some USP’s to be really usefull in these kind of vids.

  • P

    Awesome advert for national tv…who is with me?

    Beats SOME of Nokias tens of thousands of pounds budget ads.

  • Viipottaja

    Yup, Sarah… err.. I mean the ad is really nice! Much better than the “Smoked by WP” were as this one is trying to show how WP fits the user/use case need better. If the videos are staged its funny how they have blurred out the shirts of some of the folks in the other ones. 😀

    • Noki

      I agree this is a positive ad, much better than the negative “Smoked by WP” negative publicity is only good in your fan base, not to get new users in.
      you don’t win any one over by saying “hey stupid how come are you using that #$%#$”.

    • senshi

      The basic premise of these ads is exactly the same as “Smoked by WP” as this video is basically “look my camera smokes your camera”, the only difference is that they are taking a “nice guy” approach in tone.

    • Grendell


      I kinda liked the way they did this one. Not too much fan fare. Just a bare bones categorical a** kicking of one product by another.

  • Grazy

    these ads are pretty good hopefully it will help sell the 920! but MS fail to mention its not really the OS its the hardware 🙂

  • Doug

    It’s sad because the OS sucks – tiles and no notification page. Nokia should’ve picked Android or MeeGo, plus PureView.

    • Andre C

      When you are planning to take care of these trolls?

      • guerrahp

        Wow. Cry much? You know its true, its the hardware that rocks, os sux…its how Nokia rolls.

        • Andre C

          So you’re going to tell me that android is the best choice?!

          Pretty much all android handset makers are in the dump, except for samsung.

          Android provides a lot of freedom and features but it’s an unoptimized OS that lacks a proper update platform.

          Now that WP8 is based on the same kernel as windows 8 and RT (NT kernel), the doors are open for future advancements.

          • Noki

            What do you know about the kernel ??? are you an hardcore C programmer do you know the insides of the Kernel??? Android is on top of the Linux kernel probably the most scalable kernel on the planet powering the most advanced powerful computers to your wrist watch.

            Androids problem are way above that layer in the Dalvick area.
            For example openGL games in android are not limited by the Dalvick problems… In Wp there is no openGL at all the standard in mobile space.

            Most developers are never directly exposed to the Kernel in any way.

            • Andre C

              I didn’t mention anything about low-level programming.

              The advantages of a shared 8/RT/WP8 kernel are these:

              *Write a driver once and use it on all 3 OSes with little modifications.

              *Easily port programs between the 3.

              *Far more sophisticated programming languages and tools available to developers.

              *Compared to CE, NT is a very powerful kernel, with more robust security features, enterprise features,and the ability to expand and take advantage of different hardware and modern processors.

      • Oh the MS trolls… they dont like it when MS is bashed… Bro, its truely because of the H/W… even the HTC oneX is not selling like Lumia 920…

        • Andre C

          I don’t care about MS, but I care when someone posts a completely irrelevant comment just to troll and hate on something.
          It degrades the quality of the blog.

          P.S. First go and learn proper English; “Bro”, “its”, “truely”?!!

          • Dave

            Sites don’t want commenters to be able to ignore others, gives fewer pageviews.

            Use a greasemonkey/tampermonkey script to create your own ignore list. Put the 10 obvious names on it and spam is down 99%.

    • Lamppu

      What are you doing here with your Android/Meego-blaahblaahblaah?

      • Stop crying MS trolls… MS will not get the lone credit.. We know what happens when MS does it all alone (READ MS KIN)…

        We all know what happens when Nokia does it alone ( READ NOKIA N9 – of course there was also the Nokia N97, but the N9 had it if not for Microsoft!)

  • monkster18

    *sigh* how many times do we have to go over this..Building a new ecosystem with Meego from scratch would take too long to lift off and thats more cash into R&D where as WP=No R&D because microsoft takes care of developing their OS and Nokia can save money and use it for innovations such as OIS..then the android story..there i simply have to point out the S3 with killer hardware and yet the sluggish android os STILL holds it back in most points of performance and its the most fragmented unsecure os around right now.And then we have things like Nokia maps (or rather HERE) and you gotta be pretty optimistic to even think that Google will allow that over their native maps.That therefore means they have to fork android..and end up like amazon who had to create their own app store for their kindle.So plz TROLLS lets refrain from “what if’s”!WP is still fresh and has alot of potential.As you may recall,Android started as a disaster and today its the most widely used.Give it a rest already

    • dss

      How many times do we have to go through it really… When you have no control over the os it will take much longer to implement some of your innovations. PureView pro is a perfect example of that.. It will take them almost a year to offer a technology that is already fully developed and working. But sure.. Spending less on r&d is a good sign i guess.

      Seeing Nokia as an OEM is really sad .. To me anyway, some people don’t really care.

      • Viipottaja

        We don’t know if Pureview Pro could have been brought to WP or not. It’s not like Nokia even tried. Given that they did bring PV IOS to WP, don’t really see why they couldn’t have if they wanted to.

        btw, I always find you much more moderate on IRC. 😛

    • Madratz

      Duhh.. how many times do we have to go over this..
      Lag ~ Android ICS and above doesn’t lag like ur Gingerbread 2.2.. And project Butter implemented on Jelly Bean is indeed an accomplishment..
      Fragmented ~ That’s inevitable if u want ur OS to go to a wider price point (510/610) and as u progress further maturing ur OS(WP7.5/WP8)
      Unsecured ~ No OS is unhackable.. even if u put ur WP device in Fort Knox..
      Now. . Are we done here?

  • yourmama

    Nice…this really should be done large scale. Go to people and just show them what the phone could do. And not just in terms of camera performance. Other aspects such as the beautiful, sensitive sreen, wireless changing, maps, usb otg, bluetooth, etc can be exploited. I’m still not a fan of windows phone. But the improvements brought to wp8 are encouraging.

  • iluvnok

    This is the strength of Lumia 920 where other smartphone cannot match. The only way the haters can do is to troll. But that’s bad for your health 🙂

  • nabkawe
  • Cheated!

    They disabled the flash on the iPhone! Although I’m a Nokia fan and iXXX hater, I’m sure the iPhone5 would have taken a decent photo in auto with flash on (as most iPhone users I see around town use it in this mode)

    • dss

      the 5 has an okay camera, but as soon as the sun goes down its game over. Wayy too much noise, the flash sucks..i am having all sorts of issues with the auto focus..

    • iluvn

      “Although I’m a Nokia fan and iXXX hater.” Ulol nice try.

    • Lamppu

      Cheated? You try to cheat me but you can’t. You are a Nokia Fan and iPhone Hater? Go and f…

    • Just Visiting

      The flash was off on both phones – fair comparison, in my opinion.

  • twig

    Wow, that really crushed the iphone5…amazing.

  • brett

    Looks like an Iphone 4 to me. I think the white one on the left is a 5.

    • RJB

      4, 4S or 5 even iUsers cannot tell the difference!

      • brett

        True. I was just correcting the asshat in the video.

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