Video: Here Maps for iOS Vs. WP/Lumia 900

| November 20, 2012 | 15 Replies

Here’s a brief look at Here/Nokia maps on iOS vs. the “optimal Mapping experience” on WP:


As a quick recap the main advantages of a WP/Lumia device (WP8) are:

  • Maps are loaded on the devices themselves, accessible by all apps; leading to smoother loadings and data savings
  • iOS/Android only have turn by turn navigation for Walk.
  • City lens

itunes download link:


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  • Just Visiting

    Reading some of the comments by iOS users on other sites, they are commenting that these maps are terrible (out of date POI’s, bad UI, etc.); so, I was thinking that perhaps the mapping for Here was different than what Nokia offers to their own devices. However, from this demo, it appears as though the data is exactly the same. I was so looking forward to countering the argument with Nokia maps are better on Nokia devices, but now I won’t as they are virtually the same.

    While I think that iOS users, and many, consider Google maps as the Gold Standard, I’m not sure how successful the Here platform will be on iOS, especially since Google is working on another app for Apple.

    Anyway, here’s hoping that Here will be received by some iOS users and that Nokia will continue to improve upon this offering.

    • Don Draper

      Compared to Google maps, many of the POI’s are out of date. It’s been that way since I started using Nokia maps 3 years ago. Hopefully, by expanding “Here” maps onto iOS and Android, Nokia will be able to collect more accurate data for the POI’s – particularly here in the US.

  • DM

    All this work and a poor result…

    • Muerte

      Why do you say that it is a poor result? Worse than Apple’s efforts you mean?

      POIs, where I live, are good in Nokia maps. The more users they get in the USA, the better the POIs get also. Given that Nokia’s presence in USA has been close to zero, it is no wonder that the POIs are not perfect. By the way, Time Out and Lonely Planet POIs are integrated to HERE-maps.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        “Poor” result? It fucking **** for New York City.

    • spacemodel

      Yep, when you introduce your Maps to the iOS world it must be something which create a certain impact, it must be something as complete as possible; people with an iPhone must say to each other: this is a must have.
      That’s the only change you have to create a buzz, a neccessary buzz because the iOS world until now is fully Google Maps minded.
      The customers have always used this app, they were very satisfied with it and before today they were eagerly waiting for the app to return on their iPhone.
      To grab full attention Nokia had to deliver something special but sadly they didn’t and the future for ‘Here’ on iOS is now a bleak one.

      I have a feeling that this was a rush job, they made the app available in a for Nokia unbelievable fast pace. They knew Google will make their Maps ready for iOS in the very near future and they desperate wanted to be there first but, as we all know, a rush job means, most of the time, loss of quality.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        What makes me angry is that people like us have told them DIRECTLY and VERY SPECIFICALLY what they need to do to get it right, and they STILL let shit like this out the door.

        Where is Pino? What does he have to say?

  • GordonH

    Jolla seems to announcing in the next 24 hours

    • Carbontubby

      Jolla, Jolla, Jolla. Stop the bloody vaporware and vague promises and come up with a real working device, for goodness sake. I can expect crushing disappointment if Jolla pull a RIM and say they have ranging agreements with a billion operators and a thousand different devices planned… with the first rollout in 2061 🙂

      • Ron

        Since he posted that well before conference I dont see how it was “vaporware & vague promises”, they’ve said for mths that they’ll explain SDK, UX, & not much more there, more details were always for a subsequent conference towards the very end of the yr.
        This is a project that has been in full force since Oct+ 2011 (org was founded in March 2011), & they only 1st revealed themselves in July+, I think you’re being a tad premature with your hyperbole.

  • niklas

    I like Nokia made one app to iOS but seriously, I think the user interface is not so logic and simple to use compared to other map experiences. Nokia should really make an AWSOME app now when they have the chanche to impress the iOS fanboys.

    Nokias maps deserve to be as good as they can bee, but I dont think they have made it as succesful as it could be.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Welcome to reality. This is what happens when the software hits the common man, as opposed to a bunch of dweebs on a Nokia fan blog that argue how good Symbian is for years on end.

    Average Joe wants to type into his maps app From: “Here” To: “Party,” click subway, and have it take him there ASAP.

    Instead, the transit directions will send you to the South Ferry terminal, flooded by Hurricane Sandy, where you will drown and die. Go ahead, map transit directions from about anywhere to “1 Water Street” in Manhattan… the Staten Island Ferry terminal is not understood by “Here” maps.

    It doesn’t even call it the “1 train” like a human would, it calls it the “Metro 1.”

    YOU CAN’T EVEN TYPE A STREET INTERSECTION! Try “w 45th st & broadway, new york” – the approximate intersection of Nicki Minaj’s Nokia concert. Now try it in Google maps.

    Welcome to reality.

    • Carbontubby

      The weirdest thing about Nokia Maps is that some points are invisible in offline mode. You have to go online to find them. The same place is called by different names in Nokia/Here vs. Google Maps.

      And yes, no looking for intersections either, the search engine in Nokia Maps truly sucks. Most of the time I just search for the nearest road, then zoom in and bumble around until I see the right intersection, then program that point in for navigation.

  • stylinred

    the Maps suck for residents of Hong Kong; giving ridiculous location points (like the middle of the sea) and the location points are only in simplified chinese or mandarin to english translations instead of cantonese

  • a.k

    well im from india.have been using nokia phones for a long time,but not using an asha 302.have been using google maps on my ipad for sometime and the database is topclass with pois very much updated and showing even the smallest streets.didnt update to ios6 coz i didnt want to lose gmaps.was excited about ”here”’ but have to say its very poor compared to g maps.the pois and street views are far superior in g just shows the main roads thats all.guess ill have to wait for gmaps app.was thinking about getting a smartphone and as usual nokia was first option.but if the nokia maps is same as here i might have to nokia maps in lumia any different?i thought nokia being huge here in india the maps would be outstanding.